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Jamie Dowling has decided to plead guilty to 2 counts of careless driving resulting in death. Her sentencing by the Court will be on August 14th, 2013.

Please Keep Jamie Dowling in your thoughts on August 14th.

Posted below is the current statement by Bernadette Bifano the courageous young person who started the petition that gathered over 208,000 signatures as of today in support of dropping the absurd, cruel, and unjust charges brought by the despicable little tyrant, bully D.A., Dan Hotsenpiller.

"I am very saddened to report that Jamie has decided to plead guilty. Sentencing will be August 14. Through this whole battle Jamie has just wanted it to be over so that she may move forward. 

Pleading guilty will make that happen for her. I'm feeling very let down by our Judicial system making someone feel as though they are backed into a corner and shouldn't fight back. Thank you all to the many supporters, I wish I had better news. Please keep Jamie in your thoughts on August 14th".

You can click here to view the statement.

For myself as a Blogger who advocates on behalf of victims, it is with much regret that I am writing this update today about Jamie. 

While I understand her decision to plead guilty based on the affects of the legal intimidation she has been subjected to, it is once again a travesty placed on a victim by an out of control Prosecutor who has overstepped his powers, corrupting the legal system of there being no justice served on behalf of those who are unable to fight back.  

Using the scare tactics of our court system another injustice has been perpetrated on an innocent victim while real criminals go free or get "slapped" on the wrist with little or no punishment. 


As an example, in my previous updated Blog posts about this case I examine  how the former Montrose County Colorado Prosecutor (the very same Prosecutors Office that is punishing Jamie Dowling), D.A. Myrl Serra (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE MEDIA STORY ABOUT FORMER D.A. SERRA) was convicted of charges that he demanded sex from three women who worked in his office during a three-year period. He also additionally pleaded guilty to a felony extortion count and a misdemeanor count of unlawful sexual contact, along with charges related to bond violations.

Despite Serra's conviction on these multiple heinous major felonies and the threat of potentially serving at least 15 years in prison, the politically "connected" former D.A. got away with no jail time served. His cronies apparently made sure special treatment was afforded this criminal slime ball by his colleagues.

I wish Jamie Dowling could've fought back, but I know from personal experience how horrible it is to be living this nightmare through the "justice system".  

I hope that Jamie can get through sentencing quickly with hopefully no jail time to be served and that the Court has mercy on her .

I have to find solace in the fact that she knows there are many people thinking of her and backing her still. 

Most disturbing is that Court records reflect in early June 2013, during one of Jamie's court dates, the court mandated that Jamie not have any contact with Bernadette Bifano, the organizer of the petition. No doubt the bully D.A. feels that he can use his power to get the Court to do whatever he pleases, including depriving American citizens of their right to free speech. 

Also, several unnamed persons familiar with the case indicated that they were aware of intimidating scare tactics that were allegedly inappropriately used by those in the legal system to stop any opposition to the charges against Jamie to be reduced or dropped. I couldn’t get anyone to agree to be quoted and identified as a source on these allegations for their "fear of retaliation".  

D.A. Dan Hotsenpiller and your involved staff, shame on you. Do you feel like a "big man", proud of yourself in what you have done, all powerful and tough Mr. Hotenspiller that you have defeated by intimidation an innocent victim, a mother whose two children were killed in an accident that was beyond her control?

You have "saved" the citizens of Montrose County from a dangerous criminal such as Jamie Dowling. In the process, you have abused all the powers of your Office, demeaned yourself, your staff, and demonstrated that you are an evil, cruel, heartless, soulless, sub human who has no sense of what the word justice means.

If this is an example of how you claim to "clean up" the horrific criminal mess in the Montrose County Prosecutors office left by your convicted felon former D.A. colleague D.A. Myrl Serra, you are terribly confused.

You are at least obligated morally, ethically to make certain that Jamie Dowling is not to serve any time in jail when she is sentenced. She certainly deserves the same "understanding" by your Office that the Court showed your convicted felon former D.A. Serra. Surely you can show us all a signal that as a parent, an officer of the law that there is some slight understanding on your part that this woman has been tortured enough, without you adding even more onto her lifetime of misery.

I'm writing today's blog because I want people to have an example, once again as in many of my other blog posts, of just how corrupt our legal system is. 

We are living in a fake democracy, where there are law enforcement and legal prosecutors who despite being sworn to protect our rights of freedom according to the Constitution, have made a mockery of our court system.

These defenders of justice are criminals in their own manipulation of the laws, they wield unfettered, illegal power that violates our rights as Americans, because they know that they can. 

They deliberately intimidate, abuse, and threaten the innocent, often the very vulnerable, the victims that they are supposed to protect, and instead cause them undo suffering, punishment for satisfaction of their one self ego, political, and assorted arrogance of the law can do anything it wants, whenever it wants, to whoever it wants.

Amazingly, not one time during this case has any Official of the the State of Colorado responded to the petition for Jamie Dowling against injustice signed by 200,000+ people.

It should illicit a response.  There was and still is silence concerning this case of what I believe is prosecutorial abuse, at the very least certainly a miscarriage of justice.

Interestingly, I cannot find any mention in the media both in Colorado and elsewhere of anything beyond the original article describing the accident.

