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 Brooklyn, NY - The Brooklyn man accused of murdering and dismembering 8 year old boy Leiby Kletzky of Borough Park this summer was back in court this morning.

Levi Aron appeared in Brooklyn Criminal Court via web conference from Riker’s Island. His lawyers and prosecutors were also in attendance for pre-trial motions and to reschedule a new court date.

Aron allegedly killed 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky after kidnapping him on his way home from school.

NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-48th District) says he cannot wait for justice to be served, even though the family may never feel at peace.

Aron is due back in court May 25.



In keeping to my promise to honor the memory of murdered 8 year old Leiby Kletzky, I will continue to post on my Blog, all stories related to this tragedy until the case is closed.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Our 2nd Amended complaint concerning the desecration of the body of Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff has been filed by us with the Court on March 3, 2012. San Mateo County (SMC) has 30 days to reply and then there will be a ruling in the next few months by the judge in which he will allow our Case to go to Trial or he will deny our legal complaint which would result in a dismissal of our lawsuit with no trial ever held.  (SEE NEWSPAPER ARTICLE AT BOTTOM OF THIS POST OR CLICK HERE).

If you support us that what was done to Steven in death was a legal, moral, horrific violation of human dignity then you can help our family and help get Justice for Steven.

It is beyond conceivable that this type of conduct by Govt. officials in mutilating, disrespecting the sanctity of a dead body, my son Steven, and other human beings in the future, may be found legally acceptable. This barbaric behavior, cowardly hollow reasons given by those Officials who have committed these acts, must be stopped now, and our legal case can be the beginning of abolishing the inhumane, disgusting, behavior of the way innocent victims in death, their families, are NOT in control of their loved ones human remains.

Please keep the pressure on SMC officials by flooding them every week, every day, whatever you are comfortable with, in expressing your feelings until this case is over. 

Keep reminding them of their responsibilities to respect the dead, provide accountability, justice for Steven by not opposing our 2nd amended complaint filed with the San Mateo Superior Court and allowing it to go to a fair trial by their local SMC citizens who will determine how and if justice should be served for what was done to Steven. 

If SMC stops opposing our lawsuit by withdrawing its opposition to our 2nd amended legal complaint, the judge will not be involved in any decision, and the case can then go forward in the spirit of the true American process of due process that every citizen is entitled to and be judged on it's own merit by the people.

If you want, please continue to do the following using THE UPDATED CONTACT INFORMATION LIST BELOW, as often as you can and let them know that they should immediately withdraw their legal opposition with the San Mateo Superior Court re-our 2nd amended complaint, and allow it to proceed to a fair trial by citizens of a Jury who will decide the merits of our legal case:


1A) E-mail the President of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Adrienne Tissier at:   
or call her office at (650) 363-4572

Postal Mail can be sent to her at:
Supervisor Adrienne Tissier at:

400 County Center
Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 363-4572

(650) 363-4042

Lorraine Simmon 

 (650) 363-4247
George Mozingo 

(650) 363-4042

Greg Burge

President .

2) E-mail the Vice President of the 
San Mateo County Board 
of Supervisors at:

Hall of Justice
400 County Center
Redwood City, CA 94063

Office:(650) 363-4569
Fax:(650) 363-1856

Staff:Chris Hunter

Phone: (650) 599-1024

Nicholas Calderon,

Phone: (650) 599-1016

Sarah Rosendahl,

Phone: (650) 599-1013

3) E-mail -Supervisor Dave Pine at:

David Burruto Randy Torrijos 


Hall of Justice

400 County Center

Redwood City, CA 94063

(650) 363-4571

4)E-mail Carole Groom, Supervisor

Phone: 650 363-4568

E-Mail at:

STAFF: Juda Tolmasoff,
Phone: 650 599-1005
email at:

Eric Pawlowsky,

Phone: 650 363-4314

email at:

Gina Quiney,

Phone: 650 363-4460

email at:

5) Supervisor Rose Jacobs Gibson

Email at:
Phone: 650.363.4570
Fax: 650.366.6720

Maya Perkins,

Email at:
Phone: 650.599.1009

Rebecca Irwin,

Email at:
Phone: 650.363.4801

Charisse Lebron-Cannon,

Email at:
Phone: 650.599.1021

Mailing Address:
Supervisor Rose Jacobs Gibson
Hall of Justice and Records
400 County Center
Redwood City , CA 94063

6A) E-Mail Kristine Gamble- 
Senior Deputy Coroner -
E-Mail at:

6B) E-Mail - ROGER  Fielding -
Deputy Coroner of San Mateo County
E-mail at

6C) E-Mail the San Mateo Coroner- 
Robert J. Foucrault at:  

 6D) Call Coroner Foucraults direct 
telephone number (650) 312-5562.

