Monday, October 10, 2016


Hillary and Donald met today to discuss the ugly personal attacks that have become the bizarre low life Presidential campaign of our great nation.

Thankfully they have both wisely decided (see above music video) to bring back civility, stop the polarization, of our citizens, discuss the real problems facing America, and to end their 3rd grade blame game behavior that has been just so silly stupid.

Hillary & Donald agreed to release the music video above as a way of showing us as a Nation, that it's time to be serious, join together, and discuss the long list of real issues in the very screwed up world we live in. 

After last nights disgusting 2nd Presidential debate which showed how our election campaign for president of the United States keeps sinking to new lows, even beyond that which a Banana Republic would tolerate, it's finally time to get down to the real business of electing the best qualified candidate for President.

I think this is great for all of us, no matter what our political persuasion or not.

I would be remiss not mentioning another concern I have about what's with the endless Trump "sniffles", snorts, snuffling" sounds coming from his nose during both debates. Sort of more like an anxious twitch coming from his nasal area when he is debating. Very distracting and potentially a serious problem for him. The music video doesn't seem to have the nasal sound but the music is loud and blocking us from hearing it.

His debate microphones are not "defective" again. It ain't post nasal drip. Clearly during the debates,Trump about every 40 seconds is a sniffler, snuffler, snorter.

Perhaps he has a disability which we shouldn't make fun of, or an illness, or a nasal anxiety twitch, or just are relaxation techniques of breathe in breathe out the good, bad air. 

I worry about his health & his stamina if elected President, his potential ability to function with all of the stress in that job.

I am concerned about Donald as a fellow American because he also cares so much about all of us as human beings.

He needs to see a good Dr. to get a diagnosis as it could be serious and we as the the American public have a right to know that all is well with Donald

Enough of this "love one another" for now on my part, the worlds complex, real problems wait for us and it's time to unite as Americans.

There is so much division in America among our citizens. I think it's time for all of us to stop the war of words and love one another, no matter our political differences. 

It would make "America Great Again" as Donald says and "Stronger Together" as Hillary proclaims. 

god bless America.