Saturday, November 21, 2015


Whatever you think about the current situation concerning terrorists, refugees, there is a simple question that always bothers me very much:

Where is the Fatwa when it involves Jihadists?

According to the The Islamic Supreme Council of America (ISCA):

Most importantly, a fatwā can be a pronouncement of death or a declaration of war. A fatwā is an Islamic legal pronouncement, issued by an expert in religious law (mufti), pertaining to a specific issue.

If the Mullahs can put out a fatwa out against a writer such as Salman Rushdie, cartoonists, and other individuals who are deemed by them as  apostolics, heretics, kafirs, infidels, where the hell are their fatwas against ISIS, Al Qauda, etc. who are indiscriminately slaughtering thousands of innocent victims in the name of Allah?

Certainly the actions of those in these terrorist groups are more deserving of being treated like infidels who have betrayed Islam, disgraced Allah, than people who write a book or draw a satirical cartoon of Allah.

What does murdering as many innocent people as possible in a terrorist attack have to do with your holy religious beliefs, to kill whoever is in range of the Islamic groups automatic weapons, bombs, knives, hands, stones, whips, swords, with the purpose of just killing as many humans, even other Muslims, whoever is there, and then celebrating these horrific acts of depravity?

Mullahs issues Fatwas as often as an old sheepdog farts, so I'm sure if they cared they could take a few minutes out from stoning rape victims to death, maiming thieves and hanging apostates to issue a Fatwa against the terrorists.

Yep, talking to you, Mr. Mullahs, who continue to remain eerily silent, paralyzed by some mysterious inertia, cowardly hiding, while people are being murdered all over the world by those who claim to "represent" your religion and your god.

Surely as men of god, you cannot condone the indiscriminate massacres of innocent human beings.

A penny for your thoughts Mr. Mullahs. 

Please speak up now, we can't hear you.