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 Posted by Ben Hurst on Jun 26, 08

Thank you, Steve

We recently learned that Steve Wolkoff, our friend at  FreeWheel, died in a  tragic car accident

As one of FreeWheel’s first customers, we met Steve when FreeWheel first started, and worked closely with him through regular calls and face-to- face meetings.

As our relationship with FreeWheel developed, our admiration and respect for Steve grew stronger. 

We only knew him for a few months, but his poise, confidence, and approach to everything he worked on gave the entire Joost team a huge sense of comfort knowing we were in good hands, working with a pro. 

Steve helped us solve complex problems and always provided a voice of reason. He had so much more to offer. 

We’ll miss his sound advice, winning smile and all around great attitude.

On behalf of the entire Joost team, I'd like to thank you, Steve, for your hard work, your unrelenting commitment to our business, and for your spirit – you’re sorely missed.

Our deepest sympathies, thoughts, and prayers go to the Wolkoffs, Steve's girlfriend, Cindy, and the entire
FreeWheel team.

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Diane's Blog

Posted by Diane- 9/23/2009 12:49 PM

 Take a moment to mourn our friend Steve Wolkoff today...

There have been a lot going on recently, we just finished FreeWheel's  second management  summit at NYC, long meetings, even longer list of actions. On top of that, new contracts announcements,  v2.7 just released last night, customer launches today...etc  etc... Man...We are exhausted...

When everything  is coming at you, it is hard to stop and think and remind ourselves what is important in our lives...My outlook just popped up and reminded me that it is Steve's birthday today, he would have been 32 today...It is hard for me to imagine that it has been a year... Steve, who  passed away last year, right before our first management  summit, turns 32 today.

It has been a year, we are moving steadily toward turning our vision into reality, a vision that Steve firmly believes as well. While we are celebrating milestones,  collecting happy memories, let's take a moment to remember our friend, Steve, who shares the same value and vision with us, would have been celebrating  along with us...

Steve Wolkoff, may you have God's peace...And happy birthday to you!



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Posted By Diane June 23, 2008

Steve Wolkoff - A friend sorely missed and will be forever remembered.

It was 8:45am Sunday morning, as I was pulling my car out of the drive way, Doug's ID flashed on my cellphone, I picked up the phone and puzzled because Doug doesn't call me on a Sunday morning. 

"Hello?", Doug's voice was on the phone, "Did I wake you up? I am sorry that I have a very bad news." 

For a second I thought there was a problem with production or we run into trouble with a customer...Then Doug continued: "Steve died in a car accident on highway 1 last night..." 

My mind went completely blank...I repeatedly yelled to the phone with disbelief: "Steve?! You meant the Steve Wolkoff?! Steve?!"... 24 hours later, I am still shocked and speechless, trying to avoid any topic related to Steve, couldn't hold on to read any email related to him, refusing to admit that I won't see him tomorrow, with his trademark grin — as how Mike puts it. 

I have known Steve since he was in GTS at DoubleClick, then getting to know him more when he started on DART Motif, and finally, there is FreeWheel, I get to work with him all those days and nights. 

It is like yesterday when I first introduced him to FreeWheel Beijing team, I was so proud that Steve, yet another ex- clicker chose to join us because he believes in our vision and the people executing it. 

Along with Steve, came with his sunshine personality, a bit shy, a bit reserved, however, always with a smile on his face - the Steve Wolkoff trademark grin. 

I know I will not get over the fact that Steve has left us forever, deep in my heart somewhere, I still hope that this is just a bad dream, When I wake up, everything is going to be alright...When I wake up, he would smile at me, and says "You know, that is a really good point. 

Let me own that."...When I wake up, he would wave at me from his table, says "Hey, Diane, nice to see you here at San Mateo office!"...When I wake up, he would join me on yet another Beijing trip, trying out all "Diane's special tofu" dishes that I am throwing at him, and says "Interesting"... 

I am sharing some pictures taken last August from Kevin, when Steve joined the Beijing team on the Great Wall trip, with Jon and Mike. Steve in the back row, with his trademark grin:

Steve in the back row, with his trademark  grin:

My favorite picture of Steve:

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I wish I had spent more time living than fighting.

More time happy, than sad.

More time touching than looking.

More time playing than working.

More time content than angry.

More time loving than not.

More time enjoying than worrying.

More time free than surviving.

More time doing than planning.

More time caring than not.

More time being stupid than smart.

The incessant, cascading, crushing movement of time, so easy to miss, so costly to lose.

Time leads, and then follows, it is relentless. 

The endless flashes of life, past and present, vividly, hauntingly real, lost, wandering, abandoned, brutally painful, repeatedly stream in and out of restless sleep, breathing 

first with me, then against me. 

The faces, the names, the stories never change. The beginnings, the middles, the ends, never change. Paths cross, mingle, hold together, then break apart. 

So ugly, tortuous, that I need to wake myself up, come out of the nightmares to show that it's not happening now. But I can't wake myself up, stuck in the vortex of hell, until finally I am awake, heart beating out of my chest, exhausted, tired, like I just ran a marathon.

Reflections of the past, and every nuanced moment in my life, night after night relived, the race against the devil, slowly getting the best of me.

In a distant forgotten time, lays a brief time of innocence. I am gliding freely, remembering nothing but peacefulness. 

My eyes open and there is reality, the spectacle of life, ebbing and flowing, and then finding its way to dream again. It moves unbroken and determined, chasing me, racing me, pursuing me.

It was never meant to be easy.

It was never meant to be fair.

It was never meant to be otherwise.

The incessantly speedy and yet crawling turtle slow movement of time, so easy to miss, so precious to lose.