Sunday, March 22, 2015


                                          Centenarian Elizabeth Sullivan

This is one of those stories that imparts common sense wisdom, makes us smile, and comes from a "regular" person.

There are no complicated research studies to confuse us or contradict each others results, no fancy words.

This is real simple and there is much wisdom found in the words of how Elizabeth Sullivan lives her life.

For this Texas woman, the best doctor in the world is Dr Pepper.

Elizabeth Sullivan, who turned 104 on Wednesday, March 18, 2015, says drinking three cans of the soda a day is one of the secrets to her remarkable longevity.

Feisty and fit as a fiddle at 104, Sullivan said she does not need the advice of real doctors. Instead, she keeps another doctor on hand. Dr Pepper.

She was 103 when she talked to the Star-Telegram in 2014 about her Dr Pepper habit, "When I hurt my ankle and I had to go to the doctor he asked me about my food, I said I don’t like tea or coffee, so I drink three Dr Peppers a day. He said ‘That will kill you.’ About 15 years later I had to change doctors because he died. I was still drinking three Dr Peppers a day, and I still do.”

Just What The Dr Ordered

But to Sullivan, the slogan may as well have been the doctor's orders. She even drinks Dr Pepper in the morning.

“People try to give me coffee for breakfast," she told   "Well, I’d rather have a Dr Pepper.”


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