Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Since my previous Blog post you know that I have cut my television connection to the outside world. Yesterday I was thankfully spared the endless noise of the world media hype of the "humongous earthquake" that hit the East Coast of the United States.

Truth is, I never even felt the 5.8 magnitude earthquake and only found out when the UPS driver told me about it while dropping off a package.

Strange, as I can usually sense when a pin drops, yet I never had an inkling of the earth moving. Can't say I was oblivious in deep thought and missed the sensation, but it just didn't register on my Jerry Richter scale.

In the immortal words of the Rock and Roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis there was a "WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN GOIN ON"

In fact, earthquakes, as are many other destructive acts of nature, should never to be fucked with, and always to be taken seriously, so I momentarily wondered about standing under the door jamb (with it's 1/8th piece of embedded metal) to protect myself against aftershocks, or getting out of the house with my swim trunks on, in preparation for any upcoming Tsunami.

Considering the recent horribly devastating earthquakes around the world in Japan, New Zealand, China, Indonesia, this was a rather tiny movement of the earth, that didn't really stir me one way or another. Yet it had instantly become such a big mass hysteria medial event to so many Americans.

I have been consistently pointing out on this Blog that the general consensus of what passes for modern humanity is, that most people think in terms of "I and Me" in other words, "if its not happening to me, it is not happening".

This earthquake had happened here, many experienced a rolling feeling, and this was real to them, not some thing "make believe' in a foreign land, that that they could distance themselves from by the ever successful use of denial.

The beasts within people were beginning to emerge. Survival of the fittest strategies were hatched in the minds of those who are prepared for these kinds of sudden, unexpected challenges.

In the chaos, I imagined people secretly planning their individual survival plans as they went into their, "you’ll see society begin to unravel, the apocalypse is here.”

I thought about the visions of panic in the streets in the major cities on the East Coast, egged on by the usual suspect media reports of possible catastrophic scenarios, similar to the reports before a 4 inch snow storm, that will cause hordes of the public to descend on their local supermarket to pick bare every carton of milk, loaf of bread, bottled water, and anything not nailed down.

There must have been near chaos in the streets. People  were even texting on their smart phones and reported, pale-faced and trembling, a mere four out of five bars of service, or worse, no cell service at all.

I am sure it is true that god has had a protective hedge around America. But give him/her a break, blame your shitty cell phone problems on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T Mobile, not god.

I did go on the Internet, the vestal of accurate reporting of the truth, where I learned the true causes of today's earthquake were many, but my favorite ones were that:

"The epicenter in Mineral Springs, Virginia is not a coincidence rather part of the plot harkening to the name Louis and The US Plot to since WW1 take down The Monarchy and install Puppet Democracies using MK ULTRA Mind Control. At its highest echelons the entire Government is operated using hypnotic mind control. I know as I am former CIA and a hypnotic MK ULTRA Operative seeking asylum from The US Government for utilizing me against my Free Will,” a man informed us, within moments, with many more capital letters.

Another true cause of the Earthquake was described by a person who stated that it was a warning from guess who, yep god.

You know god, that supposedly angry, mean, vicious, vindictive god, "because Americans are letting foreign Americans push god out of our country. There is a great push in America to advance Islam and the devil has his schemes, the earthquake is the lord warning us to repent and stop evicting him from the U.S.A ."

Soon the politicians will chime in with their all knowing intelligence of an amoeba. “This is doubly bad,” Rick Perry will say. “First, because it was caused by government, and second because it was caused by science.” 

Others will warn it is because of the "menace" of Gay Citizens of the United States, or the acceptance of legal marriage between Gay people in certain States. 

I’m sure this will come up also with the Tea Party. “Get government out of the business of shaking our homes!”, they will mutter. “That ought to be left to the states and god.”

President Obama, not to be left out, will say “If Republicans in Congress were willing to put their nation before their vacation, they might have stopped this. I, too, have a plan, but I cannot show it to you until I get off of Martha's Vineyard, on Cape Cod.”

Naturally, the government from Washington D.C  to every major city had almost shut down yesterday and everyone was evacuating as fast as they can. It is the only thing to do when the shit hits the fan in America.

Clearly there is a whole lot of weird shit taking place in the world from climate change that "doesn't exist", to political revolutions in parts of the world never imaginable, and our very own USA government teetering on default of its financial credit. I mean this is all some serious, strange shit going on, and now the biggest earthquake on the East Coast in a hundred years.

This is not supposed to happen here in the good ole U.S.A. I thought that was why we sacrificed Anthony Weiner and his other infidel colleagues with their text crazed sinful skin body flicks, sent to "admirers". 

Next we’re going to have locusts descending across the Plains, and the Oceans will part in the middle. Anything is possible in these trying times.

Like most things that start as a vague screw up near Washington, It rumbled through the Carolinas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and even Maine. 

Some even felt it in Detroit, but it might have been something they ate, plus all the residents of California now are poking fun at the wimps of the East Coast being afraid of what is an almost everyday occurrence in their great State.

Of course this is the same State of California that will soon be falling into the Pacific Ocean either from a gigantic earthquake, or just from the sheer weight of the debt their State owes to the world.

The federal government was wondering about whether the buildings will be safe for nonessential personnel to return, today. 

My vote is for them to stay home, I don't think it is safe for the government to be operational during "normal" times, let alone during a time of stress on the earths surface, any  more after shocks might just send them over the edge of their desks. 

If that should happen, then FEMA will take over and destroy what is left by ultimately having the current President proclaim to the Director of FEMA, as former President George W. Bush's infamous classic delusional comment in 2005, to FEMA chief Michael D. Brown, while the latter was so incompetent in a complete and total screw-up of the federal response to the city of New Orleans in response to the massive aftermath of the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina  : "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job."