Friday, July 22, 2011


                        Will You?

The Coroner supposedly has broad legal powers to do  just about anything to a dead body. The body allegedly no longer belongs to the person, or his/her surviving loved ones, the Coroner owns it. But the Coroner does not own the body's soul or have the right to desecrate that persons humanity.

In our multiple legal cases, we are standing up for Justice to be given to Steven. Not only for the sake of holding those responsible for killing him, but also for Steven's dignity, the sacredness of a human body, and that there are certain inalienable moral, legal rights, legal obligations to protect the dignity of the human body in it's final disposition. We also want to prevent this unimaginable horrifying pain from happening to future families.

Importantly, the Coroner over 1 year after his Office, and his own forensic pathologist determined beyond a doubt in the Official Coroners Final written Report that Steven was killed by injuries not consistent with the collision, they then released Steven's brain to a private Pathologist hired by San Mateo County and their private ambulance subcontractor AMR. In doing so, he knowingly violated State Laws and Professional ethics, when he allowed her to newly dissect Steven's brain, physically remove his brain, along with other parts of his remains, to her office, away from the sworn, sealed protection supposed to be provided by the Coroner's office.

All this was done in response to the defendants attempting to mount a legal  defense that Steven would have died anyway from brain damage caused by the collision (not true and she couldn't even medically prove it after all of this).

This information accidentally slipped out at the deposition of the SMC County Corners own Pathologist who did the original autopsy. There certainly was no medical need to have a consultation done a year later, or a sudden need for medical, scientific research to be done, as he had determined the cause of death a year before. We knew nothing about any of this, our consent was never asked, and it was a cruel, inhuman, disrespectful desecration done to Steven's body.

More importantly Steven has received no justice for their stealing his life and killing him. Incompetent para-medics, defective medical machines, a DUI impaired driver (an illegal undocumented alien) who never even had a drivers license in his life, another additional driver who made a series of  dangerously illegal motor vehicle violations, including making a left turn from the highway left speed lane while he was at a full stop, a defective, inherently flawed road design, a known highway death trap, on and on, one mistake after another, no-one takes responsibility, no one is held accountable, no one says they are sorry. It is a game to them.

Killing an innocent human being, an American citizen, my son Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff, in San Mateo County California, is seemingly no big deal and not 1 person has come forward with the truth since they all got lawyered up. They all know the truth but seem to now prefer to cover their asses.

They try to erase Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff's life as if he never existed. What if this was your innocent child, could you rest knowing that the truth is being hidden by others.? Would you not expect the honesty and dignity from me, my neighbors, if your child was killed traveling through my community? We would tell the truth here and understand that every human life is precious. Apparently NOT so in San Mateo!

Many of you used to communicate with me openly, in a caring way, and helped me in a courageous manner to gather evidence. What happened since then to you and your neighbors, you are now silent?

I KNOW that some of you are good people who could provide information leading to Justice for Steven's negligent death. You check into the blog because your conscience is guilty. How do you live with yourself knowing that your personal selfish fears of telling the truth, have provided not a whiff of justice for my son Steven's life being stolen from him at the age of 30? 

You can still choose to come forward, even do it anonymously, and give the true information to make things right, think about it, your guilt will only get worse if you don't, it will otherwise haunt you forever. 

This is your choice to make, but I guarantee you, unless you tell what you know, you are doomed to a lifetime of guilt.
Is it possible that there is not at least one brave human being in San Mateo County involved in all of this, who will come forward and recognize that a human life is precious?

As for the legal system, it is a disgraceful, dysfunctional mess. "Democracy Freedom, Respect of basic human rights, Justice served", bullshit. The Law is used to hide behind, victims have no voice, the Government entities claim immunity from everything they are guilty of, or have hordes of lawyers to stall the legal proceedings. They even get away with delays by pleading budgetary poverty as a reason to not mount a defense. Can you imagine a regular citizen being allowed to do that? This is a sick farce, a circus, but there is no other civilized option in San Mateo county.

This is why I will not stop fighting until it's all over, and I WILL do the best I can. WILL YOU?


With the Democratic President of so called reform and change, Barack Obama ready to sell out the American people and destroy our Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and take away these programs that decades of Presidents, including Conservative Republicans such as Dwight Eisenhower fought hard to preserve, I believe we are on the precipice of losing America. 

I have even read today that Obama is willing to give up the mortgage taxes deduction that the average American  can still use as one of our last ways to reduce the already unfair taxes we pay. 