Fearless leaders, investigative journalism.  Through this whole thing, nothing, nada, zero from any of them, complete silence.  

This is the kind of a corrupt Country we live in, where innocent victims and those who seek justice, are beaten down continuously, case after case by the government and by those in charge. 

Shame on all of you, those who have disgraced yourselves by your disgusting actions and those by the lack of action on your part.

You obviously have no human feelings, no conscience. I do not know how you can sleep at night. 

Two different legal systems exist in our Country, one for the politically connected, the rich, Corporate America who literally get away with murder, overt criminal behavior, and fraud. The other system for the rest of us who are left to be preyed upon and destroyed by those in power.

I suggest that those concerned keep fighting for Jamie Dowling by contacting the investigative/other journalists at the largest Newspaper in Colorado, the Denver Post and the local Montrose Daily Press (see below). 

Wake them up! Ask them to investigate her case, have them publicize the actions of the legal system, and tell them to stand up for Americans.

  • Jen Brown, Investigative Reporter — 303-954-1593 or jenbrown@denverpost.com

  •  Nancy Lofholm: 970-256-1957 or nlofholm@denverpost.com

  • Karen Crummy, Investigative Reporter — 303-954-1594 or kcrummy@denverpost.com

  • John Ingold, Criminal and Civil Courts — 303-954-1068 or jingold@denverpost.com

  • The Denver Post
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     Contact us: Montrose Daily Press



      Saturday, April 13, 2013


      UPDATED JUNE 7th, 2013            



       A young mom is being threatened with jail after her two young children died in a car accident in a Colorado snowstorm. Ask the DA to drop charges against Jamie Dowling.

                                       Sign Bernadette's Petition-Click Here

      WATCH VIDEO ABOVE about "Mother Charged in Fatal Colorado Wreck That Killed Her Two Children".

      How can it be that the charges against Jamie Dowling have still not been dropped or reduced to her paying a simple fine?

      It is unbelievable that no-one in the government of the State of Colorado has to this date corrected the abuse of power and grossly cruel over reach of a tyrant little D.A. who should be fired based on his arrogant use of the law which seems like prosecutorial misconduct.

      Over 205,000 people as of today June 10th have signed the petition for the D.A. and/or the Governor of Colorado to drop the unfair, bullying tactics being used to intimidate Jamie Dowling, and allow this young mother to grieve in peace for her 2 young children.

      Yet despite the petition and common sense legal interpretation of the law, not one wisp of a sane response from anyone in charge of the legal system or supposed " leaders" in Colorado. No compassion, no feelings, no sanity, no humanity, no recognition that an accident is not illegal, no understanding of what it means for a parent to lose children, no justice.

      No use of the prosecutorial discretion this same Colorado Government gave to Former Montrose County D.A. Serra was convicted in January, 2012 of a felony extortion count and a misdemeanor count of unlawful sexual contact, along with charges related to bond violations. His sentence was 1 year in prison, which he never served. He was also disbarred as an Attorney and is now registered as a sex offender.

      Serra's victims all testified during the sentencing hearing, calling their former boss a tyrant, dictator, sexual deviant and predator.This was a District Attorney who threatened the jobs of his employees, frequently exposed himself, grabbed them and forced them to provide sexual favors, crossing a line from harassment to assault, during a three year period.

      Yet all he received from the law was a slap on the wrist. You see he was politically connected, one of "them" and Jamie Dowling is one of "us", a regular person who is vulnerable, to be made an example of. 

      Dismiss the absurd charges against Jamie or let her pay a small fine and leave her alone to grieve. 

      Certainly the D.A. has better things to do with his time, his staff and his budget in going after real criminals who are on the loose in that County. 

      If it were his own family or a politically connected, rich person, you know this case would never have been even started. Jamie is a vulnerable "regular" person who can't fight back, so the D.A. bully's her with his power. 

      Such a small tyrant he is, a disgrace to our Country, his State, humanity, and a symbol of how screwed up the U.S. has become when it comes to the dysfunctional legal system that harasses innocent people while letting the evil, guilty ones go relatively unpunished.

      UPDATED MAY 1, 2013-

      "NOW GO FORTH AND DO GOOD" incredibly is the stated motto of the 7th Judicial District in Colorado that this D.A. represents.

      CLICK ON HERE TO SEE THIS FOR YOURSELF SHOWING  YOU THE ABOVE HYPOCRITICAL, LYING MOTTO OF THE little D.A. bullying a grieving mother whose 2 little children have died. This is absolutely horrific that their motto of service to we the people, including Jamie Dowling have become so toxic, and twisted in the hands of a so called "defender of the people". Now Go Forth and Do Good! Truly ugly!

      Despite over 205,000 people as of June 10th having signed the above petition, there has incredibly been NO action to withdraw the heartless criminal charges against Jamie Dowling by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper or the despicable little tyrant D.A., Dan Hotsenpiller.

      Do the people of Colorado actually want pieces of toxic waste like these two politicians to represent them? 

      These 2 politicians don't seem to care, otherwise their behavior would be that of normal human beings in understanding the life sentence of endless emotional pain of this mother, instead of their being bully's who pick on a suffering, innocent mother, and her 2 dead toddlers.  

