Sunday, November 20, 2011


The State motto of Vermont is "Freedom and Unity". It is fitting that the U.S. Senator from VT., Bernie Sanders is the only member of Congress who does not belong to any Political party and designates himself as an Independent.

The dictionary defines the word Independent as:
"Free from the influence, guidance, or control of another or others; self-reliant: an independent mind".

Unlike other so called Reformers for change in Congress, he is the only one who is not afraid to tell the truth and fight for it. The rest have not made a meaningful peep of a word, lest they lose the financial backing of the Lobbyists and Corporations who fund their campaigns to stay in political office.

At a time of potential catastrophic economic, political, and social programs attacks by out of control maniac, ignorant, bought and paid for politicians, where are the voices of the so called reformers for change who claim they are in office to protect the citizens.This is a war if lost, that will permanently negatively affect your lives now and for generations to come.

Where are the progressive Democrats  such as Al Franken, Chuck Schumer, John Kerry, Obama, the moderate Republicans, your own local Congress crooks, and the long list of phony, lying, progressives, who are cowardly silent when it comes to speaking the truth of how they got us into this mess.

Schumer is typical, he owes his political life to Wall Street, the Real Estate Mafia, and the Corporations who flood him with huge sums of contributions, as he lies his way about how he represents the people of NY. Now he is silent when it really counts to be heard.

Al Franken may as well be back in Hollywood because he has done nothing but hide. So full of shit, not a peep from him now of anything worthwhile. Where are you Al??

The politicians all seek to make deals on our backs, compromises with their other cronies, using the blood money that the working class has earned. They are not to be found when it comes to fighting, really seriously fighting the crazy GOP and Tea Party who would balance the budget by destroying what remains of the middle class.

Political HACKS, scum, cowards, low life garbage, trash all of them. The democrats are No different than the other phony politicians. All of them actors and actresses playing with our lives and stealing our money while they do this.

They are masters of rhetoric, sound bytes, claiming they are fighting for us, and they do it badly. We see through their facades, just serving as puppets for those who own them.

They protect the rich, the 1%, and themselves, each one shamelessly making believe in some delusional way that they are helping us. It doesn't work any longer, we see you for the hypocrites you are and won't forget.

There is no more money to squeeze out of us, you have it all, the game is over, it's time for you to go home and find a real job for yourselves.

Ah, but Bernie Sanders, he speaks the truth and is not afraid to say it in simple, honest words. That is what a true Independent does, an honest person who seeks change from the corrupt, unfit, collection of crooks from all political parties.

His are the words of honesty, and only one member of Congress has the balls, the guts to say them. Bernie you have my respect and that of many others, for simply telling the truth, and fighting to keep America free, with equality for the people.

Everyone agrees that over the long-term we have got to reduce the record-breaking $13.7 trillion national debt and unsustainable federal deficit.The national debt can be fixed without balancing the budget on the backs of middle-class families

 Where would Sanders begin?
1. End Bush-era tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.
2. Stop funding expensive and outdated cold war era Pentagon programs.
3. Eliminate tax credits for big oil companies that have posted the highest profits in history.

Sounds like the start of a plan.

What kind of shit is coming out of your local Congress person's mouth, who says they represent you. Aren't you worthy and deserving of someone who will do better for you than the liars you have now?

Whether you agree with Bernie Sanders or not, don't you at least want someone representing you in Congress who is not afraid to say the simple, honest truth?

Vote ALL the incumbents out from every political party,  along with the GOP, Tea Party trash. None of them deserve to remain in office. 

Except Bernie Sanders, he is human and deserves to remain as a beacon of liberty for we the people.