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On Thursday August 29, 2012, Levi Aron was sentenced to 40 years to Life for the murder of 8 year old Leiby Kletzky.  He will be eligible for parole in the year 2052 at 77 years of age, unless he gets out for good behavior, meets some fatal payback in prison, or god decides to take him. 

The "Brooklyn Butcher" plead guilty to snatching the 8-year-old off the street last summer, holding him captive and chopping up his body.

In private, Aron was remorseful, his defense lawyer Pierre Bazile said outside the courtroom."He's sorry and he wished he hadn't done IT," said Bazile.

Small comfort to the parents of little Leiby and his family who will live with the inner demons of the horrific acts of depravity that were done to Leiby by the animal Levi Aron.

Mr. Aron hides behind his lawyers, his Yarmulke, and the phony facade that he is so mentally ill that it somehow prevents him from publicly stating his own remorse, taking self accountability for murdering, torturing, dismembering this innocent 6 year old child. 

Instead we are supposed to feel sorry for him according to one of his lawyers Jennifer L. McCann that  poor MR. ARON "will not be believed no matter how many times he "apologizes", has suffered enough, has atoned for his evil, will be punished "properly" for his deeds, and as his other attorney Pierre Bazile states "he's sorry and wished he hadn't done IT". 

Gee whiz, golly, what's all the fuss about? Levi Aron is sorry and wants a "do over", he wishes it didn't happen, as if magically he is not responsible for the heinous acts he chose to murder an 8 year old child. The terrifying last minutes experienced by Leiby Kletzky before he died at the hands of this monster can never be imagined by anyone, it is beyond comprehension. Too late for wishing "this" away, "it" is done, murder cannot be reversed by wishes.

"IT" doesn't say much about the actual facts that describe the cold blooded kidnapping, murder, mutilation involved in Levi Aron having had more than sufficient mental capacity and presence of mind to put together a series of systematic, planned actions that allowed him to horribly snuff out the life of an 8 year old child.

Mr. Aron knew exactly what he was doing in "his panic", drugging Leiby with a sandwhich that included sedatives which he had the knowing ability of his lucid mind to prepare, then strangling, suffocating Leiby with a towel as the child vainly tried to fight back, and cutting apart Leiby's body, limb by limb to hide it. The acts of an animal yes, the actions of a mentally ill person to be pitied, understood, or of "someone who is sorry and wished he hadn't done it,  absolutely not.

Mr. Aron knew exactly what he was doing when he did "IT". This was all about him trying to protect his cowardly ass, not having the courage, the common sense (Saychel) to control his fears of how to explain that he knew that what he had done was wrong by taking Leiby, and not wanting to be found out for doing this. 

Certainly this was a poor choice of decisions that Levi Aron consciously made but that does NOT constitute mental illness, allow for forgiveness, nor does it in any way diminish the evil that he has done.

40 years to life is too good a sentence for Mr. Aron. He deserves to rot in hell instead of burdening the people of New York State with the cost of  $60,076 which is the Average Annual Cost per inmate in housing a jailed prisoner (not including the overhead costs of Corrections Department staff, etc.).
His incarceration will cost much more than the above average inmates annual cost as he will require complete isolation from the rest of the prison population, no doubt a special Kosher diet, and the various amenities such as Cable TV that certain prisoners receive.

Let us never forget what  8 year old Leiby Kletzky got as his sentence. This innocent angel child who never deserved "IT", lies  6 feet underground, with his rotting body parts cut into pieces by Mr. Aron, and this child will never be alive again, despite the alleged remorse of " Mr. Aron. Leiby will never again enjoy his childhood, grow up, get married, have a family, enjoy his life. Dead is forever and his life has been stolen from him and his family by the deeds of Mr. Arron.

As I looked through the Internet, various media for their reporting of the sentencing of Levi Aron, there were much less coverage than ever before. Like so many victims before him, after him, the world has little interest and a very short attention span when it comes to remembering victims.

We have become a world of dumbed down, numbed, selfish, heads up in their assholes society, where unless something has happened that directly affects a family, it is consigned to the vitrual amnesiac dung heap of garbage where society places its fears, anxiety, compassion, caring so that it cannot feel any longer.  

Feelings are a dangerous thing to most people, it is something that most can no longer allow themselves to do without endangering their fantasy lives of self delusion. So, the Mr. Levi Aron's of this world and their helpless victims, even 8 year old children such as Leiby Kletzky, no longer matter in the daily parade of news describing unbelievable carnage of human beings that occur in our world, our country, our neigborhoods. 

Somehow people believe if they don't feel, think, it will somehow protect their own self, their families from being added to this growing long list of victims.

With all due respect to the Kletzky family beliefs and  their decisions, I understand what, why they have chosen this path in dealing with Mr. Aron. Nothing will bring their son back to them. However, based on my own personal experiences, sorry folks, I wish it were different, but sadly it doesn't work that way and you can believe what you want, pray to whoever you believe in, no matter, the Mr. Aron's of this world and the dysfunctional legal system will insure that a human life remains cheap, worthless, expendable, and we are part of their prey to be struck down when it is least expected. 

Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in federal prison for masterminding the largest Ponzi scheme in history. Levi Aron gets 40 years to life for murdering, torturing, dismembering 8 year old Leiby Kletzky. A ridiculous dysfunctional legal system huh, how can that be, need I say more???

The ugly truth is "IT" will be this way in the future and "IT" will be worse as the world we inhabit becomes more of a jungle that allows animals to do what they wish with the rest of us who follow the rules that they don't pay any attention to, for they have no rules.

Below is a summary of the Court sentencing Mr. Aaron on Thursday August 29th, 2012-Brooklyn, NY -August 29, 2012

Man Who Killed and Dismembered a Lost Boy, 8, Gets 40 Years to Life

A hardware store clerk who killed and dismembered an 8-year-old Brooklyn boy in 2011, stunning both the close-knit Orthodox Jewish community where they lived and the city, was sentenced Wednesday to 40 years to life in prison.

Levi Aron, 37, who kidnapped Leiby Kletzky as he walked home on a summer day in Borough Park before killing him and stuffing some of his remains in a suitcase, barely spoke during the brief proceeding in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn.

When asked by Justice Neil J. Firetog to comment before being sentenced, Mr. Aron, who sat slumped in an orange prison jumpsuit, a skullcap atop his head, whispered a “no” that was barely audible in the courtroom.

Mr. Aron, who has a history of mental illness, had faced the possibility of a life sentence. But under a deal worked out with the district attorney’s office this month, Mr. Aron pleaded guilty to one charge of second-degree murder and one charge of second-degree kidnapping, which carry lighter sentences.

The plea, on Aug. 9, also came after psychological tests concluded that Mr. Aron’s mental problems would not qualify him for an insanity defense.

Leiby’s parents, Nachman and Esther, wanted to avoid a trial
that would have forced them to relive details of the grisly killing, said Dov Hikind, a state assemblyman from Borough Park who has been the family’s spokesman.

As it is, the Kletzkys, who did not attend Wednesday’s hearing, have enough pain to contend with on a daily basis, Mr. Hikind said after the sentencing.“There’s someone not coming home from school; there’s someone not at the Shabbos table,” he said, referring to the religion-tinged weekend meals that are a tradition among observant Jews.“There’s someone missing there,” Mr. Hikind said, “so the last thing they wanted was to go through this for a week, or two, or three weeks.”

Mr. Hikind also forcefully played down the possibility that Mr. Aron could be released from prison in 2052, when he is up for parole. No parole board that considers the outrageousness of Mr. Aron’s crimes, which also included stashing cutup body pieces in a freezer, would ever let him out, Mr. Hikind said.

Although Mr. Aron may not have publicly apologized for killing Leiby, he has expressed remorse in private, according to Pierre Bazile, one of his lawyers. “He said he’s sorry and that he wishes that he hadn’t done this,” Mr. Bazile said after the court hearing.

Lawyers for Mr. Aron, who has been held in a cell for 23 hours a day on Rikers Island, have requested that he also be held in solitary confinement in prison, to protect him from other inmates. “There are a lot of sick, demented people that reside in the jails,” Howard Greenberg, another of his lawyers, said after the hearing.

Suggesting an explanation for his client’s actions, Mr. Greenberg added that Mr. Aron’s family had a history of schizophrenia, and Mr. Aron suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was young.

On July 11, 2011, Leiby’s parents allowed him to walk partway home from a day camp, all alone, for the first time. But he got lost along the seven-block route, prompting him to ask Mr. Aron for directions.

Instead, Mr. Aron kidnapped Leiby and drove him to a wedding in Rockland County, and later brought him to his attic apartment in Kensington, Brooklyn.

After Leiby’s abduction, thousands of neighbors took to the streets to try to find him, in a missing-child case that shocked a Hasidic community known for being insular and largely safe. At the same time, the missing-child case recalled an earlier, more dangerous era in New York City, when many children were forbidden to walk by themselves.

As the search intensified, Mr. Aron panicked, according to testimony, and suffocated the boy before chopping him up. Some pieces ended up in Mr. Aron’s freezer; others were stuffed in the suitcase, which was thrown in a Dumpster a few miles away.Video from surveillance cameras eventually led the police to Mr. Aron.

On Wednesday, the prosecutor, Julie Rendelman, condemned those actions, which snuffed out a life way too soon, she said.

Leiby’s family has filed a lawsuit against Aron’s father, who owned the building where his son lived when the boy was killed. They argue that the father should have known something unspeakable was happening under his roof and could have saved the boy if he tried.

Aron’s attorneys asked for protective custody for their client because they worry he will hurt himself or be hurt by others. The state department of corrections must decide whether to grant the request.
In keeping to my promise to honor the memory of murdered 8 year old Leiby Kletzky, I will continue to post on my Blog, all stories related to this tragedy until the case is closed.