Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Does the Government Own You?

Does the Government Own You?


2ND AMENDED COMPLAINT FILED AGAINST SMC CORONER OVER MISHANDLING OF  REMAINS: Wolkoff vs. County of San Mateo Coroner’s office et. al.   Case No. CIV503483

On Friday, pursuant to Court Order, plaintiffs filed a Second Amended Complaint against the San Mateo County Coroner’s Office; Robert Foucrault; and DOES 1 to 25.  

The Second Amended Complaint contains ten new fact allegations as well as additional violations of law.    

The key allegations are that Defendant violated its own policies by not informing the parents, violated the California Attorney General’s opinion on retention of tissues, violated Health and Safety Code Section 7054.4 regarding improper disposal of remains, and Gov. Code Section 27460 – to treat remains with dignity.  

The new complaint also adds ground for tortious interference with the right to dispose of the decedent’s remains and that defendants released tissues in violation of the laws of CA that those tissues be properly disposed of or released to the next of kin. 
The Wolkoffs’ attorney, J. Gary Gwilliam, of Gwilliam, Ivary, Chiosso, Cavalli and Brewer  states that in filing this Second Amended complaint: “the Wolkoff family hopes that we can now have a trial on the merits of their complaint.  This is the only way to bring their suffering to resolution.”

CONTACT:  For a copy of the Second Amended Complaint or for further information please contact attorney J. Gary Gwilliam at 510-832-5411.


If you want to help us, keep the pressure on San Mateo County officials by bombarding them every week, every day, whatever you are comfortable with, in expressing your feelings, until this case is over.  

Keep reminding them of their moral, legal, ethical, human obligations to respect the dead, provide accountability, and to allow the people of SMC to decide if justice is owed to Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff and his family, by not opposing our legal case. Thereby allowing it to go to a fair trial by the citizens of San Mateo County who will determine how and if justice should be served for what was done to Steven.  

If San Mateo County elected officials stop opposing our lawsuit by withdrawing its opposition to our 2nd amended legal complaint, the judge will not be involved in any decision, and the case can then go forward in the spirit of the true American process of due process that every citizen is entitled to and be determined in an open, democratic, fair manner, based on it's own merit by the people of that County as to whether any laws were violated. 

You can help us by doing the following as often as you can and in whatever manner is comfortable for you as follows:

E-Mail,Fax, Call, Write to the following San Mateo County  (SMC) Board of Supervisors.                      

1A) The President of the SMC Board of Supervisors Adrienne Tissier at:
, call her office Telephone Number (650) 363-4572, and Fax her at (650)599-1027, 


Supervisor Don Horsley, V.P.
Office: (650) 363-4569
Fax: (650) 363-185

Write them and the other Board Of Supervisors at:

San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
Hall of Justice
400 County Center
Redwood City, CA 94063