Monday, October 17, 2011


The "flavor of the day" mainstream media has always done a piss poor job in reporting details of the decay and corruption within our society. It is because they are owned by financial institutions that control what news gets seen and also are in the business of entertainment, not journalism, hype, not facts, sound bites not meaningful reporting.

There is a balance that some bloggers such as myself try to maintain, not to cross over the line of exploiting people's misery and pain to attract readers. I clearly state my purpose of writing in the permanent header at the top of my blog that what I do is "

If I can bring to the readers of my blog, attention, respect, information about injustice, evil, that go unreported, and can make you aware of the suffering of others in our world, then I have done part of what my goal is. This involves educating, creating a sense of responsibility on behalf of each of our actions, inactions, and to instill a true sense of compassion, caring, about what happens to others, that all of this IS YOUR responsibility to be aware of, and not to simply ignore it. These are human beings who deserve the same dignity that anyone else does who breathes and has a soul.

Being selfish doesn't require others to suffer, nor does it mean you can't help those who are suffering. It doesn't matter either what your political beliefs are, whether your are left, right, center or in between.
The battle is about Either Government Exists To Serve The People OR People Exist To Serve Government.

When will thinking, caring people unite and forget about our relatively insignificant differences in order to break the evil chain of corporate, political power of control, profit, which is killing us physically, economically, and do so without the fear of getting involved?

The Occupy Wall Street Global Movement is a step in the right direction of uniting as individual human beings those who feel that enough is enough of the stink in our world, and hopefully this movement will continue to gain traction through ongoing events that you can watch in real time online streaming media, In the meantime, nothing has changed in the way the world is a shit hole and it is important to continue pointing out the outrages of society that still don't get the attention they deserve.

Reporting facts about victims of evil sometimes require the decision as to how much to reveal about the particular topic. My previous blog post "FAST AND FURIOUS-THE TRUTH was about many different things, but centered ultimately around the criminal, immoral roles of certain U.S. Government Agencies, the always ready to screw anyone for a dime financial institutions, and the world wide role, of similar organizations of power as it relates to drug cartels.

I can let my previous blog post end with that topic, or do the right thing and illustrate in true reality what simple words can't make you feel, and try to translate it into your having feelings about a human life, that of a stranger you never knew.             

I want to tell you about Marisol Macias Castaneda, a 39-year-old newsroom manager for the Mexican Nuevo Laredo newspaper Primera Hora. I have never met her. No doubt you never heard her name before, so she will be noted here as a human being, an innocent victim of violence, who was someones child, sister, family, another person for whom justice will never be given to those who so shockingly snuffed out her life.

Marisol Macias Castaneda was kidnapped, murdered, and beheaded, left on the ground in a public square of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, with a handwritten warning note left next to her, for others to read from her killers, warning the same will happen to anyone who dares to oppose the drug cartels.

What did she do to deserve this? 
Marisol was an innocent victim who was targeted not for her work at the newspaper, but for what she posted at an online discussion forum
called Nuevo Laredo en Vivo (in English, "Nuevo Laredo Live") where citizens "anonymously" share drug seller sightings, and publish eyewitness tips of cartel activity for the police and army to pursue. She used the online nickname "La Nena de Laredo," or "Laredo Girl. The killing took place at a site located 1 mile from the international border with the U.S., and 3 miles from the city center of Laredo, Texas.

After shutting up part of the Mexican press which is too frightened to report on the cartel activities, criminals have now started killing people to shut up social media, too.
Her punishment, torturing her mercilessly, and cutting her head off, then dumped like a piece of garbage as an "example" for all to see what happens if you ask law enforcement for help against these gangs.

No one will get caught for this heinous, barbaric act. Few get seriously prosecuted for drug murders of regular citizens in Mexico. In the most violent Mexican states, only a small number of the more than 40,000 murders in the past four years have been successfully prosecuted because of a broken legal system, corrupt law enforcement, and others supposedly there to protect the people.

