Wednesday, December 7, 2011



You know who you are.The people who are still coming to this Blog, those unable to stop thinking of my son Steven, for reasons you don't even understand. Being drawn here looking for pieces of Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff when he was alive, dead, the status of the legal cases, to read about my feelings, and for other unknown reasons. 

Those that don't come to this blog, ALL of you share the same haunting guilt, the kind that never goes away, always looking over your back, thinking of how you failed yourself, your community, and human kind.

Some of you coming here were good, courageous people who once showed that you cared about the corrupt, lying cover up of the real truth of what and who killed Steven. 

Others are evil, you come because Steven is still alive in my words. ALL of you are here because you understand that ALL you are now cowards in allowing an innocent human being, my son, Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff to be murdered horrifically by citizens, non citizens, and the various Entities. ALL going unpunished in spite of your knowing the truth of what happened but not revealing it.

I know who you are, the telephone callers usually in the middle of the night, sometimes during the day, your always sounding high, mumbling, stuttering, trying to say something to me about your inability so far to tell the truth about Steven's death. Have the guts to say it finally, if you are reaching out to me and need to tell the truth. You can't drink, fake, or drug your way out of the type of purgatory you are in that is making you call me.

Justice has not been served in the death of Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff and YOU can do something about correcting that, to hold those responsible who killed him, to prevent future similar tragedies happening to other families, by those who hide the truth of their incompetence, those who manipulate the laws, those who have tried to erase that Steven ever lived, those who stood by silently when Steven's human remains were desecrated 2 years after he died, those who forced you to become part of their lying.

You can make a difference so that some sense of justice is given to Steven by your community for having stolen his life from him at the age of 30 years old. Instead, you have ALL decided to protect your own asses, your jobs, your status quo, of making believe nothing bad happened, and that you can somehow think that you will be able to  forget about this travesty that you ALL are part of in letting an innocent human being get murdered in your community, with no accountability, under your "watch", as part of your personal and/or professional responsibilities.

You have violated your own personal moral, ethical principles by remaining silent, or not telling the whole truth, some of you have violated your sworn professional responsibilities that are part of your jobs oath, and ALL of you know that you have done something so wrong. Don't fool yourself, I can assure you that you will never, ever be able to forget what you have allowed to happen.

If you have a conscience, then demons will follow you for the rest of your life and get worse, not better, because I am telling you again today, giving you another reminder, that you ALL CAN make this right, before it is too late, by coming forward with the truth, so that there are no more lies that you are living.

If you have no conscience, there will come a time someday when you will have to answer for your evil. ALL of you will be judged by your actions and inactions in the death of Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff.

ALL of you will be haunted forever by your guilt, and by the curse that has been placed on you and your families for your behavior in looking the other way when someone was killed and you did not doing anything about telling all the truth.  ALL of You and your families will suffer many agonizing, horrible events that will visit you while living, and when you are dead, for your silence. What goes around always comes around sooner or later.

We know you know it, also Steven, myself, and our Family know it, future generations will know about ALL of who you are, what you have done, what you have not done, it will never be forgotten, never. Not one single person has had the courage to stand up for the unnecessary killing of Steven and the horrific agony of pain that he endured.

I have the pictures of Steven, the written reports, I saw his grotesque injuries not caused by the auto collision, that he did not even remotely resemble his normal facial features, or look human. You ALL knew this did NOT happen from the auto collision.

I know that you ALL know this and did NOT stand up for Steven's human rights. You would have liked Steven, he was a wonderful, gifted, caring, kind person, a loving son, who had dreams that will now never come true. I know that you know how politics and pressure from others somehow were able to stop your wanting to tell the truth about this outrage, to be silenced. I know that you know none of this is acceptable or excusable on your part to have done, so please don't try to rationalize it away.

You can keep going about your "normal" lives, go get married, do what you do trying to act "normal",  watch your kids grow up, celebrate the holidays, make believe this never happened, but don't for a second believe that what you ALL did in Steven's case will not torment, haunt you for the rest of your life. You are part of a cover-up that killed a human being and there will be no way to redeem yourself, or extricate yourself from that permanent toxic, malignant part of yourself.

In this world,
You shall NOT murder another human being,
You Shall NOT Kill another human being,
You shall NOT Steal  another human being's life,
You shall NOT bear false witness against another human being,
You ain't abided by any of these, You need all these to survive,
Run, but you can't hide,
You can run but you can't hide.
In this world you need courage, You need courage to survive,
You ain't got no courage,Then you will all lay down and die in agony, Lay down and die,
Run, but you can't hide,You can run,but you can't hide.

In this world you need loving,You need loving to survive,
You ain't got no love,
Takes love to survive, Run, but you can't hide,
You can run but you can't hide.

In this world you need to respect the value,
dignity of another human life,
You also need self respect,
You don't have value,dignity, and respect,
Takes all that to survive,
Run, but you can't hide, You can run but you can't hide.

In this world you need to be accountable for your actions,
They affect others, not just your selfish self,
You don't take accountability for your actions,
Takes self accountability to survive,
Run, but you can't hide,
You can run but you can't hide.

In this world you need to have a clear conscience.
You have no clear conscience, or no conscience at all.
Takes a conscience to survive,
You have none,
Run, but you can't hide,
You can run but you can't hide.
  In this world, those that cause, add to victims,their families living in endless painfor the loss of a loved child, you ain't got no human feelings,Takes human feelings to survive, Run, but you can't hide,
You can run but you can't hide.
  In this world you need a soul,
Takes a soul to survive,
You ain't got no soul,
Run, but you can't hide,
You can run but you can't hide.

Your time is running out, you can run but you cannot hide from your failure to come forward. It's your choice, come forward now to the proper Authorities, the media, me, whatever/whomever you are comfortable with, do it in public or anonymously, but do it before there is no more time to save yourself, for once these legal cases are closed, your destiny of permanently suffering in limbo, neither surviving nor at peace, will forever leave you sealed in your own hell, for both you and your family.