Tuesday, August 16, 2011


After a comprehensive investigation by me of various publications, documents, and other resources, the consensus appears that god is currently separately backing at least three different contenders for the Republican presidential nomination. 

Over the course of the past few months and even years, god has sent signs and direct messages to each of these candidates encouraging them to run, presumably without telling them that he supports other candidates as well.

Before I reveal the results of my investigation, the truth is god has his hands full right now with other priorities as well. The world is disintegrating in front of us on a daily basis and god is only one super being.

 As an example of the huge problems god is trying hard to fix, listen, watch one of my favorite songs about god  'WHAT IF GOD WAS ONE OF US", BY JOAN OSBORNE.

Now onto the findings of god and the 2012 presidential candidates in the USA-GOD BLESS AMERICA

Herman Cain: When Cain's granddaughter was born in 1999, Cain says his first thought upon holding her was, "What do I do to make this a better world?" Cain told Christian radio host Bryan Fischer in January, "I know that that had to be God almighty sending that thought through my mind." That's the background for what happened twelve years later. 

While campaigning for president around December of 2010, Cain was feeling tired and discouraged when he received a direct sign from God that he must continue.

Cain has also heard from God more directly, as he told a tea party rally in April:

Cain told the crowd about his battle with cancer in 2006, saying he's been "totally cancer free" for the past five years.

"You want to know why? God said, 'Not yet Herman,'" Cain told the crowd. "God said, 'Not yet. I've got something else for you to do.' And it might be to become the president of the United States of America."

Rick Santorum: At the same time God was encouraging Herman Cain to run for president, he was also telling Rick Santorum to throw his hat in the race. 

As Karen Santorum told CBN's David Brody in May about her husband's decision to run for president, "It really boils down to God's will. What is it that God wants? ... We have prayed a lot about this decision, and we believe with all our hearts that this is what God wants."

I suppose when Santorum was voted out of office in Pennsylvania as Senator in 2006 by 18 percentage points because his Constituents hated him, he takes the next logical step, and runs for President.

Michele Bachmann: Michele Bachmann fresh from winning the Iowa GOP Caucus, has said that God has been quietly encouraging her to run for president as well. 

As Bachmann told World Net Daily in 2009, she would never run without God's personal endorsement:

"If I felt that's what the Lord was calling me to do, I would do it," she answered. "When I have sensed that the Lord is calling me to do something, I've said yes to it. But I will not seek a higher office if God is not calling me to do it. That's really my standard."If I am called to serve in that realm I would serve," she concluded, "but if I am not called, I wouldn't do it.

Bachmann recently confirmed that she has, indeed, "had that calling and that tugging on my heart". 

As we know, Bachmann does have a serious problem speaking any coherent words, in sentences that make sense, so while the above statements from her seem to be mostly totally confusing, you can get the gist of what she is saying, god told her to run for President, but if god told her to run for dog catcher, she would do that instead.

god hasn't been universally generous with his support such as letting Mike Huckabee know that he shouldn't run for president, lest he take his focus off the much more important task producing a series of profit making conservative American history DVDs, called "The War On Terror", shamelessly hawking the horrors of the 9/11 World Trade Center Tragedy (only $9.95, plus $3.95 shipping and handling, along with 4 Free Gifts valued at $50.Then, about once a month, he will automatically gladly ship you the next DVD in the series, for a higher price, of course ).

Although god arranged for Sarah Palin to be chosen as John McCain's running mate in 2008, there's nothing to indicate that he backs her potential candidacy in 2012. Nevertheless, she may receive a message from god any day now, to also run for president.

Really, this is getting somewhat confusing. What could god be up to in backing all of these different politicians? Also, why no Democrat or Independent candidates are hearing  the word from god to run for President?  I mean, it should be a fair, equal distribution of candidates from all walks of political life selected by god, and endorsed as worthy to be President.

Perhaps, god has been using his/her own political action committees to hide contributions and support for various other candidates, of all political affiliations, as part of the new election lobbyists laws, sort of hedging bets, making a fair contest between favorites, who just have not revealed his support of them.

Although lets be real, whomever god really wants to be President, will be in the end determined by god. So I wanted to get god's views on this confusion.

Alas, at the time I posted this, god was not available to me for comment, however a spokesperson says, god was too busy assisting a baseball player hit a game-winning home run, giving an elderly poor lady the winning lottery numbers, working on the food crisis in Africa, ending Wars, trying to stop world wide child abuse, killing of innocent good people all over the globe, helping someone survive a heart attack, seeking  a cure for Cancer, Leukemia, many other horrible diseases, and mostly battling the forces of evil that are destroying our world. In other words, god has a full plate to deal with right now, and the elections aren't until next year.

I am also waiting for the inevitable speech where god will run the country through Rick Perry's hands as he prays:
"Blessed be the rich, for they are righteous in the eyes of God, blessed be the poor, for they are humble in the eyes of the lord, damned be those who are in between the righteous and the humble, for they have not prospered like the righteous, nor sacrificed like the humble."

So, my take on all of this is if these people are really "hearing voices"...then I think they all need to get their heads examined..in fact, I'd insist on it. It's like the old saying - "if you talk to god, you're religious. And if god talks back, you're schizophrenic".