The specific site in Nuevo Laredo where Marisol was  found is a monument to Christopher Columbus, unveiled less than a year ago. That monument has become a popular dumping ground at which warring cartels drop the bodies of their beheaded and tortured victims, to terrorize local residents. There is a tall statue of Columbus, and spherical concrete globes on the ground. 

Photos show Gruesome photos of  her semi-clothed body, missing parts of limbs, sprawled in the grass and her head was placed on one of those spheres.

Think before you click, the images are gruesome. If you have the heart, click here and click here, you really need to look at these photos, a picture is worth 1000 words. Nothing I can write will disgust and wake you up as much as  seeing what was done to a human being for simply exercising her freedom of speech. I thought several times about whether to post the pictures, in some ways to protect her humanity, but I realized that was destroyed by her killers and that those of you who view it, may feel the sadness, compassion, anger, horror of the reasons why her murder is part of your responsibility, as another fellow human to be recognized.

Not your problem right, fucking crazy Mexicans, let them kill each other you may be thinking. BUT, this is also our problem, she was an innocent victim, a human being murdered for expressing words against evil, if by now in this post you don't know why it should be your concern, I won't try to explain it to you. Perhaps, the song by Pink Floyd below will give you a clue.
                         HEY YOU

"HEY YOU"(click here for the full song lyrics)) is a song by Pink Floyd with an intense message about our world. It is about ALL OF US, people in a society where we can't  freely express our own ideas, "described as people behind the wall", but Pink Floyd tells us "not to give in without a fight, not to bury the light"(which of course is the idea of freedom)".

"Sitting by the phone, waiting for someone to call out"(is about people not doing any thing to break free and always waiting for someone to follow, and here the song Calls People OUT, it DARES you to take ownership for your INDIFFERENCE to the suffering of others, by saying "HEY YOU".

No one can break free while "worms have eaten their brain"(you can't think for yourself) also after this part Pink Floyd says"always doing what your told"(you are brainwashed sheep).

At the end Pink Floyd asks people to help  break free and that is where they should stand by each other against the wall."Hey you, don't tell me there's no hope at all, Together we stand, divided we fall".

The Mexican Drug War is a complex geopolitical conflict closely linked to the United States’ financial stability and national security.

The U.S. is not to be solely blamed
for Mexico's mess, but we are enablers, hordes of U.S. dope addicts, pot heads, supply an endless demand for illegal drugs, that feed these cartels.

What pisses me off the most is the seemingly obvious transparent, but ignored, every day criminal  behavior of our major financial institutions, in particular our Banking systems knowingly, happily laundering drug Cartel profits for a hefty fee, all allowed by our suddenly blinded Government, looking the other way, as if it doesn't exist as a systemic economic acceptable commerce of the business process.There are the periodic "perp walks", merely public relations contrived moments of faking the public into thinking the Government is actually doing something to win the war against illegal drugs.

Drug profits, in the most basic economic sense as I  have said before, are secured through the ability of the cartels to launder and transfer billions of dollars through the U.S. banking system.The scale and scope of the US banking-drug cartel alliance surpasses any other economic activity of the American private banking system.

Our Government regulatory Agencies and law enforcement somehow can't seem to find this incredible amount of illegal money being transacted every single day, kind of strange when the IRS will be on you like a bee sucking honey if you make a tiny math mistake on your income tax form and underpay them on your tax payment by $100.

Many Americans, like that of the Mexicans, keep quiet, and try to ignore the violence. They book holidays in Cancun or Puerto Vallarta. We watch Mexico's President Calderon visiting President Obama, who hypocritically agrees that Arizona's new law against illegal immigrants is a scandal.

They don't discuss why so many Mexicans flee their country. Meanwhile, the U.S. pays $1.4 billion dollars to the Mexican army, supposedly to help it fight the cartels, when Washington must know that the army is itself a drug cartel.

