Wednesday, February 11, 2015


This CHILD beat cancer. Don't make him face measles too.

                          Rhett Krawitt, 6 Years Old

Rhett Krawitt, age 6, fought leukemia for 4 and 1/2 years.  
Now, his cancer is in remission, but he won’t be healthy enough to be immunized for another several months.

Marin County, where he lives, is one of the newest areas to be hit by the current measles outbreak in California, with two children infected this week.

But Rhett lives in Marin, a county with the dubious honor of having the highest rate of “personal belief exemptions” in the Bay Area and among the highest in the state. This school year, 6.45 percent of Marin’s kindergarteners have a PBE which allows parents to lawfully send their children to school unvaccinated against communicable diseases like measles, polio, whooping cough and more. 

This petition (See Below) will be delivered to:
Steven Herzog, Superintendent, Reed Union School District-Marin County, California.

Join me in signing this Petition (Click Here) 
This is  about asking the Superintendent of his son’s school district to require that all children be vaccinated so that kids like Rhett, who can’t be vaccinated, can benefit from ‘herd immunity’ that will keep them protected from the dangerous disease.

"It's a risk that shouldn't even be there, and that's what's so emotional for me. This was a disease that was gone," says his father Carl Krawitt.

Join me in supporting Carl and Jodi Krawitt's plea for their son's health and safety at school by signing the petition asking the Reed Union School District to require students to be immunized.

An outbreak of measles that started a few weeks ago at Disneyland continues to spread accross the U.S. I wrote about this in my blog story this week about "There IS NO VACCINE AGAINST STUPIDITY (CLICK HERE).
Katie Bethell started this petition at ChanE.Org stating the following: 

"I live in the Bay Area, and my daughter and I love to take the ferry to Tiburon on sunny Saturdays.  At my daughter's school, and at many schools in the Bay Area, we are asked to keep nut products out of our children's lunches because of other children's nut allergies.  

It's a bit of an inconvenience, how many times have I looked long at the jar of peanut butter on the shelf when trying to assemble a healthy lunch on a busy morning, but it keeps other children at the school safe. If the school can ban nuts to protect a few kids, it can require immunizations too"

We all have a responsibility to the health of ALL OF our children.  

Reed Union School District can help Rhett stay safe and healthy at school by making sure all kids are protected from dangerous and preventable disease.

Join in asking Superintendent Steven Herzog to help keep Rhett healthy by signing the petition.

See video of Rhett and his family here: 

Petition Letter to
Superintendent, Reed Union School District-
Superintendent Steven Herzog,

We are signing this petition in support of the request made by the Krawitt family that students in the Reed Union School District be immunized unless they have a medical exemption.

The vaccine discussion can become heated among parents, as any discussion does when we think about our children's lives and well-being. In the face of an active measles outbreak in California, it seems prudent to ensure the health and safety of all children at the school by ensuring that as many kids as possible are vaccinated, especially when you consider what an outbreak at Reed could mean for kids like Rhett.

Thank you for doing everything you can to ensure the health and safety of the children in your district.


Our Federal, State and Local governments (from all political parties), has over the years passed some really strange and in most cases, idiotic taxes just to try and drain more money from our pockets.

Politicians are good at very few things, however one thing in particular that they do so well is raising taxes. But after all, we are talking about politicians, this is what they do to stay "in business" as the government needs to be constantly fed dollars.

Recently I became aware of some of the most idiotic taxes that we have in the United States. I actually had to recheck several times that they are real since I could not believe these exist.

Below are some of the dumbest, most idiotic, slimy, taxes that might make you laugh, if they weren’t really true.

Card Tax: Alabama is the only state charging a 10-cent tax for decks of playing cards.

Tattoo Tax: Get a tattoos and body piercings; pay an additional 6% state sales tax.

