Saturday, July 17, 2010

No Drivers License, Indeed!

The fact that this driver (see below) had no drivers license, broke the law, and did not know how to drive a car safely, because he never passed any DMV test like the rest of us are required, well that is just totally ignored, never mentioned, just a seemingly benign law disregarded.

San Francisco, a Sanctuary city, a "progressive city", bullshit, it is a city totally out of control, in a bankrupt State of insanity, with its priorities ass backwards, condoning, encouraging unsafe drivers who kill/injure/maim people with their illegal, untrained use of automobiles because their "rights" as illegal aliens, or for that matter, anyone legal or illegal, without a drivers license, is more important, than enforcing the law to the same standards that the rest of us are held to.

What a disturbing, sick, set of priorities. "Review the Police Manual", Clarify Warrants Procedures, Refresher Training, an area that is very complicated", rocket science indeed, that will make it all better and safer for the rest of us.

No one addresses the real issues of enforcing the laws requiring a driver to have a drivers license, instead of deliberately ignoring it. Proudly give the unlicensed driver a gold star for giving his name and address, shamelessly use it as an excuse to rationalize his breaking the law,what a stand up guy, in a City governed by idiots.

Who are the victims here, the unlicensed driver, or the countless innocent people killed, injured by those who never passed a drivers license test to demonstrate their ability to drive safely? A car is like a loaded gun in the hands of someone who does not have a license, would these same city officials be so forgiving about lawbreakers illegally posessing loaded handguns with a no carry license?

Cowards and hypocrites, all of the above Officials, and the driver, never caring enough to protect the safety and lives of innocent, law abiding people. Breeding contempt of the Laws and respect for others, most importantly, legally reinforcing the lack of responsibility in taking ownership that ones individual actions can and do have a negative, often deadly impact on the lives of others. Again one set of laws for those of us who follow the Laws and then a second set of rules for others who make them up as they choose.

How do we protect our children and our loved ones from those that have no sense of respect for human life? What chance do we have against this system that has lost control of the basic civilized moral definitions of what is right and wrong ?

By: Katie Worth Examiner Staff WriterJuly 18, 2010

How police handle immigration issues is under thorough review and a rewriting of the rules that govern how officers deal with undocumented immigrants has been proposed.

As reported by The Examiner, it was revealed last month that an undocumented immigrant was handed over to federal authorities after a routine traffic stop in the Ingleside neighborhood. As a result of the incident, police Chief George Gascón has called for training of officers on The City’s sanctuary city policy, which was enacted in 1989 and, with exceptions, bars city employees from using any funds or resources to assist in federal enforcement of immigration law.

The Police Commission has also called for a review, and perhaps partial rewriting, of the policy that guides how police handle immigration issues.
Police stopped a driver June 2 after he failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, according to the police report. The Salvadorian — who his lawyer says has resided in the United States for five years — did not have a driver’s license, but did provide police with his name and date of birth.

A check of the information on the terminal in the patrol car did not find any criminal history, according to police. What may have popped up was a federal immigration warrant that was reportedly issued four years ago after a court hearing about immigration status was missed.

The man was arrested on suspicion of driving without a license, and his warrant information was provided to the Sheriff’s Department, which contacted U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It remains unclear if the police ever contacted the federal agency directly.

The police say that, according to ICE and the Sheriff’s Department, civil immigration warrants — warrants issued not by a judge, but by ICE administrators themselves — do not show up in the databases that police view, according to Capt. David Lazar. Police Commissioners Angela Chan and Jim Hammer asked Lazar to double check whether the administrative warrants are, indeed, showing up in the databases.

The commissioners also called for a careful review of the Police Department’s manual, as it pertains to the Sanctuary City policy.
Gascón said he’s not convinced the policy needs an overhaul but agreed it should be reviewed. He also agreed to produce a bulletin for officers to clarify the policy regarding warrants.“This is an area that’s very complicated,” he said. “So for our purpose a refresher training is timely and we’ll go ahead and do it.”

God Does NOT Bless America, or Americans

It appears that certain Agencies of the State of California are using the "legal" excuse that they have no money at this time to pay for the preparation of certain legal claims against them. Hard to believe, but this is actually potentially an acceptable excuse for the delay of scheduled legal actions against them. If you or I had mismanaged our money, the IRS, the Govt., the County, the Banks, would foreclose on our homes, harass us endlessly, freeze/attach liens to our assets/salaries, and prosecute us forever, in a second, but when the Govt. mismanage their money, nothing gets done to them, they can actually use it as an excuse to avoid their responsibilities- Surprise, not really, shocking, yes, because this is real.

Once again, this is the reality of America. This is an example of the circus of justice, theatre of the absurd, what a mockery of Justice. If you and I tried to say we had no money, we would be ignored, held acccountable both financially/legally, but the Govt. can say/do whatever they want, and legally get away with it. There is no such thing as justice, and no one gives a damn.

Civilized progressive society, NO WAY, more like criminally corrupt, greedy and lawless, justice and balance does not exist in the law and only serve self interest groups, including those in power and what they can get out of it. The rest of us are considered unequal, with disrespect and disdain for our rights, by those who make and enforce the laws.

Never believe that we live in a democratic society where all people are equal. The ARROGANCE of the LAW does what ever it wants, when it wants, to protect the asses of itself, and could care less about us as humans.

Victims and families of victims are in particular treated the harshest and are to be disposed of in inhumane, traumatic, slimy manipulations of the Law, as if we are the guilty ones. The real guilty perpertrators who have violtated the Laws, have more rights than us.

God does NOT bless America and/or Americans, he/she only blesses the evil, corrupt, and the powerful.

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