      It amazes me that the Governor has not yet ordered the little prosecutor to completely drop the charges against Jamie. It appears that no one in the State Govt. of Colorado has a heart or a soul, or compassion to STOP their cruelty towards this poor mother. Let her children Landryn and Rayleigh REST IN PEACE, let this family mourn in peace.

      If this bothers you as it does me, AFTER you sign Bernadette's Petition above, you CAN STILL DO MORE TO STOP this gross miscarriage of the law.

      Please feel free to share my blog post and the link with everyone you can think of as the more people involved in trying to help Jamie, the better chance we have in succeeding.

      Please directly contact the Governor of Colorado by e-mailing him your feelings, calling his office, writing, also contact the Colorado Citizen's Advocate Office, and of course the little tyrant bully D.A. Apparently all asleep at the wheel in these places of so called justice.



      John W Hickenlooper, Governor
      136 State Capitol
      Denver, CO 80203-1792

      (303) 866-2471

      (303) 866-2003

      Write to the Governor here 

      Due to the heavy volume of e-mails sent to Governor Hickenlooper, we are unable to respond personally to each one, but please know that your input means a great deal to him.

      Citizens' Advocate Office

      127 State Capitol
      Denver, CO 80203
         Fax        303-866-2003


      MONTROSE COUNTY D.A.Office/ Contact Information

      The main office for the DA is located in Montrose at 1200 North Grand, phone number 970-252-4260.The elected District Attorney for the Seventh Judicial District is Dan Hotsenpiller, who works out of the Montrose Office.

      Not surprisingly, the current Montrose County D.A. Hotsenpiller was NEVER elected by the voters. He was appointed on January 21, 2011 by the current Governor to Replace Former Montrose County D.A. Myrl Serra-CLICK HERE- whose OFFICE was rocked Sept. 30 2010 by HIS arrest (former DA Myrl Serra), who was charged with sex crimes against some of his employees, and charges he intimidated a woman who was a potential witness against him in another case. 
      Former Montrose County D.A. Serra was convicted in January, 2012 of a felony extortion count and a misdemeanor count of unlawful sexual contact, along with charges related to bond violations. His sentence was 1 year in prison. He was also disbarred as an Attorney and is now registered as a sex offender.

      Serra's victims all testified during the sentencing hearing, calling their former boss a tyrant, dictator, sexual deviant and predator.This was a District Attorney who threatened the jobs of his employees, frequently exposed himself, grabbed them and forced them to provide sexual favors, crossing a line from harassment to assault, during a three year period.

      His court file -CLICK HERE-which has grown so thick it can no longer fit through the court clerk's window slot, details a three-year period when Serra turned the area's top law enforcement office into a crime scene. It became a place where, behind locked doors and closed blinds, his victims say he preyed on the vulnerable, exposed himself, bargained for sex and threatened some female employees with losing their jobs, their families and their reputations if they didn't do what he wanted. This from an e-mail to one of his victims: "I am the master. You can't mess with me."

      Naturally Serra got the slap on the wrist reserved for those in the political cesspool of criminal felons.

      Myrl Serra was facing a maximum of up to 15 years in prison, but special prosecutor Robert Shapiro said he doubts Serra will see any prison time as he will get credit for the time already served in the Montrose County Jail.

      Following that, he will be on parole for a year and will begin the four years of probation at the same time.

      Oh yeah- poor Mr. Serra- A pre-sentence report showed Serra has a previously undiagnosed narcissism disorder, and so as part of his probation, he must complete both mental health and sex offender treatment

      What does any of this about former D.A. Serra have to do with current D.A. Hotsenpiller? NOTHING AND EVERYTHING!

      Sooooooooo................ let me try to understand this circus of the absurd legal system . 

      Current D.A. Hotsenpiller came into power by being appointed, not elected, he was given a mandate by the Governor to clean up the Montrose County D. A.'s Office, but he has so much free time on his hands that he is now prosecuting a harmless victim of circumstances, grieving Jamie Dowling, as if she were a criminal, while convicted felons such as his former colleague Serra are given free get out of jail passes.

      Not surprisingly 2 different sets of "justice rendered", one for the regular people like Jamie Dowling, the other for those who are politically connected. This stinking, slimy septic tank of politicians knows no depths of depravity when it comes to deciding who they choose to use the law against, and when to ignore it, based on their "club" of arrogance.

      Shame on them all, a Governor who sits by idly once again while injustice reigns supreme, but in particular shame on the little tyrant Montrose County Colorado D.A. Hotsenpiller, who chooses to abuse a grieving mother, wasting the valuable resources of his Office, while his County is seemingly a toxic wasteland of corruption, "real" child abuse, crimes, predators, unlicensed drivers, drivers who are intoxicated, drivers who are under the influence of drugs, and all of the other serious criminal activities in his jurisdiction, that typically plague today's society in America.

      Hotsenpiller when he was appointed as the acting D.A. stated-CLICK HERE- "He remains a firm believer in a strong judicial system as the foundation for a free and prosperous society. Holding offenders accountable is important to me,  crime, disputes are going to happen, and only when we uphold the law can we be prosperous and free. He views being district attorney as a heck of an opportunity and wants to seize it to make positive change".

