Friday, October 7, 2011


I hate telemarketers and solicitors, including the ones that come to my door. To me they are worse than email spam because there is an uninvited voice that has intruded upon my personal space.

Cell Phone Numbers Go Public this month. All cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS. To attempt in preventing this, call the following NATIONAL CELL PHONE DO NOT CALL list number: 888-382-1222 from your cell phone. You must call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked. You cannot call from a different phone number.

My inspiration for this post is the woman who just called me from some unknown Company and instead of my usual automatic hangup, I first said that she needed to never call me again and remove me from her list. I really am overjoyed when they can't even pronounce my first name correctly, then get aggressive as to their objective of taking money out of my pocket because they "want to help me", and especially when they use a fake American sounding name, but can't talk understandable English.

When I told this latest calle that I was hanging up on her, she demanded from me "tell me the reasons why you should hang up on me".

I get them coming to my door also, like they think they own my home. Verizon Fios comes weekly to try to sell me their TV service and practically mails me an ad in the postal mail every day to sign up.

Those of you who have seen me in action with these trespassers know that I am not the most courteous person or very polite to these invaders. Yet they still come in droves as if I have money to waste on them.

In fact, when someone is ringing the doorbell 500 times and banging on my door like I’m deaf, I do become difficult with them.

There is a different man claiming to be from the American Legion who shows up every year and the recent "visit" went something like this through my closed screen door.

ding dong! ding dong! ding dong ding dong ding donggggg!!! KNOCK; KNOCK; KNOCK; KNOCK.

Me (opening the door): WHAT.

Annoying Man: I"m from the American Legion and we just painted your house address numbers on the street curb.

Me: Did I ask you to paint the curb with my house numbers. Blank stare.

Annoying Man: (oblivious to the anger in my voice and eyes): We are conducting our annual fund raiser so this is how we help you by identifying your house better for people to find.

Me: A blank stare. Then I said, Why don't you go wipe the paint off my curb since I have my house numbers mounted above my front door and don't need it on the cracked, crumbling curb.

Annoying Man: Oh, hahahaha! You’re so funny! So anyway, I words words words words words words words…

Me: My God, I want to choke him out. I swear I’m gonna to rip his hair out. What if I just kicked him in the face? No, I would get arrested.

Me:"Go fuck yourself and your paint". SLAM Door! Right  in his face.

I even got another call just this second where they spent 20 seconds trying to pronounce my first name. Click.

Now another additional call, must be desperate times if they are calling me so much.

In my HALL OF SHAME of My Most Pain in the ass repeat callers who never give up, even though all they get is my clicking the phone down to immediately disconnect them go: Rachel from Your Credit Card Services, Diane from Car Warranty, Doris from your Rug Company to clean/shampoo my carpets, Louis from the NRA, Frank with the phony Fraternal Police Organization scam, the nameless survey people, hordes of others "concerned" about physical disorders that I don't have, but want to sell me something for it, and of course the soon to be launched, can't wait for them, presidential campaign turd of endless calls.

Of course since I have already disconnected my television service as there is nothing worthwhile to watch, maybe I will just go the next step and disconnect my phone, nothing much to miss there either. Will that officially make me a Luddite?