Yet no new taxes on the rich, no  attention to Corporations such as General Electric who pay no taxes, Hedge Funds and others manipulate loopholes, that no one is willing to change. Obama with his obsession for bi-partisan cooperation has no clue that "they' are out to  destroy him and the American people. 

I don't see any leadership from him or the balls to stand up for his principles at any time, as President. The debt ceiling clock is ticking closer to the default of America's treasury debt and no-one has blinked on either side. 

Unless Obama has an ingenious, magical strategy that he is hiding until the last moment, he will remembered as an abysmal failure and a coward for not fighting for we the people. Obama got elected to show his balls, not his chicken ass.

Instead the right wing maggot puppet politicians who are bought and paid for by the rich, and Corporate America will be handed the power, by this inept, incompetent Democratic Party and its leader.

The United States is at the critical crossroads of self destruction by the ultra right, maniacs, morons and imbeciles politicians. The words have actually been stated by many of these wacko politicians, that it will be OK if the United States defaults. Not a problem they say, it will be a good thing for us, and teach us a lesson to be frugal with our money. 

In the immortal words of Mad Magazines genius Einstein in residence Alfred E. Neuman (not  to be confused with "Newman" from the Seinfield TV show), "WHAT ME WORRY" is the motto of these morons.

I am NOT a liberal, NOT a Democrat, Not a Republican, NOT an independent party member. I am just a good ole boy from Brooklyn who believes in fighting for the underdog, and we the people of this Country.

So where am I going with all of this? 

It occurred to me the other week that we have a lot of so called "Representatives of the People" that are strangely silent, mute, dumbed down, missing in action during these times, that will potentially be catastrophic and destroy what little is left of the integrity, pride, freedom of our former great Country.

Most of all, I thought about where is Senator Al Franken during this critical moment in history? For the poster boy and winner of the worst non performance of this silence, I nominate the funny, ex comedian from Saturday night Live, Al Franken, also at one time the voice of  spunky sanity, on the now defunct Air America radio progressive radio station.

You remember good old Al from Saturday Night Live. The guy who won the Senate seat from Minnesota on a gutsy platform of progressive reform of changing the corrupt cowardly politics of this country.  He said he was a man of the people. I liked him, no bull shit, plus he tore apart the ego of Joe Lieberman last year by refusing to yield the Senate floor to Joe. A definite no no in Senate Country Club protocol. 

I liked that ballsy part of Al, he was rightfully pissed at Joe for his whoring on the part of the health insurance industry in diluting the proposed Health Plan reforms to allow medical care for all Americans.

Where is Al now, find him for us please. Not much of a physical presence anywhere, just boring speeches, not even a teeny, tiny use of his skills, and his stated political beliefs have not been heard on any meaningful level. 

Hey Al we need you, c'mon show your face and your courage to expose the hypocrites. Senator Bernie Sanders is doing your job and needs your help, your funnier, smarter, and have the media skills from your former life on television.

I can think of 299 ways that he can "John Stewart/Stephen Colbert" this entire circus of Obama, Boehner, and the other puppets. Franken is not a puppet, but he is also not stepping up to fight with his unique skills to this potential disaster. If not now, when? 

There is too much at stake here. We don't need scripted words from him- we need the truth to be exposed.  
Franken is a genius of getting attention and he has NOT done anything of substance at this critical time. Bernie Sanders who is at least honest and doing his best needs Franken's help. The American people need Franken's help-

Senator Al Franken riding up to the White House, Congress on a white horse, dressed in an American flag, go ahead call Boehner a BONER, Obama a NOBAMA, do your SNL stuff like you used to do, except now its for real. 

I have a lot more ideas Al, so where are you, your speeches just don't cut it.  How about dressing up as Alfred E. Neuman and paint some freckles on your face. 

You can tangle with the GOP and Tea Party using Neuman's comical character as your theme. That will bring the media coverage to you. Hey you even have the same first name, both of you are Al's.

Ya know, unless Franken is dead, or dying, there just is no acceptable excuse to me for his non existence. So where are you Al? Someone else wanna email him? 

Serious Bernie Sanders makes Franken look like a wuss pussy loser.

He ignores my cousin Andrea's emails and my emails. It isn't funny anymore Al, What me worry just doesn't fit your style. Come out, come out wherever you are. 

Can anyone find Waldo AKA Al Franken? Give Al a wake up call at, if you do, tell him his country needs him, NOW! 

Otherwise I will vote my mind next year, and write in Alfred E. Neuman as the best qualified to lead our Country.  He will run on a platform of "WHAT ME WORRY" because he at least honestly believes in it for real.  

You can even call me Al, I have plenty more ideas, if you can't think of any.