Saturday, October 6, 2012



 In my previous post I made it clear Truth was the real loser of our first Presidential debate. 
I think that Americans don't really care whether they are being lied to. In fact I believe they can't get enough lying and want even more if it suits their beliefs.

The problem to me is that many Americans find aggressive lying entertaining and are unwilling, or unable to tell the difference between lies and reality.

We have entered the age of “post-truth”, the big lie, and our entire political process has degenerated as a result. 

Our politics consist of repeating the same lies over and over again until many people believe it as the truth. Hitler learned how to master the technique of using the 'Big Lie' in Germany and look what the German people went along with as their "truth" supposedly causing the problems they had. 

Post truthfulness has bled into all areas of our society as a result, from intimate relations, to our social, and work lives. 

It is the mantra of the amoral, where individuals or whole nations are unable to perceive or are indifferent to questions of right or wrong. 

It allows Banks, Corporations, Government,  Law Enforcement, Courts, Judges, Lawyers, thieves, murderers,  everyone, and anyone to justify things that they do illegally,unethically, as perfectly understandable, acceptable behavior. 

Lying is the modern norm for America, just as mediocrity has become the definition of "excellence". Screw thy fellow American is a business, political, personal facade that is used to hide behind. 

Being a "victim'  has been hijacked from those of us who have experienced the horrors of victimization, and been diluted to become the rallying call of the very rich 1% of America, their gullible followers to ironically claim that they are "victims" of big government and problems caused by the other 47% of their fellow Americans who pay no income taxes, expect entitlements such as medical care", essentially calling them beggars,bums.
Gee, that's a big lie, but it works, even some of those 47% now believe they are the problem.

President Obama lied also about his own savings and expense cuts which  didn't mathematically come close to adding up. (Neither do those proposed by Romney).

Obama could have challenged Romney on these untruths, instead stuck to his narrative and didn’t decisively call Romney out on it. Obama didn’t win points for that. In fact, Americans, it seems  from the sum of the post debate polls, prefer aggressively told lies to explanations. 

Romney denied he has proposed a $5 trillion tax cut, but since he has given no specifics on the elimination of “offsets” like tax deductions and credits, the $5 trillion is the only hard number available. 

Romney repeated the untruth that President Obama is “cutting $716 billion” from Medicare, but these are actually savings from reductions in fraud, waste, and unnecessary subsidies given by Bush #2 to increase the profits of private insurance Company's that offer "Advantage ' programs. 

Gas prices have not “doubled,” as Mr. Romney claimed.

Perhaps the worst lie of all was Romney’s claim that people with pre-existing conditions would be covered under his plan, a claim that a Romney adviser immediately walked back after the debate.

Finally, Romney “essentially revived the idea of death panels” by claiming Obama care established “a board that will tell people what kind of treatment they’re going to get.” Nope.

The best moment of the debate, frankly, and where reality may have intruded, was when Romney essentially fired both Jim Lehrer and Big Bird: “I’m sorry, Jim, I’m going to stop the subsidy to PBS. I’m going to stop other things. I like PBS, I love Big Bird. Actually like you, too.”
Oops. Truth-telling.

Immediately a Twitter meme was created, @FiredBigBird. The last I checked, it had 23,160 followers. By contrast, @SilentJimLehrer was only following Big Bird.
Big Bird tweeted:
Now, Romney, that one moment of truth-telling will come back to haunt you, mark my words. It took four minutes for @FiredBigBird to be created.

But for the rest of the debate, it was truth that lost. Hands down. 

Out of control health care costs in our Country correctly are directly related to so many other issues threatening to destroy the United States. 

The notion that "Obama Care" is a horrible thing for our Country has been distorted by the GOP and others into totally false claims of doomsday scenarios that they say will replace our "current health care system that is the best in the world".

That's a big lie. We now spend more than $2.5 trillion annually on medical care.  But as recently as 1950, Americans spent only about $8.4 billion ($70 billion in today’s dollars). The increase has been mind-boggling. After adjusting for inflation, we now spend as much on health care every ten days as we did in the entire year of 1950.

Perhaps skyrocketing spending could be justified if the result was greatly improved health for the nation’s citizens.  But the truth is that our health has actually been declining in recent decades. 