Fruit Tax: California has a 33% tax on fruit bought from vending machines but not fruit bought in a grocery store.
Nonessential Tax: "nonessential" food-related items (napkins, bibs, utensils, and straws) are taxed but paper cups and disposable containers are considered essential and not taxed.
Diaper Tax: Adult diapers are not taxable but kid’s diapers are taxed through the roof.

Candy Tax: Baby Ruth, Milky Way Midnight. M&M's and yogurt covered raisin are all candy which you pay a 5.25% tax, but a raisin covered pretzel, original Milky Way, and Twix you don’t pay any tax.

Soda Fountain Drink Tax: If you are the type of person who prefers fountain soda to can soda, you may want to think again before moving to the Windy City. Chicago taxes can soda at 3%, but fountain soda at three times that amount, or 9%.

Jock Tax: 
Would you believe that 20 of the 24 states with a pro sports team require athletes to pay state income tax for each game they play there. In 1991 when the NBA Finals was between the Chicago Bulls and the LA Lakers, after returning home the Bulls players received tax bills from California for the three games played there.

Tethered Balloon Tax: If the balloon is tethered for a ride (attached to the ground) it is taxable but if it is not tethered it qualifies as transportation and is tax-exempt.
Blueberry Tax: It's not clear why but Maine has singled out blueberry for a one and one half cent tax per pound. It is on anyone who grows, sells or purchases the fruit.
Toilet Flush Tax-In 2004, Maryland created a tax on flushing a toilet to update treatment plants and protect the Chesapeake Bay, which has experienced a decline in water quality. The tax doubled in 2012.

The Rain Tax: The tax calculates surface area of a property, the bigger the property, the more rain will fall on that property, and the more tax you will pay.

New York:
Bagel Cutting Tax: If you buy a bagel in New York, an 8 cent sales tax to all "altered" bagels will be paid (adding cream of cheese, butter, or getting it sliced).You have this tax on unless you purchase it to go, unsliced, unheated or in the same way you’d find it in a supermarket or grocery store.

North Carolina
Dog Tax: If you live in Durham you  paying a tax for neutered and spayed pets and more for pets that are not neutered or spayed

Air Tax: Purchase of any item that comes out of a compressed air vending machine and it is subject to a sales tax in this state.

Nudity Sales Tax: Utah imposes a 10% tax on any sexually explicit business where someone appears nude or partially nude in any business from selling merchandise to food.

South Bend, Indiana:
Fire Hydrant Tax: Each water customer is charged a monthly fire protection fee, assessed by law to help pay for and maintain the fire hydrants attached to our city's water system. The amount of this fee is determined by the size of your water meter.

Illegal Drug Tax: Known as the "crack tax," it targets possession of illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. Some 20 states have a similar tax. When you pay the tax in Tennessee, you even receive stamps to attach to your illegal drugs as proof of payment.

Belt Buckle Tax: 6.25 percent
Although ordinary belts and cowboy boots are tax free in Texas, be ready to pay extra in the Lone Star State if you purchase a belt buckle, unless you go shopping during sales tax holiday week every August.

Holiday Decorations Tax: 
Holiday-themes placed on walls are taxed.

United States:
Federal Arrow tax: The IRS has long imposed an excise tax on arrows, and since 2012 it’s also imposed on manufacturers, producers and importers an excise tax on arrows more than 18 inches long that may or may not be suitable for use with a taxable bow.

West Virginia:
Glow Worm Tax:West Virginia imposes a 6% tax on glow worms, trick noisemakers and sparklers.

There are no bounds to the creative ways that our politicians develop so many different ways to pick our pockets clean.

As taxes rise and grow, sadly many of the services that are supposedly provided by government from these revenues are being drastically cut.

So where does this tax revenue go, too often it is wasted by incompetence,corruption, diversion to bureaucratic salaries, and patronage.  

Our tax system is modeled after the revenue raising concepts of the 19th century "economist", Jesse James, the infamous bank robber.

When there's a single thief, it's robbery. When there are a thousand thieves and laws they legislate, it's called taxation.