      The above are hollow words, sound bites, rhetoric from a D.A. who is just talking the double talk of bullshit. It's all really about him "being a District Attorney as a heck of an opportunity".

      Take down the disingenuous, desecrated motto on the Courts and your website, remove it from your building, your documents, Mr. Hotsenpiller  "NOW GO FORTH AND DO GOOD". Not likely, but we all know it's just a bunch of meaningless words to you and your cronies.

      You have not gone forth and done good in the case of Jamie Dowling. You have soiled once again the reputation of the Montrose County D.A. office by your actions and inaction's. You are a heartless, soulless bureaucrat who dispenses justice based on you own narcissistic, power hungry ego, and a corrupt dysfunctional system of laws that you manipulate to intimidate others for your own professional gain. 

      Shame on you, shame on the media which has basically avoided the Jamie Dowling case, totally missing the real issues of our crooked legal system being played out here, shame on the silent citizens of Montrose County, and Colorado.

      You have all disgraced yourselves and I do not know how you can sleep at night.  
      Former Montrose County D.A. Myrl Serra (below) reacts to a judge's ruling during his sentencing hearing in his sexual abuse case with one of his attorneys, Peter Albani.
       Current Montrose County D.A. Dan Hotsenpiller
      END OF MAY 1, 2013 UPDATE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Here we go again. Another arrogant, sick, stupid, mean spirited, power hungry, delusional, pathetic U.S. prosecutor, now it's in the the State of Colorado, using his powers to harass and intimidate a young mother whose 2 children, 5-year-old Landyn Scott and 2-year-old Rayleigh Kay, were killed in a car accident    when her car skidded on an ice patch of highway while she was driving east of Gunnison, Coloroado.

      Jamie has been charged with criminal offenses for this tragic accident of "careless driving causing death and driving without proof of insurance"-Click Here.

      Prosecutors exercise unfettered discretion. This is an example of the abuse of this power .

      Similar to the Aaron Swartz case where over zealous prosecutors literally harassed him to death-Click Here,
      once again we are witnessing the complete insanity of our prostituted, prosecutorial legal system that oversteps it's powers because "they can" and "they are immune" from being held accountable for their abusive  legal actions.

      Today I received the following e-mail:

      On March 9, 2013 young mom Jamie Dowling was driving her two small kids, Landyn and Raylee, on a snowy stretch of Colorado highway. Jamie was driving slowly, and her kids were safely buckled in, but the roads were bad. Jamie hit a patch of ice, her car careened into another lane, and she was hit by oncoming traffic. Jamie was a nurse, and she tried to save her kids' lives, but she couldn't. Landyn and Raylee both died that day.

      Now the local District Attorney is charging Jamie with two counts of "careless driving resulting in death," threatening to send a grieving mom to jail.

      My parents live right near the spot of the crash -- so close that they heard the accident happen. In fact, my stepdad was the first person on the scene, 20 minutes before the ambulance arrived. When he got there, he said Jamie was trying to revive her son, who was already dead. My stepdad had to pry Landyn out of Jamie's arms just to get Jamie out of the car.

      Jamie still struggles everyday to move forward from the death of her children. Landyn was 5, he loved cows and horses. Raylee was just 2, her favorite color was pink, and she thought everything should have sparkles. Jamie had moved her family from Texas to Colorado just a week before the accident, and the whole family was excited for a new start.

      My parents were there for the worst moment of Jamie's life, watching her struggle to save her children even though they were already gone.  
      We don't understand why the DA is insisting on dragging out Jamie's nightmare; it doesn't make any sense to us. But we were there for Jamie that day, and we're going to keep standing with her now.

      I know other petitions on Change.org have prompted District Attorneys to drop unfair charges before -- I hope that if thousands of people sign my petition, DA Hotsenpiller will end his senseless prosecution of Jamie Dowling.

      Thank you,

      Bernadette Bifano
      Leadville, CO

      Hasn't this mother suffered enough, she will be haunted with a life sentence of guilt, the death of her 2 children forever. What is going on in America is one case after another of sick, ego maniac, out of touch, incompetent prosecutors deliberately overstepping their powers to prosecute innocent, or easily intimated people.

      The investigating officer -Click here-stated in his report 'that he did not detect excessive speed, alcohol or drug use as contributing factors to the crash. The snow on the road had been plowed before the crash, but fresh snow was falling at the time of the wreck." Jamie Dowling had a valid drivers license but because she had just moved 2 weeks before from Texas to Colorado, her insurance ID was not in the car.

      Clearly these prosecutors appear to have too much much free time in their jobs.

      Seems strange for them to have all this time to pick on "regular citizens" when they have all this legal power, since our entire Country is falling apart and the legal system is a rotting, corrupt, dysfunctional circus of injustice.

      Here is a novel idea, how about prosecutors using their time more efficiently to enforce the actual critical criminal acts that they are sworn by law to protect the people of the United States, who as taxpayers fund their jobs.

      How about enforcing the laws against real criminals who are preying on us, that are taking place in their legal jurisdictions which involve murders, drugs, robberies, child abuse, burglary, muggings, beatings by an endless litany of felons, who are often ignored,"slapped lightly" on the wrist by plea bargains that give them no prison time, or a couple of months in jail.

