Thursday, October 4, 2012


Along with millions of Americans I was looking forward to watching the first Presidential debate last night between Obama and Romney. 
What a complete, utter, bitter disappointment the debate was. Boring, filled with old sound bites, bull shit, and no real specifics about anything remotely resembling plans to get our Country out of the critical mess we are in.

What I saw were two ambitious, full of shit politicians  performing as Actors, talking the talk of irrelevant rhetoric designed to win publicity "point's" by not answering questions. 

Neither one of these two politicians has a clue how very much in need our citizens are for a Leader, nor has the guts to stand up and do whatever is reasonably necessary to save our Country, while also protecting the programs many of us depend upon.

What I saw last night was a disgusting display of media  talking heads hyping before, after, and for the rest of this Campaign every piece of minutia that they pontificate about the Presidential candidates performance, as if they were reviewing a movie or show. 

The media became the news as usual in their inability to reveal how phony this debate was and instead as usual focused on the meaningless, instead of the huge issues facing us that are begging to be exposed. If only they did their jobs as professional journalists, instead of clowns that simply repeat the crap fed to them.

Political Pundits gushed all over themselves that Romney was the debate winner because after many, many weeks of rehearsals, he performed at the debate able to show that he has a  faint heartbeat and appears to possibly be a human being. Alas, Romney still can't wipe that pompous, stupid smirk off his face, the nervous laugh tic, which all tells us that he is still actually an android.

Other experts declared Obama "too Presidential Like", unfocused, wandering, impatient, unprepared, devious for looking directly at the camera so as to talk personally to Americans. 

All the media sounding like a "dancing/debating Reality TV Show with the presidential nominees "panel of Judges" going on ad nauseaum at  what Obama/Romney did or did not do "correctly" in their performances.

Last nights debate confirmed that Americans all over the country watched a much-anticipated television broadcast in which presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney gave a series of brief, meticulously rehearsed speeches on various domestic issues. 

We heard what Obama and Romney have already practiced saying hundreds upon hundreds of times over the past few weeks in front of political strategists, media professionals, and image consultants, campaign ads, speeches, and to anyone who would listen”

I saw the two candidates’ carefully rehearsed 90-to-120-second speeches on tax reform and job creation. After months of campaign sound bites, we finally get to hear one candidate recite a carefully vetted position before pausing and  politely allowing the other candidate to do the same. 

Our Country is literally falling apart, the middle class is destroyed, Congress is owned by Corporations, there is so much that needs to be fixed, you would think one of these Presidential candidates would have the smarts to talk honestly, directly to the issues, drop their plastic, phony words, images, and go after the other to show us that they are serious about helping alleviate all the actual suffering taking place in the United States.

What we got is the same old stale, repetitive stuff with a response that is painstakingly calculated down to even the slightest pause, between words, facial look, even the way they position their body to the camera.

Personally I believe Romney is an alien from a far away universe, Obama is a "wuss" for never smacking back at him, and unbelievably not once confronting Romney about the quote that "47% of American's are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you,name it, that that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what.  These are people who pay no income tax. [M]y job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

I mean Romney actually is on video saying that he believes the rest of us are beggars, bums, so hit him back with the truth of what he actually believes. What could possibly be going on in the empty minds of Obama's advisor's in having him ignore stuff like that?

You wanna stay president show us you have balls and get your hands dirty in exposing Romney for the fraud he is. Nope, they just patted each other on the backs, acted out tired old scripts, and smiled like dummies.

Oh yeah, Romney who loves the middle class so much despite his 97% comments, said he would defund PBS fire Big Bird and the debate moderator Jim Lehrer of PBS, along with he won't raise taxes on anyone, but will get "rid of deductions"which he never specifies exactly what those are.

He won't say it, because his plan includes removing many deductions of what's left for the middle class to survive, such as the mortgage interest deduction and capping deductions for individuals. Duh, that would be a tax raise, just a matter of semantics. 

Romney stand up and also have the balls to say what you mean, that you believe Corporate Welfare is good for America from the Government, but helping the American people is Socialism, big bad government. 

Does anyone want to tell the truth that Welfare Queens may actually look like Giant Corporations, not poor Americans.The government spent about $59 billion to pay for traditional social welfare programs like food stamps and housing assistance in 2006, while Uncle Sam doled out $92 billion in assistance to corporations during the same year. 

It doesn't matter what political party is in power, they are all responsible for this mess. None of them are going to change it. Romney/Ryan will remove food stamps, kill "entitlement plans", and Obama will reward his big donors. No one cares about regular Americans, so say it.

The rest of us other Americans are not smiling because we all are the real losers of these debates. There is nothing funny about what happened last night. There is nothing to trust about what each of these candidates stated in their "Plans" when many of the key facts given by both of them are incorrect, off by billion of dollars in how to resolve the budget crisis and their math doesn't even come close to adding up on a calculator to the amounts they have glibly claimed in spending costs, savings to the Country.

I don't really give a shit to hear home spun story's from Obama about his grandmother or lying sanctimonious  horse shit from Romney about how much he cares about the American middle class, we who he actually despises in personal private mumblings.

The next debate is scheduled for the evening of Oct. 16, when the candidates will gather in a town hall setting to respond to discreetly edited questions from handpicked members of the audience. Another phony display of our Country as a Democracy that is in fact a land not "for the people , by the people".  We are a place where justice is not served and the 1% of the very rich own our Country, along with our dear freedom loving friends, China.

I won't be watching any more debates. 

There are more enlightening things for me to do, perhaps I will clean my garage, at least there I can get to accomplish throwing out some real garbage. 

If only I had the same chance to do that to these two bozos and all their political flunkies.