Monday, September 19, 2011


A lot of people dislike, actually they hate President Barack Obama, as if someone could be more despicable than George W. Bush was as our "leader".

Yep, Obama and the Democratic Party managed to be so inept, even though they had a clear mandate for change voted on by the American people to take us back to some sanity, and actually so incompetently screw it up, as to now put the GOP/TEA Party in a position where many Americans may just elect one of this group of highly unqualified, somewhat "challenged" presidential candidates.

These very same political parties are back,the ones that gave us this disaster in the first place, and whose skills consist of extreme amnesia, lying, distorting, hate, and dividing the American people, to further their own personal political ambitions, plus doing the bidding of those who own them through political "contributions".

I am not here to post a pro Obama, Democrat opinion. Truth be told I don't like Obama and I don't like ANY politician, I disdain all political parties. It is no longer possible for any politician to be considered as a real candidate for any office, including Dog Catcher, without having sold their soul, personal ethics, and anything that is human about them to the puppet masters.

Whatever political persuasion you may belong to or not, understand, whether you like it or not, no politician gives a damn about regular people such as yourself, and it's always all about their arrogance in being "better than you", getting as much as possible in, but not limited to: money, greed and power.

Today I heard President Obama "call out" the GOP/TEA party and other defenders of the obscenely rich in a way I have not heard him do so before. 


No doubt a political "get tough" facade for those of us who have complained that he has no balls and doesn't stand up for what he believes in.

On the other hand, not so bad on his part, considering we have not heard ANY coherent ideas, suggestions, plans, or words from his detractors that make any financial sense in making our economic situation any better. They focus on slash, burn, old policies that got us into this mess, and personal political attacks aimed at keeping Obama a one term President.

Today Obama  asked a simple, clear, but so very important question in a tone that resonated with me, and should with you also. 

He asked, quite emphatically, why should any politician defend not raising revenue to reduce the budget deficit, by pledging to refuse imposing tax hikes on those who earn $5 million, $50 million, or $50 billion dollars a year, but still proportionately pay the same percentage in taxes as someone who only makes $50,000 a year?

At the same time that these opposition politicians have promised to never waver on their taxing the filthy rich, they are ever so willing to destroy the internal overall Infrastructure of the Country, Education, all kinds of Programs for regular folks, Health Care, Medicare, Medicaid, Mortgage tax deductions, just about anything we need to survive.

These opposition, pro rich phonies, moronically talk about job creation being stopped if we tax the rich, close tax loopholes for them, Corporations, Hedge Funds, Wall Street, Banks, but somehow never say a word of truth about how do we create jobs.

When Employers are hoarding 2 TRILLION DOLLARS in cash and not hiring any significant amount of new workers (in fact they are firing employees), or using it in any way to carry a remotely token share of the pain we are all supposed to share, in saving our Country from financial ruin.

It's real simple, if America is serious about fixing its economic problems, then we must face the truth that we are being lied to, and deal with it by stopping the bull shit, the rhetoric, games of clowns fighting over who is dumber, and address the real class warfare waged by the untouchable "haves", who have suddenly conveniently forgotten their math skills, because it suits them to never assume their role as being part of the rest of America.

Only we the people are asked to "assume the Bubba position", get screwed, as always in the name of what's good for the Country.

Fairly taxing the affluent with their strong backs, huge assets sitting dormant, living unscathed privileged lives, are key to the foundation of there being any future for all other Americans.

Will the garbage that gets repeated over and over by the burn and slash maniacs continue to get lapped up by the very citizens who will be hurt the most by these lies?


Are we so stupid as a nation of citizens to recognize that Obama today has actually clearly spoken the truth, in a way that anyone can understand, about how to start getting out of this mess?

I think the answer, and this is just my olde Brooklyn "me" talking, yes, I think Americans are that stupid, but it will be close, there is hope that enough Americans just might, possibly, perhaps, wake up. 

It will be close, too close for me to call, perhaps, the Supreme Court will eventually legally decide for all of us, as it so gleefully did on "our behalf" in the 2000 year presidential election.