      Don't ever forget about all those DUI and DWI drivers, the revolving door of drivers with no licenses who murder, injure other innocent people and are NEVER HELD LEGALLY ACCOUNTABLE for their killing, maiming of innocent victims.

      In many states such as California there is almost no legal enforcement of driving without a license, even in cases where the unlicensed driver kills another person with his car.

      Jamie Dowling as indicated, has a valid license, she did NOT kill her children, it was a car accident caused by ice on the road that made her lose control of her car. Why is she being prosecuted, what laws did she truly break, and why is she being treated this way, when criminals are not?

      Official statistics compiled by Don Rosenberg at his online website "Unlicensed To Kill" indicate clearly what many of us already know, that there is a widespread epidemic in our country of murdering, injuring, innocent victims by unlicensed drivers with little enforcement by the Courts once these cases reach our dysfunctional legal system -Click here- 

      Mr. Rosenberg's son Drew, 25 years old, a second year law student was killed by an unlicensed driver, who happened to also be an illegal alien.

      The prosecutor in this case offered a plea bargain to the killer of pleading guilty to driving the wrong way on a one way street and the charges for driving without a license and driving without insurance would be dropped

      Amazingly, the charges against the killer of his son were  eventually reduced by a Judge from a felony to a slap on the wrist of 6 months in jail plus 1 day off the sentence, for every day of "good behavior in jail".

      My son Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff, 30 years old, was also killed by an unlicensed driver who was also DUI, and others whose negligence contributed to their killing him-Click Here. 

      The Justice system did nothing, they "circled their wagons of corruption" and tried to cover up what had happened. We as a family fought hard and did our very best to obtain what little justice we could for his death.

      Prosecutors protect their asses all the time, colluding with the other government agencies to protect each others mistakes, vying for promotions, political office, and selectively choosing when, who, and how justice, if at all, will be served. They disgrace themselves and the victims that they are supposed to protect by pursuing the most vulnerable of us, the dead, the poor, those that don't have the financial resources to legally fight for their rights.

      Let us also not forget the free pass they all have given to Corporate criminals, Banks, and the rich who buy their freedom with money and in return, the justice system circus leaves them alone

      This is what makes the ludicrous charges being brought against Jamie Dowling so compelling.This ARROGANCE OF THE LAW is completely OUT OF CONTROL and has to be stopped NOW!.

      Only through generating bad publicity can we stop this idiot prosecutor in Colorado from further destroying what is left of Jamie Dowling's life.

      YOU CAN make a difference in this absurd case of government injustice where those who are innocent get punished and those who are criminals are let free.

      YOU CAN make a difference by signing this petition because the ONLY thing that stops prosecutorial   abuse such as this is the voice of we the people generating enough bad publicity, so that this scum bag prosecutor will try to protect his job, and his ass by dropping these asinine illegal charges against Jamie Dowling.

      To me this case against Jamie Dowling seems like prosecutorial misconduct-Click here for a Report on Prosecutorial Misconduct in the State of California-but understand that this is happening in every State.   

      The very people who are responsible for ensuring truth and justice, law enforcement officials and prosecutors, lose sight of these obligations and instead focus solely on securing convictions, or worse their own egos make make them play "god".

      It will take you less than a minute to sign the petition, please do it now and don't sit back ignoring what they   are trying to do to this victim, a mother, and a human being who is suffering the ultimate loss, her two precious children.


      1. Thank you for sharing Jamie's story. I completely agree that the only way to stop gross overuse of political strongarm is to stand together and fight injustices such as this.
      2. Hi Bernadette- Let me know if there is anything else that I can do to assist you and Jamie. This Prosecutor has gone far beyond his powers and he is out of control. Surely he has more important real criminals to spend his time punishing. My blog post about Jaime has had over 1500 people so far read about the injustice against her and hopefully that will translate into more signatures on your petition. Bad publicity is something your Governor does not want and he will hopefully force the prosecutor to drop his injust case against Jaime.
      3. May our Lord watch over Jamie and protect her. She has endured a fate worse than anything that prosecutor can give her. Please, let her morn her children's death - and leave her alone Mr. Prosecutor.


