Sunday, October 7, 2012


The Banks never stop in their heartless evil that they wreak on good citizens of our Country. Despite  taxpayer "welfare" bailouts to Banks, record profits, and wrecking our economy, Banks continue to show their insatiable greed by their inhumane indifference to those that deserve a break.

Cindi Silvers Davis and her husband Kirk a former Marine who has served our Country, have tried very hard to work with their bank, Wells Fargo, but they say they have been mislead, they have been treated poorly, and now Wells Fargo is trying to put an advanced stage 4 cancer victim out on the street.

Cindi lives in Mount Holly, North Carolina with her husband of 20 years, Kirk, and her 7 Special Needs pets, including her Deaf Service Dog, Katie. Cindi has fought breast cancer since 2008 and unfortunately, she's progressed to Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Cindi is such a caring person, she even volunteers for a charity to help people who have lost their jobs and homes care for their pets. Now, it's time for people to care for Cindi and show their support.

As Cindi and Kirk struggled to pay for the additional cancer treatment she requires, they had trouble paying the full mortgage payments each month, but they tried to pay as much as they could. Wells Fargo refused to accept partial payments and they are adding fees and penalties too. 

Cindi explained the situation to Wells Fargo and a bank representative said they would consider a solution, but the next she heard from the bank was a foreclosure notice. Don't sit back and watch Wells Fargo take away Cindi's home.

A recent follow up report stated that Wells Fargo had put off the foreclosure trial until 2013 to try and work with Cindi and Kirk. Well, they put it off from Dec. 19, 2012 until Jan. 3. 2013! Big Deal! The reporter didn't mention that it wasn't even a 2 week difference and of course the week in between Christmas and New Years the banks and businesses don't do much!

I've signed other petitions that helped homeowners save their homes and now I'm hoping you will join me to help save Cindi's home.

Please join me in asking Wells Fargo to stop the foreclosure on Cindi's home and negotiate a loan modification with her to help her save her home.

At any time this story could be about you, your family, or your loved ones. We are all in this together, so sign the petition below and help let Wells Fargo Bank know that they need to do the "right thing".

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