Monday, September 3, 2012


                             Monday, September 3, 2012

                                              STEVEN'S SONG 

                                                     In Memoriam: 
                                   STEVEN NATHANIEL  WOLKOFF
                        September 23,1977 – June 21, 2008

CLICK ON HERE TO LISTEN TO STEVEN'S SONG -The words below were sent to me by a friend who after listening to Steven's Song, wrote how she felt. 
"Dear Jerry,
That was one powerful song. Thank you for sharing it . It was well done and well played and a very generous gift to be given.

These are the unsung words for Steven's song:

Into His Own

He came into his own not even knowing he had
A young man, on his way, to meet his dreams
he fell in love with life the day he was born
he sang the songs of his time and played the music he loved.

He met life straight on,
every challenge a joy, a chance to meet destiny and more
he could decode and read things most cannot even begin to know
maybe it was the musician in him, maybe it was the genius.

He brought people in, closer to him just by being himself
those that knew him understood this charisma, this quality
he didn't even know he touched so many people
many that never even met him, yet those who knew him knew this about him.

A son, a brother, a boyfriend, a friend
endless words to describe him.
The one thing they all knew was, he would respond positively to them
and he could probably draw a sell out crowd.

My friend, his father, loved him more than words could ever speak
more than the deepest ocean or brightest sun
this young man, though he is no longer in his father's grasp or hand
has never let go of his son's heart and he never will.

He came into his own, much faster than many older than him ever do
he lived life to its fullest, though there was more to live.
Now, in silence and many times tears, he is remembered and revered
by those who loved him, this young, beautiful man,

My friend's son, Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff,
I have listened to you grieve, heard your voice crack
shared your deepest sorrow
and all I could ever hope for is one moment of peace for you.

May that moment come one day in a dream
in your mind, I know it won't in your heart.
Thinking of you, my friend, tonight and always
Know that your son, came into his own, not even knowing that he had.


                                                 In Memoriam: 
                                   STEVEN NATHANIEL WOLKOFF 
                       September 23,1977 – June 21, 2008


Steven's Song is an music composition written by the Composer Gary Gilroy in memory of my son Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff.

It's New York Premiere was performed by the Wantagh High School Wind Ensemble on May 22, 2012.

This original composition is a quiet and moving work meant to serve as a tribute to the life of an exceptional man, my son Steven. I love him, miss him very much and he will be remembered forever.