        1. I agree with you fully, the Prosecutor should leave Jaymie alone as he is simply persecuting her for no real crime. She will suffer for the rest of her life without her 2 cherished children and for what possible rational reason does any human being want to cause her more pain than she already has? It amazes me that the Governor has not yet ordered the prosecutor to completely drop the charges against Jamie. It appears that no one in charge has a heart or a soul, or compassion to STOP their cruelty towards this poor mother. Let her children Rest IN Peace, let this family mourn in peace.
      4. The DA is looking for nothing more than a seat. Believe me when I say remember who he is because he will be corrupt as all hell.
      5. This DA has is totally out of control with his abusing the powers that have been given him. He was obviously looking to make "an example of Jaymie" in only ways that a power hungry, scum bag , sub human with no soul can think. The fact that he still has not withdrawn the phony legal charges against her despite the overwhelming bad publicity he has brought on himself, speaks volumes of how corrupt, out of touch, and simply focused on his career so he can show how "tough" he is. Do the people of Colorado actually want a piece of toxic waste like him to represent them for anything? He thinks they do, otherwise his behavior would be that of a normal human being instead of his bein a bully who picks on a suffering, innocent mother.
      6. Another perfect example of how corrupt the American judicial system has become. Its as if the law makers and enforcers make the rules up as they go along.
        Now this poor mother will not only be devastated by grief loss and guilt but be faced with a possible jail sentence that she doesnt deserve. i have been following this story for some time now i was sent a petition in my email and signed it. I couldnt believe what i was reading! sending a young mom to jail for something that was beyond her control. This situation could happen to anyone. I cant believe there are some people who agree with this monster of a DA saying she should not have been out in bad weather for god sakes she was a nurse an we all know that even when conditions are bad nurses and doctors are the ones who are still expected to show up for work. What about the car who hit her? isnt anyone questioning the fact they were on the road during bad weather as well? I remember driving as a young mom during a few very bad winters kids in the car worried of course how safe the roads were but knowing the difference between me staying home and going out to work could mean not having money to keep a roof over my kids heads no land lord wants to hear you missed work because of snow etc therefore you have no rent money! Its not like this mom was out for a leisure drive or to go cop drugs or some other scenario.
      7. Anonymous-May 2- You are absolutely correct. Here is a nurse who had relocated to Colorado only 2 weeks before the accident. Yes, that is all it was, a horrible, tragic accident that was no fault of hers,completely beyond her control.Yes she probably had limited snow driving experience and there is little a driver can do when skidding on ice as what happened to her. When you 1st read this story, it is not believable that this D.A. who has 4 children of his own, would actually file criminal charges against her. What we have now in America are "unbelievable things" and heartless sub humans who have no idea how to show compassion. This D.A. clearly is looking to make " a name" for himself by bullying her as the victim. He only cares about keeping his job and getting promoted. Power & arrogance has corrupted his mind and now that his evil has been shown, he hides, hoping the public anger at him will go away. Those that agree with him are just those who think they are superior to the rest of us and think this could never happen to them. Bottom line, if the former Montrose D.A. was treated so softly for his heinous crimes and let go, why is Jaime being tortured by this very same office. It is because in America we now have a corrupt legal system where it oly matters who you know, how politically connected a person is to escape from justice for your crimes. The rest of us are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by Prosecutors who have over-reached their power and are part of this legal corruption, where the guilty go free and innocent victims become the ones who get punished. This disconnect between equal justice for all is an epidemic in America and no -one in power seems to care, as they are protected. Hopefully, we can give so much bad publicity to this D.A. and the Governor of Colorado that they will withdraw the charges against Jaime because they see it will ruin their political reputations.
      8. Im glad people like you and bernadette still exist in this corrupt world. Keep fighting the good fight. I signed the petition as well. Some one should start a petition to the gov of CO to remove this D.a. from office. i hope these charges are dropped soon so this poor mother can have some peace.


        1. Thank you for your kind words of support. Yes we live in a corrupt world.You can also help fight back by spreading the news about our fight for justice to be given to Jaime. Tell people you know and ask them to also sign the petition as the more people who protest the harder it is for these corrupt politicians to ignore us as they don't want bad publicity for themselves. By the way the petition is also being sent to the Governor of Colorado in addition to the D.A.
      9. All earlier reports are filed as no charges filed. Can you post the public filing of charges to verify this and I will happily sign petitions against her prosicution.
      10. Here is one of many official links showing that Jaime was charged by the D.A. with with careless driving causing death and no proof of insurance.


        "The mother of two children who were killed in a car crash in Colorado over the weekend has been charged in the wreck.

        Jamie Dowling, 22, is charged with careless driving causing death and no proof of insurance.

        Her children, 5-year-old Landryn Scott and 2-year-old Rayleigh Kay, were killed in the crash east of Gunnison, Colo., on Saturday morning.

        The Colorado State Patrol said at the time of the crash that Dowling's vehicle was struck by another vehicle after she spun out of control on snow-packed U.S. 50.

        Both children were wearing seat belts.

        Dowling had recently moved to Colorado for a new job, her family said.