The U.S. health system spends a higher portion of its gross domestic product than any other country but ranks 37 out of 191 countries according to its performance, which includes efficiency, mortality rates.
This comprehensive World Health Organization research study finds" Columbia, Chile, Costa Rica, Israel, Saudi Arabia, San Marino, Andorra, Malta, and Singapore, are rated close behind first place France,second placed Italy, all ahead of the U.S.

The United States finishes dead last in health care results even though Americans spend twice as much on health care than other developed countries , but get lower quality, less efficiency and have the least equitable system. Oh yes, but at least we don't have that wicked Socialized medicine that these other nations "force" on their citizens. 

The same people who bash Obama Care are at the same time screaming " don't touch my Government provided Medicare, my parent's medicare, or my loved one who has Medicare due to a disability". 

Both presidential candidates as I have stated multiple times, are full of shit. 

Romney will say anything and lie his way to be President, pandering to anyone. Not to mention that he has to be given lessons in acting to appear as a supposed human being.

Obama doesn't appear to be defending his record as president for the last four years, so why should America give him another four years?

The answer is that you vote for the best of the worst. The one whose shit smells the least, lies less than the other, and will hurt you less than the other. 

For me those are very poor reasons to vote for a particular candidate for president. However, that is the reality we have, that Obama smells less toxic than Romney.

Romney can't pass the smell test and clearly has said what he means that he has no interest in helping the rest of us 47%.

In this world of mediocrity, Obama is the one to vote for because he is less mediocre than Romney, won't really hurt Social Security, Medicare, and doesn't lie as much as Mitt.

How can you trust a guy with a first name Mitt, and a used car salesman ever present smirk, along with a cruel, demonic V.P. monster Dracula Paul Ryan, one heartbeat away from being the president, both ready with plans to do away with Medicare for a voucher system. remove mortgage interest tax deductions, and privatizing Social Security, essentially destroying the safety net existing for all American's.

We can't pay for it all they say. Want some answers?

Hmmm-get rid of the real garbage that politicians steal our tax money to waste on, stop funding countries that hate us, do away with government corruption, sub contractors pals of those in power defrauding billions of dollars, tax breaks, subsidies for hundreds of different industries, and yes, unfair low tax rates for the ultra rich. 

Hey guys- let's also not forget about all theThe Big Lies that Entitlement Programs are too costly and the Country cannot afford them. SOCIAL SECURITY NEEDS UNCLE SAM TO PAY UP HIS $2.5 TRILLION PLUS DOLLARS IN IOU'S IT OWES TO Social Security, NOW!

Start with the truth above about the SOCIAL SECURITY System being raped by UNCLE SAM who stole all this money FOR NON SOCIAL SECURITY "pork barrel" waste.

Get the point? Nobody, in the Social Security and Medicare, hating members of Congress will acknowledge the fact that not one dime of the huge US deficit has been caused by a benefit check paid by Social Security, and the only parts of Medicare that are funded by general tax revenues are doctors bills and the prescription drug benefit, Medicare Part D, a handout that was given to private health insurers established by former President George W. Bush and the Republicans in Congress, which bars the government from negotiating discounts from the pharmaceutical companies, a problem easily fixed by improved legislation. 

What about our country’s outlandish military budget and a decade of unfunded wars, which have been piling up debt at a rate of about $150 billion a year.

Add cuts in the out sized $40+ billion annual secret intelligence budget, in the nation’s obsolete and dangerous nuclear weapons program, and other military-related expenditures, and we’re talking about saving half a trillion dollars a year! Cutting this waste will still allow us to be strongest military power in the world.
It’s the wars, stupid! The money to pay for Americans is all there waiting to be given back to we the people, try harder, it can be found.

It's all about liars, Americans should not have delusions that any of these guys will give the money back to us.

It's about who will hurt us the least and throw us more crumbs. A very simple, truthful concept to understand. Pull up your boot straps and accept that as the gospel political facts of life.

Of course if you want to believe in lies, then bring it on, the more lies the better for you, knock yourself out.

Pick your poison Americans, this is what the fraud of our real Democracy is all about.