 6E) Write, call and/or fax the 
SMC Coroners Office at:

San Mateo County
Coroner's Office
50 Tower Road
San Mateo, CA 94402

Main Tel: (650) 312-5562
Fax: (650) 571-6258

3) Contact Nanette Asimov who is 
a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer.
E-mail at:

 4)Contact Michelle Durand at the 
San Mateo County Daily Journal 

Email at:
or by phone: (650) 344-5200 ext. 102.

5) Contact Joshua Melvin a reporter 
for the San Mateo Times, Bay Area News 
and also reports for all the various local 
San Mateo area media.

E-mail at: 
or contact him at 650-348-4335.

6) Contact your local media with the
 press release below and any of the 
information in this post and ask them 
to publish it. If you have an online Blog 
or know of someone 
who has one, or access to the media, 
feel free to distribute all of the 
information in this post.

Thank  you.


March 07, 2012, 05:00 AM 
By Michelle Durand Daily Journal Staff

The San Mateo County coroner violated his duty 
and the law by giving pieces of a deceased man’s brain 
to a private pathologist for evaluation in a wrongful death 
suit without notifying his devoutly Jewish parents 
they were not burying his entire body, 
according to a civil suit filed on their behalf.

The amended suit by Jerald and Sandra Wolkoff 

filed March 1 is a response to a judge tentatively ruling 
last month that Coroner Robert Foucrault did not have 
a mandatory duty to notify them. 

Judge Raymond V. Swope upheld the county’s request 
to dismiss the suit but gave the Wolkoff's
the chance to file a new complaint.

The new suit still argues Foucrault had a duty

but also makes new allegations about the facts 
and alleged violations, including his alleged interference 
with the Wolkoff's right to dispose of their son’s remains 
under California law.

Although a judge can again side with the county or ask 

for more information, attorney J. Gary Gwilliam 
said the Wolkoff's hope they can now have a trial 
and “bring their suffering to resolution.”

Steven Wolkoff died June 21, 2008 in a vehicle crash 

on Highway 1 that also killed another 21-year-old man. 
During the autopsy, pieces of his neck and brain stem 
were retained as part of standard procedure. 

The following June, the Wolkoffs sued several parties
 in their son’s death including the county 
and American Medical Response whose workers 
they said failed to revive him. 
In preparing its defense, AMR subpoenaed 
the coroner records and tissue slides.

The family learned during a May 2010 deposition that 

their son’s brain was not buried with his body.
“I was dumbfounded, frankly,” said attorney 
Steven Brewer who was at the deposition.

Brewer said the subpoena sought for AMR’s 

private pathologist to look at records and examine 
any tissue blocks but not remove them or create new slides. 

Gwilliam said typical protocol calls for all parties
to sign off on the request to ensure everybody 
has accurate notice.

Had the attorneys known of the plan, they could have 

disputed the subpoena, Gwilliam said.
“That’s what made the family so angry,” he said.

The subpoena did not give the coroner the right 
to release the tissue to create new evidence 
without the notification or consent of the Wolkoffs, 
the suit argues.

The Wolkoffs’ faith also considers dissection for 

reasons not urgent or medical “a matter of shame 
and gross dishonor,” the suit states.

The couple, who live in New York, is seeking 
general damages but also for travel, cemetery grave 
opening, re-internment and religious services.

Aside from any legal mandate, the suit contends 

Foucrault violated the policies of his own office 
which were established after another mother sued over 
the retention of her deceased son’s heart. 
That suit by Selina Picon sparked proposed 
state legislation that failed to become law 
but the courts ruled in the county’s favor.

Foucrault has said the policy concerns organs 

not tissue slides and that disclosure of the guidelines 
are widely shared in the office and on its website.

The suit also argues Foucrault breached his duty 

as an independent coroner when he released 
the tissue because the wrongful death suit 
also named San Mateo County. Rather than treating the
tissue with dignity, the county’s attorneys were allowed 
to desecrate them and Foucrault’s conduct violates the 
“common law duty to refrain from disturbing the body", 
the suit contends.

Michelle Durand can be reached by email: 
or by phone: (650) 344-5200 ext. 102.

Suit over mismanaged body parts refiled

Suit over mismanaged body parts refiled
Suit over mismanaged body parts refiled March 07, 2012, 05:00 AM By Michelle Durand Daily Journal Staff