        Dowling, who Colorado troopers said was not wearing a seat belt, sustained serious injuries in the crash."
      11. ok so let me see if i got this straight. she moved from Irving Texas (where we do not see much snow on any given year) to CO where it snows like crazy. she then opted to drive somewhere in snow which was falling deep enough that it had to be plowed even though she wasnt experienced in driving in the snow. she opted for taking the children with her...in the snow that she couldn't drive in. that sounds like she was irresponsible. if people who live in CO were having problems driving, why was she out? she wasnt wearing a seatbelt (which is illegal) and did not have proof of insurance (which is also illegal) in the car with her. how is it corruption when she was breaking the law and carelessly risking the life of her children? i agree it's sad what happened to the babies, but if there's flash flooding out where i live, im not gonna strap my kids into the car and go out driving in it.
      12. We don't know where she was driving that day so there is no way to determine how important it was for her to be on the road. For you to assume that she was somehow irresponsible by driving that day is not for any of us to judge. The roads were open and not closed, driving was permitted. The two children were both wearing a seat belt and the fact that she was not wearing a seat belt is an extremely minor offense, and probably saved her life. Not having proof of insurance does not mean she did not have insurance, also an extremely minor offense. I am glad that you agree that her losing both of her babies due to this ACCIDENT is sad. Corruption on the D.A's office part is that the former D.A. of that same County raped numerous employees in his office, extorted employees and defendants, lied before a grand jury and committed numerous other major felonies in misusing the power of his Office. He was found guilty by a jury and the judge with the special prosecutor gave him a slap on the wrist for his heinous crimes. He served almost no time in jail. The corruption and arrogance of the Law and the current D.A. is that they have over reached their powers and distorted the word justice in Jaime's case because she is just a "regular" person and not a politically connected scumbag. The current D.A. shows us once again that in America, we have a corrupt, dysfunctional legal system designed so that there are 2 sets of laws , one for the rich/politically connected who get off free, and another for the rest of us who are harassed to the fullest by the out of control ego and power of these "little' D.A maggots. What happened that day to Jaime was an accident, the 2 laws she allegedly violated of her not wearing a seat belt, not having proof of a drivers license were extremely minor and at most are only worthy of a summons ticket she can pay out of court. Those charges have nothing to do with the accident that caused the children to die. The charge of alleged careless driving causing death is a total bull shit accusation, unbelievably unethical, illegal, cruel, not provable charge because people skid on ice on ice all the time and the car cannot be controlled. It is not your business or the D.A. as to what she was doing being out on the road that day since the roads were open and not declared closed. For any one in a Prosecutors office to waste their time and taxpayers money on torturing this grieving mother, is not only inappropriate, but shows a moral, legally corrupt, heartless mind of a dumb, moron fool who "gets off" on using his office to intimidate people. This D.A. who was not elected by the people and appointed to replace the prior felon D.A. was charged by the Governor with cleaning up the cesspool that the Prosecutors office had become. He certainly has better things to do in fixing that office, a limited budget and real criminals to prosecute instead of picking on Jaime. If it were his children and his wife or someone in his office, you KNOW that NO charges would have been pressed because his office would have treated them differently. This D.A. is a disgrace and our Court system is corrupt to its rotten core.Jerry
      13. "For you to assume that she was somehow irresponsible by driving that day is not for any of us to judge."

