Sunday, June 15, 2014


Just when I think that I have read about the dumbest thing a person can do, it never fails that more stupid people come forward, doing even more idiotic acts.

This is a story about a 3 year old child Summer Devereaux.

Jennifer Devereaux, a photographer from West Newton, was returning home from New York on Monday when she says the 30-minute trip aboard JetBlue Flight 518 turned into a nightmare for her and her two daughters. 

The plane was sitting on the tarmac at John F Kennedy International Airport for about 30 minutes when Devereaux's  3 year old daughter Summer said she needed to use the restroom.

The airplane is not even close to the front of the waiting line of numerous other airplanes that are waiting to take off, yet the cruel, clearly sadistic, unfeeling female flight attendant refuses to allow the mother to take this child to the bathroom.
Three year olds have smaller bladders and are not yet adept at holding it.

The child then urinates in her seat because she cannot hold it in any longer, and the mother Jennifer Devereaux  wants to get some paper towels from the bathroom to clean her daughter up and also dry the seat. 

Again, the flight attendant shows total stupidity by screaming at the mom, refusing to allow the mother,  to get up and do this.

In fact the flight attendant who hasn't done enough damage already to this 3 year old child, then calls the pilot and informs him that there is a "non compliant" passenger on board and the pilot announces over the P.A. system that the airplane is returning to the gate to turn them over to security.

Now, as hard to believe that this flight attendant could be this much of a moron, but the pilot, C'mon, he supposedly has half a brain alive in order to be able to correctly fly the airplane.

What kind of human being needs to be so self important to bully a 3 year child and  also think that they are being "non compliant?

Basic common sense is sadly a rare concept practiced in today's 'modern" world. Stupidity on the other hand is an epidemic among the people of this world

It seems to me for a long time, give someone a small amount of power, and they will rub your face to the maximum level of cruelty using their own self appointed importance, even with a defenseless child.

These sorts of people, they're not human. They're heads with idiots attached as bodies.

The mother has now finally received an apology from JetBlue about the flight attendant who did nothing to help when her three-year-old had a bathroom emergency on the plane and was forced to urinate in her seat.

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Mother of two Jennifer Devereaux, from West Newton, Massachusetts, has received an apology from JetBlue after a flight attendant did nothing to help when her three-year-old daughter Summer had a bathroom emergency on a plane

The specifics of this heartless incident are:

The mother asked a flight attendant if her toddler could use the bathroom, but in response the woman flight attendant 'snapped' at Devereaux, ordering her to 'sit down.'

But little Summer could not wait any longer and ended up relieving herself in her seat.‘It wasn’t about bad customer service at that point, it was about bad human decency. My daughter was sitting in a pool of urine and I couldn’t do anything about it,’ Deveraux told CBS Boston. ‘And as a mom it just broke my heart.’

The married mother of two had no napkins or towels on hand, so she was forced to use her own sweater to soak up the mess.

The unnamed flight attendant turned around and reported it to the pilot,’ said Devereaux.

As the plane was turned around to the gate, the captain’s voice came on the PA system announcing that there is a non-compliant passenger who would be removed by security guards.

Jennifer Devereaux, who was traveling alone with her two daughters, grew fearful, but fortunately for her an off-duty pilot who was sitting in front of her was able to convince his colleagues in the cockpit to let her stay. 

Thank goodness for the off duty pilot who intervened with the cockpit crew and brought them back to humanity.

Upon returning home to West Newton, the mother of two penned a complaint to the airline demanding an apology for the flight crew's behavior towards her family. 

At first the airline attempted to defend their actions with a statement " that JetBlue said the airline was following Federal Aviation Administration regulations that require all passengers to remain seated while a plane is on the taxiway because of the risk of sudden movement. ”The crew made a safety and FAA regulation-based decision”. 

When that lame excuse brought on hordes of responses world wide that the airplane was not taking off yet for awhile and is it  FAA/Jet blue policy to bully 3 year old children to urinate in their seats?, their public relations department woke up to the truth that their crew had screwed up big time, masquerading as human beings 

Jennifer Devereaux says JetBlue apologized to her Saturday, offered her a full credit and $5,000 to the charity of her choice. 

Hard to believe that something such as this could happen, but it did and power hungry "little" minds know no bounds in letting everyone else know, even a 3 year old, how important they are in deciding what you can or cannot do.

JetBlue says employees will undergo sensitivity training. 

I am certain that will not rehabilitate the mindless crew that allowed this to happen because once and idiot, always an idiot.

They don't need sensitivity training, they need common sense training.