Friday, November 12, 2010

I Know Your Conscience Bothers You.

I know that your conscience is bothering you.

You are never far away in your mind and heart from thinking about the true facts that are being hidden about what happened to Steven. I know you visit my Blog and the Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff Memorial Web Site trying to give yourself some comfort, a connection to Steven and his family. It bothers you so much that Steven's life and his death are trying to be erased as if he never existed and that you can help prevent that from taking place.

I know that you care about what happened to Steven and that his negligent death weighs heavily on you. You are a decent person, it must be very difficult for you to live with these inner feelings, to realize that "they" may get away with killing Steven, and destroying our family. Yet you have the ability to stop this travesty of justice, it is the withholding of the truth of what really happened, the questions of due process, that is consuming you in guilt. It is Steven's soul that keeps talking to you, asking for your help.

I understand that you fear the consequences of helping, but can you allow Steven to have died so horrifically, painfully, without you coming forward to hold those accountable for stealing Steven's life, to provide justice FOR STEVEN? This guilt will never leave you, these demons will haunt you forever, unless you do the right thing.

If you fail to use the courage that you have and stand up for Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff, then you will face a life time of knowing that you took the easy way out. Can you live with that torture?

I know you want to help, do it anonymously, do it through your personal/professional connections to others, or do it using your name, do it anyway you want, please, I plead with you, just do it, for Steven's sake and that of your own soul.

If you want, you can postal mail me the truths that have been hidden, or anything you believe will be helpful, To: Jerry Wolkoff, 1269 Jonathan Lane, Wantagh, NY.11793. I will make sure that they get into the hands of people who will insure that legal justice is done. No-one can trace your postal mail, I will destroy the envelope, I promise you.

There is still time to prevent yourself from living a life of hell, to fix some of the inhuman, despicable wrongs that have been done by others, to know that you did the best that you could do FOR Steven. You may think that the truth you have is not important, or means nothing, don't fool yourself, everything that happened to Steven from June 21, 2008, to the very end of time, is important.

At some point, it will be too late to help, Steven's legal case will end, and you will be unable to rid yourself of your ghosts. How much is it worth to you having peace of mind? How much is a human life worth? How much is the life of Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff worth? Please do the right thing, don't wait any longer. Thank You-Jerry Wolkoff