        at the same time, who are you to judge on if she wasn't irresponsible? it disturbs me a bit to see how you downplay her "minor" offenses in breaking the law. is not wearing your seatbelt as bad as murdering 20 people? no, but it's still breaking the law. is not having your insurance card in the car as bad as setting fire to a daycare? no, but it is still breaking the law. how did not wearing her belt save her life? are you suggesting that if the babies hadn't been buckled in that they would have survived? the legal system is not corrupt, it is the ones who twist it to their own purposes. she broke the law and put herself and her children in harms way risking their lives. Texas is not known for it's snowfall and we Texans generally never drive in it. any defensive driving class you take (i take them once every 2 years to help lower my insurance rates) will tell you not to drive it weather conditions are too bad for you to handle. after a week of living in Co there is no way she was used to driving in the snow. if there's a tornado touchdown near my house i am not going to load my babies in the car to go for a drive.
      14. The only thing that you said in your that makes any sense is "that it is is the ones who twist it for their own purposes". That is what corruption of the law and the legal system in America is all about. If you paid any attention to how the previous D.A. of that same county who was convicted as a rapist, extortionist, perjurer got away with manipulating the system to escape with a slap on the wrist, no justice for him. His victims are regular folks like Jaime & never get such gentle treatment. Look all over our Country how those who are politically connected and/or rich manipulate the legal system to escape justice by using their hordes of high powered, expensive lawyers. Look in your own State of Texas where a corrupt D.A. from Cameron County- District Attorney Armanda Villalobos was just convicted along with a corrupt Judge for accepting bribes and 7 felony counts of bribery etc. to fix cases if Lawyers paid him and the Judge bribes. I will say it again- She broke no major laws and yes her offenses are minor, easily handled by paying a summons. There is no excuse for your lack of compassion and judging this mother as putting her kids in harms way. It was an accident and if the Colorado D.A. showed a tiny bit of the same concern that he showed for the previous D.A. this woman should have paid her fine and be left to grieve. You have no idea what it is like to lose a child, I do. You have no idea what it's like to lose 2 children. You do not know how to drive in snow as you said, I do. People who move to areas with snow have little experience in driving in snow, but they have to drive. She skidded on ice, have you ever tried to control a skid in the ice, you can't, it's an accident. We all drive in snow all the time because if the roads are open we drive to survive in making a living, taking our kids to school, day care and going to to do our chores. It is normal to drive in the snow. The point is that when a Govt. that is supposed to protect it's citizens has 2 different sets of laws for the rich/politically connected and the rest of us, it means that we are living in a corrupt society, with a crooked legal system and if you can't figure that out by now, then there is nothing else to say .
      15. I think maybe anonymous has missed the whole point of the blog! I wonder if they at 20 with the responsibility of 2 children and the prospect of starting a new life for herself and children would have had the guts to start out alone. Our Mom had no idea of what the weather was going to be when she started and now for all her effort her life has been crushed never to be the same, maybe a little sympathy instead of being so judgemental. Shame on anonymous!
      16. I don't know Jamie, but how do we know she can't drive in the snow? Did she say that? I live in SC, but I lived in WI for 5 years, so I can drive very well in the snow. We can't assume she never drove in heavy snow, unless she stated that. If she really had no experience driving in heavy snow, then I'd have to conclude it was risky to take her kids out in it. Does that constitute negligence? Does that mean we can reasonably assume she understood the risk? I don't think so. The criminal justice system is rife with fraud and corruption. DA only care about convictions not justice. This woman paid the ultimate penalty for her bad judgment. I see no reason the law needs to be involved anymore. Pay her fine and let her grieve. Her life has been ripped apart. I am astounded that people really care about her not having her insurance card. There are so many laws today, that one can't keep track of them and to say the law is the law and she broke it, is a mindset I wish to be removed from.
      17. Anonymous June 7th- I agree-Let her pay the fine and leave her alone to grieve. Certainly the D.A. has better things to do with his time, his staff and his budget in going after real criminals who are on the loose in that County. That he has still not withdrawn the charges against her is mind boggling and speaks to how arrogantly cruel he is. If it were his own family or a politically connected, rich person, you know this case would never have been even started. Jamie is a vulnerable "regular" person who can't fight back, so the D.A. bully's her with his power. Such a small tyrant he is, a disgrace to our Country, and a symbol of how screwed up the U.S. has become when it comes to the dysfunctional legal system that harasses innocent people while letting the evil, guilty ones go relatively unpunished.
      18. I do agree that it is a tragic event and I am terribly sorry that this woman lost her children. However, I do not believe that all the facts were reported to the media or possibly the media reported incorrectly. The DA is basing the charges filed on the accident report that the Colorado State Patrol would have completed. She was the driver of the vehicle that lost control when those two children died. With the exception of the big mountain passes, roads in the area are very rarely closed and as well maintained as possible by the state highway department. She was in control of that vehicle that day and therefore (as hard as it may seem)responsible for the events that took place. I'm sure that the DA does not "get off" on charging this woman. Unfortunately there has to be some action taken and I'm sure that the incident was thoroughly investigated prior to charges being filed. I understand that there are corrupt people in this world who should not have power but, just because Myrl Serra was a scumbag does not mean that Dan Hotsenpiller will follow in his footsteps. He has a responsibility to determine whether there was enough evidence to charge the person involved and he felt that there was. If the evidence wasn't substantial enough to match the charges filed, she never would have been charged.
      19. I understand your comments and thoughts about the D.A. Hotsenpiller. I disagree with your trusting the legal system in such a way that anyone can simply assume that this D.A. has the necessary legal proof that is "substantial enough to match the charges filed". There has been almost no info about the facts of this revealed other than that Jamie Dowling was not drunk or on drugs at the time of the accident as per the investigating officer, was not speeding as per the black box in her car, that she skidded on ice, and did not have an insurance ID card with her. There is no evidence revealed that this was anything more than a tragic accident that could have happened to anyone. To date we see no evidence of the charges "careless driving". What we do see and alleged , is that the D.A. has abused his powers in intimidating Jamie Dowling by fear tactics and that he has also done the same to others who have come to her defense. There is much that this D.A. has done in abusing his powers that has not been publicized due to fear of others that he will retaliate against them. He has wide discretionary powers to have withdrawn the charges against Jamie and issue her a summons instead. he has elected to not use this more just approach and instead has bullied her. So yes, I believe this D.A. "gets off" on picking poor, vulnerable victims to torture, is arrogant, unfair, disturbed, confused and that his own legal judgement is impaired based on his actions. He can still show some humanity by asking that she be sentenced to no time in prison. This woman has lost 2 children and there is no legal reason to cause her any more agony.
      20. ***JAMIE PLEADS GUILTY***.
        by Bernadette Bifano.
        Petition Organizer
        "I am very saddened to report that Jamie has decided to plead guilty. Sentencing will be August 14. Through this whole battle Jamie has just wanted it to be over so that she may move forward. Pleading guilty will make that happen for her. I'm feeling very let down by our Judicial system making someone feel as though they are backed into a corner and shouldn't fight back. Thank you all to the many supporters, I wish I had better news. Please keep Jamie in your thoughts on August 14th."

        The Seventh Judicial District is known as the most corrupt judicial system in Colorado. Think Dukes of Hazard on acid. The last D.A. (Myrl Serra) was arrested and charged for a series of sex crimes and the Governor just replaced him with an equally corrupt buddy, Dan Hostenpiller. For more information on the corruption I suggest checking out August Wheats' book, "Exodus of Angels". BTW, this man is an elected D.A. so remember this when planning a vacation to Southwest Colorado
      21. I agree. It certainly appears based on the actions of the current Montrose County D.A., the criminal actions of the convicted felon D.A. and the Seventh Judicial Districts handling of that case and the Dowling case, that this is dysfunctional, "ole boy" corrupt system. Nothing else can explain their behavior and arrogance that has been exhibited by them. Unfortunately, we see this kind of corruption, abuse, and manipulation of the legal system more than ever before in America, as our Country's court system, prosecutors, politicians have devolved into the behavior of Americans losing their freedoms that were supposed to be guaranteed under the Constitution. We have had for years an erosion of our freedom so that the arrogance of the law does whatever it wants, to whoever it want, and fears nothing that gets in its way, because they can get away with anything they do or don't do.