Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I couldn't decide whether to go vote yesterday, Election day. The candidates were all running for local contests of State, County Legislators, Offices, and Judges. It didn't seem to be worth my time to go 3 minutes from my house to the school where the polling place is. 

Why not worth it? All the people running for Office were "Party Hacks", hand chosen by their GOP masters or Democratic Bosses. The few other party candidates on the ballot were from totally unknown political parties whose political objectives were as fuzzy as their names.

I realized that my apathy was because none of these candidates represented a choice, they were all the same crooks, looking for power, controlled like puppets on a string by their owners.

Apathy, anomie, this disconnect by citizens from any hope to use the voting process for change, is what those who hold power anywhere, count on to stay in business. Incumbents depend on their Party faithful, those who have jobs or contracts through political patronage to come out and vote for them and hope the rest of us stay away from the voting booth.

I made my mind up early in the morning and I did vote. It was a simple decision. Whoever was currently in Office did not deserve to remain in Office, so I voted against each and every current incumbent.

Throw the bastards out, they have had their turn, done nothing, taken our taxes and wasted it,  all of them need to be fired was my reasoning.

I also read the document below which sums things up about all politicians being on the welfare dole of handouts paid for by the rest of us regular taxpayers, as if we are the peons, the politicians obviously think that there is something that makes them "better' than us, and somehow entitles them to public welfare because their shit doesn't smell. 

Clearly it cannot mean they deserve to be paid by us, since they do nothing at their "jobs", refer to themselves as "public servants", do not appear to perform any meaningful service, other than that of being very rich, lazy, well paid Fools, clowns worthy of a 3 ring circus.

Capitol Hill is known as the "Hill". How Fitting for my Post below of the FOOLS ON THE HILL. 

According to their policies, we the people are to bear the budget cuts to fix the disastrous errors of our politicians, while, they, and the rich give up nothing, mooching off us for the rest of their worthless lives.


Finally, Congress has woken up and seen that huge shining light. You know the light that people describe that they see when having a near death experience.

Well this is is the real thing, watching our politicians working incredibly hard night and day, until their knuckles bleed from so much labor, it is the miracle of  bi-partisan cooperation that we have all been praying for.

I am referring to the House of Representatives in the past week with all of the crucial issues before them such as creating jobs, budget deficits, bankrupt States, a rotting infrastructure, paralysis of our legislators to agree on any legislation, health care reform, they all passed a resolution, debated for 35 minutes that reaffirms "In God We Trust' as our motto" of the U.S.

Never you mind that this is the very same motto that has already been made official by Congress back in 1956, but it now needed to be rushed through in one day. Sounds like there is just too much time on the hands of Congress as they seem to feel there is nothing else to do with their time.
              FOOL ON THE HILL

OK, they say,  now wait just a minute, it turns out there's a "swirling controversy about our nation's motto" that only Congress could resolve. To quote from a New York Times article last week, "Citing a crisis of national identity and mass confusion among Americans about their nation's motto, the House on Tuesday voted on a resolution 'reaffirming 'In god We Trust' as the official motto of the United States."

And you thought that it was the economy and nagging unemployment, foreclosures, taxes, that was at the top of people's agendas. Well, think again.

Americans were so confused by this motto crisis that the resolution had to be passed with an expedited fast track House process. Virginia Representative J. Randy Forbes, surprisingly a Republican, was the sponsor of the resolution, which passed last week on a narrow 396 to 9 vote.

"This is something I have paid a lot of attention to over the years," Mr. Forbes said, pointing out the validity of my contention that he has a lot of time on his hands. He's also been thinking a lot lately about why it is that stop and go lights are green and red and not, say, orange and yellow.

Virginians can feel proud that two of their "Party of No" guys are paying attention to the important details affecting their lives. Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader, and another Virginia Republican, not to be outdone, said at the start of this session that he would avoid votes on matters that weren't "substantive and meaningful."

You know, like a $450 billion economic stimulus plan or a "meaningless" resolution that the Democratic-controlled Senate passed honoring the troops who tracked down and killed Osama Bin Laden.

How can the House fiddle away its time fixing the economy or honoring heroes when it has these other higher, heavenly priorities to set straight?

This is also the guy who on September 11 insisted on 40% cuts to first responders. He's just doing gods work, another simple, viciously cruel, uncompassionate, humble servant, of the Lord.

Many Americans don't want real answers, they want someone to blame, anything, anyone, to focus their anger on. To the credit of the GOP, Tea Party, they have understood this and stoked the rage, provided plenty of phony, sometimes lunatic, always diversionary issues away from their own political history in creating this situation, by helping Americans vent their rage somewhere else, no matter that these are not even close to the actual reasons, solutions for the problems of our Country.

Representatives, by endorsing In god We Trust, were simply describing their preferred economic policy. We've tried just about everything: a little job stimulus, a little monetary stimulus and look at the economic figures! Trusting in god is all that's left.

It's especially appropriate to put it on the money because it perfectly expresses our monetary strategy. Print money and pray.

There is a downside of voting 396-9 to put our trust in god. And it's this: If unemployment STILL remains stuck, and we continue not to prosper, even after voting overwhelmingly for god, it could only mean (a) god isn't listening, (b) god hears us but doesn't like us anymore, (c) god is waiting to be nominated as the Presidential nominee, or (d) there is no god.

GOP nominees have come out with stronger suggestions that exceed the god motto if we are going to conquer the mess our Country is in they claim:

Sen. Rick Santorum said that the resolution didn't go far enough, and urged that it should read, "In a vengeful, Old Testament God we trust."

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is pitching, "Trust me! Trust me!"

Pizza Man Herman Cain suggested "9! 9! 9!", "America. We Deliver." and  "You know she wanted it!"

Gov. Rick Perry is pushing for "The Spirit of 1647!"

Rep. Michelle Bachman would like the motto to read, "If You Have Sex You Will Die!"

Rep. Ron Paul missed the vote, but says that he would have voted "no" had he been there, because states should be allowed to come up with their own mottos, like "Let 'em Die!"

Newt Gingrich, impresses himself by mumbling, "In a Pluralistic Society, But Also Conscious Of Our Judeo-Christian Influences, We Trust In a Government That Can Deliver Both Tax Cuts and A High Standard Of Living By Competing in the Global Market Place."

And, finally, Gov. Jon Huntsman made a suggestion that wasn't crazy," god help us all', but nobody cared what he said.

If you believe in god, the truth is NOT EVEN GOD CARED.