Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Part 2-god Does Not Bless America Or Americans

Justice has no positive miracles for innocent victims, in my fantasy I imagined the Justice System forcing the State of California to use a Public Defender and do the best they can at preparing a defense, which is what would have happened if it were you or I were the defendant.

The Govt. gets what it wants using the most ridiculous motion of having no $ to defend themselves and it has now been approved by the System. This will delay the Jury Trial of Steven's wrongful death case against ALL the defendants to a future, different rescheduled date.

We have already filed the necessary legal Order for the setting of a new trial date .

While I expected this and was told by our Lawyers this would happen, I am nevertheless upset that this continued mockery of Justice prevails- The Circus and Theater of The Absurd goes on. There is no such thing as true justice and the legal system is not interested in protecting the rights of victims. It is a truly ugly reality- Do NOT for a second believe that we live in a society whose laws treats all of us equally.

I promise this- We will NOT give up the fight, and we will outwait, outlast, "them", and persevere, doing our very best, to obtain those rights against all those who would deny us, FOR STEVEN.

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