In parts of Mexico, the murders aren't even counted up. Authorities and journalists in the northern border state of Tamaulipas, across from Texas, are so afraid of drug gangs that neither publicly reports drug related homicides. 

On one hand, you have massive profits and enrichment. On the other, you have massive suffering, misery and death. You cannot separate one from the other. Everyday in Mexico scores, if not hundreds, of corpses appear in streets and or are found in unmarked graves; dozens are murdered in their homes, cars, public transport, offices and even hospitals; known and unknown victims in the hundreds are kidnapped and disappear; school children, parents, teachers, doctors and business people are seized in broad daylight and held for ransom or murdered. Thousands of migrant workers are kidnapped, robbed, ransomed, murdered and some are sold into the illegal ‘organ trade’.

The police are barricaded in their headquarter buildings, the military, if and when it arrives, takes out its frustration on entire cities, shooting more civilians than cartel criminals. Everyday life revolves around surviving the daily death toll; threats are everywhere, the armed gangs and military patrols fire and kill with virtual impunity. People live in fear and anger.

The American media is afraid of reporting on anything that will expose the true secrets of how undemocratic, immoral, and ruthless the U.S. Government has been for many, many decades. How does money laundering of the magnitude described above evade the media, the government, law enforcement, without the collusion and approval of all involved? It does because everyone of these pieces of made in America shit scum is either feeding at the money pit or too afraid to do their jobs.

I previously reported we even sacrificed the lives of our own law enforcement people, such as the brave Federal Agents, U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry  and  Immigration Customs Enforcement Agent Jaime Zapata, killed  because of our Governments unbelievably stupid, moronic drug war programs, such as Fast and Furious.

Let's face it. Do you get it by now? This is all not by accident, it's not a coincidence. Yes our leaders are morons and our governments totally inept, but this is once again all about MONEY. Always follow the money paper trail and it will give you the answers when it comes to corruption .

We are talking about so much unaccounted, money involved in illegal drug trafficking that it is impossible to hide the money trail, just follow the long line feeding at the trough of pigs,
those lined up are our politicians, law enforcement, bankers, scum bags every single one of them, they come from every political persuasion, work at financial institutions, wear fancy suits and ties, finely manicured squeaky clean pieces of shit, many sworn by Law to stop these crimes, and wannabes, all who would kill their own mother for a few thousand dollars.

Their power comes from a dumb, apathetic, selfish, self serving American public who will follow and believe in lies of blame that are willingly accepted, which will not only destroy their very own lives, and those of future generations, but destroy their humanity. Just think of how stupid the average American is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.  

How much is your life worth? Everything on this planet has a dollar sign, a price tag on it. Honestly, your own life is worth shit to these sub humans, whether it is a Wolkoff, Marisol Macias Castaneda, or a member of your family. 

Regardless of it being the U.S. Government, Mexican, Government, CitiBank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Wall Street or any other organized Entity that exists to self perpetuate itself, they all deal in dispensing death of innocent people to cover their own cowardly asses. They are their own Mafia, and do not give a fucking shit about you as a human being or care a rats ass about your life.
The result is that a human life is worth nothing, zero, zilch, it is all about the faceless scum with their need to make more money, to control, to take anything and everything from you, never enough for them to be satisfied.

Not your concern, not your family, sure, keep thinking that way.
Do you believe that any of us who became innocent victims by our Government abuse and disregard for our human rights, when it involves standing up for justice to be served, ever imagined it would happen to our families? 

This is not simply about dug cartels, it is about the pervasive corruption of our Country's laws and the loss of our legal rights as citizens that has been sold to the privileged rich, connected few, the 1 %. This shit happens every single minute of each day and night!

In a world best described as morally and  ethically bankrupt who will listen, who will care, who will do anything about what happened, who will even  remember any of this about Marisol? The answer is no one.

Her story, as much as I know, is here for all to see. It's the best that I can do for her.

Marisol Macias Castaneda,
REST IN PEACE. I doubt that you will be able to do so, not the way you were so painfully butchered and murdered.