Friday, May 1, 2015


                         Two New Born Robin's and The Third Emerging From The Blue Egg

Three New Born Robin's

Rocking Robin's 

 Mamma Robin Keeping Her Babies Warm

                                        Steven's Memorial Light and The Robin's Nest

Rising above the earth and soaring through the skies, birds have been symbols of power and freedom throughout the ages. 

In many myths and legends, birds link the human world to the 
supernatural that lie beyond ordinary experience. 

During the years since my son Steven was killed, I have had Robin and Cardinal birds that have appeared multiple times, literally on my living room window, directly outside the front door, and by other windows.

These birds appear all year round and linger for long periods of times looking into my house at me.

At first I paid no attention to them, but they kept coming back, often the same bird, almost as if they were visiting me.

I sometimes thought that it perhaps was in some strange way a signal from Steven, that he is OK, or maybe they carry his soul, or spirit.

I am not religious, I do not believe in god nor a heaven or hell.

I do think that there may be a "force of energy in the Universe, Karma, perhaps reincarnation, but logically it is all not a very strong feeling that such things exist.

Well the strangest thing happened yesterday late in the afternoon.

I noticed a birds nest with three powder blue eggs was sitting directly on a small shrub outside the living room window, directly in front of Steven's eternal memorial light that I have in that window since Steven died.

For me, the memorial light is not just in memory of his life, but a feeling I have that this is a beacon for Steven's soul, his spirit, a path for him to find his way home.

After a few minutes of watching, Two of the three eggs in the nest opened up, the most beautiful magic of nature revealed itself in two newly born, tiny Robin babies.

About 10 minutes later, the remaining egg opened up and the third baby was born.

What an amazing experience, in front of me, and I have been watching this unfold since yesterday, with the mother and father birds protecting their new babies, and also looking for food to feed them.

The father brings food to the mother bird and regurgitates it into the mom's mouth (it looks like they are kissing) and then the mother regurgitates the food into each of the three baby's mouths. It looks like they are all kissing and it is a wonderful feeling, strangely humbling to view the miraculous beginning of life by mother nature.

Native American tradition holds the spiritual belief that spirits or souls inhabit the universe, and each of its natural elements. 

When you experience a sign from a spirit, it is supposed to be their way of telling you they are with you.

A loved one’s memory after they die, remains forever a part of our own life. 
There are images, voices, smells and feelings that stay with us all the time.
Of all the thousands of trees in this neighborhood, I think of it being more than a random "coincidence" that this happened specifically in the spot "chosen". 

I would like to believe that It's sort of a "signal" from Steven, that our shrub in front of the window with his beacon memorial candle, lit 24/7, is where "they" decided to give birth to life. 


Who Knows........Could Be....?????