Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Like a windowpane
Broken by a stone
Each tiny piece of me lies alone

And scattered
Far beyond repair
All my shiny dreams
Just lying there

I'm broken, but I'm laughing
It's the sound of falling glass
I hope that you won't mind if I should cry, In public, while I wait for this to pass

I'm shattered
Into fragments cold and gray
Sweep the pieces all away

Then no one will ever know how much it mattered, 

Something deep inside of me Shattered


The song lyrics above, all began with a DUI illegal alien, high on drugs, no drivers license ever owned, a mother, also an illegal alien, with no drivers license either, knowing her son was drugged, still giving him the keys to drive their car, and ending with the death of my older son Steven. 

So many things, it is beyond comprehension how much has and will become permanently shattered by the disregard of our legal laws, those moral human values of the sanctity for a human life, and the responsibility each of us is supposed to respect as part of our actions, but most of all, Steven is gone forever. 

This is not a post about answers of the illegal immigration facing America that are front and center of the political climate in America today. This is about my personal feelings, emotions, and the way there are two different, completely alien worlds when it comes to my reality experienced and the intellectual arguments of others.

Just when I think that I have seen it all, something more outrageous comes along to educate me about these extreme differences.

I was reading today about one of the biggest moron politicians, Mr. Brown, who never worked a real job in his life, instead choosing to live off his daddy's fiefdom, always at the taxpayers expense.

Give him credit, he just managed to get himself elected to a second term as Governor of California, by the people of that great dysfunctional State, who obviously deserve an even more inept successor, to their former Arnold the "Love Child leader" .

Oh, and the same Mr. Brown guy who instead of marrying his amazing girlfriend Linda Ronstadt years ago, decided to continue his career in politics, as if one thing had anything to do with the other, which says all you need to know about the impaired judgement of Mr. Brown. 

California Governor "Moonbeam" Edmund Gerald Brown on July 25, 2011 signed one part of the California DREAM Act AB130 which will provide increased financial aid for illegal alien (AKA "undocumented ") students into law.

This bill become a law on January 1, 2012. It will allow the University of California, California State University, California Community Colleges to provide financial aid to Illegal Alien (AKA"undocumented") students.

The second part of the California DREAM Act AB 131 was subsequently passed during the last 2 weeks, after approval by the State Senate and Assembly, despite concerns that the legislation will increase state expenditures at a time of enormous budget cuts to essential services throughout California. Brown has until October 9th to sign it into law, which he says he will do. 

AB 131 would allow Illegal Alien (AKA "undocumented") students at California colleges and universities to be eligible for state financial aid such as Cal Grants. AB 131 would also give qualified illegal alien (AKA "undocumented") students full access to other state funded financial aid, as well as fee waivers from the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges for community college students.

The money would come from the state’s general fund. This bill differs from the federal DREAM Act in that it does not provide a path to citizenship.

Opponents of the bill have said that providing state aid to illegal aliens (AKA "undocumented") students would be fiscally irresponsible when the state is facing a nearly $10 billion deficit, a deficit getting larger by the day.

But supporters have argued there is still time for immigration reform and there are economic reasons to support the act, that it is crucial for students to be educated so they can contribute to the economy as tax-paying workers.

“The Dream Act is not only the right thing to do for the children of our state, to enable them to realize their potential, but it is also the right thing to do for California’s economic prosperity,” said bill co-author and state Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, "Regardless of the debate surrounding immigration, it is time to stop punishing kids for the decisions of their parents.” (My Insert- MY WORDS- Mr.Yees's words are intellectual, hollow, empty political mumbling, shamelessly pandering to get him votes. What happened in real life to my son Steven's rights to realize his own self potential, and his life being stolen from him at the age of 30 by the illegal alien and the decision of the mother to both ignore the motor vehicle laws, other laws of our country, and Steven's human rights to life, all which "punished" Steven by killing him. How will the State of California help Steven who was a long time resident of their State and an American citizen, with the same concern, sensitivity, compassion they extend to illegal aliens? The answer is they won't, and have used and will continue to use, every possible legal, political, low life manipulations to avoid any responsibility for their own multiple acts of negligence as part of the events that caused Steven's death. 

This is the real truth, it is the truth of the acts by all of these involved evil people, State, local Governments, the legal system.  Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than arrogant lying and conscientious indifference that hides, lurks behind the facade of justice for all, but none for victims of injustice.)

This financial aid legislation in fact that doesn’t do anything to help provide these people with a legal path to citizenship, because after California tax payers help educate these students, it will be illegal for anyone to hire them once they enter the workforce.

This will cost (estimated at $38 million) the already bankrupt State of California, which among other things is 3 years behind in reimbursing American citizens who are crime victims, and their families, for costs personally incurred by these people as part of the State Laws protecting victims, administered by the California Victim Compensation Program, because the Program says it has no funds left. Screw the victims, screw their families, they are just Americans, ignoring their legal rights is fine with the State of California.

What happens to the tuition costs of American students, other legal students, whose families are struggling to pay for college education, by denying them places in higher education slots, and the loss of financial aid available, by placing illegal alien students to compete with them for these limited funds.

To put the sickening California State priorities in perspective, a brief example of just a few of the major, serious budget cuts already implemented by California at this time:

This is just more political theater from the bankrupt and corrupt California government to keep one or the other crooked political parties in power. They obviously aren’t truly helping the citizens of their state who are paying some of the highest taxes in the nation while having  their most important services severely reduced by State and local Governments.

Of course Brown being a former Governor of California and Mayor of Oakland had no part in creating the current financial messes. 

I long ago gave up trying to figure out what Mr. Moonbeam believes in, besides being an intellectual bull shitter who is very impressed with himself, and is the epitome of a slimy politician who will say and do anything to keep his power, he stands for his own survival, his ego. 

I don't pretend to have the solutions to any of this. 

Certainly there are too many people who are on both sides of this that don't give a shit about seeking honest answers, but are using it all to spread hate, personal political agendas, and further polarize, divert attention away from their own real toxic beliefs.

There are decent, hard working human beings who represent both sides. None of that matters to me any longer, nothing changes the brutal reality that American citizens, such as my son, Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff are being killed daily by illegal aliens. 

No-one can imagine the suffering that Steven felt, no-one has seen the horrific photos, the pain that Steven endured that I have seen. It is impossible for me to ever forget, stop the nightmares,or ignore that Steven did NOT have to die, as the only truth, that matters.

It is an indefensible abuse by  those who have calculatingly and consciously decided to ignore the laws of our Country, that the rest of us are expected to follow.

This started the initial part of the subsequent cascade of negligence by multiple Entities,others, all contributing to that which shattered my family permanently, beyond repair.

It is not open for an intellectual debate about politics, or empty words from those who never experienced the violent, painful, agonizing death of a loved one by the failure of those selfish animals, who deliberately by their indifference, cowardice, maim, kill other innocent human lives, because they can, and don't ever have any reason to fear appropriate American legal justice being served on them, because our Court system, our Government is broken.
  There is no such thing as justice, in or out of court.           Darrow, Clarence