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Harold Konigsberg has died at the age of 89 on November 23, 2014 and is buried at the Star of David Memorial Gardens Cemetery, 7701 Bailey Road, North Lauderdale, FL 33068. He is buried in the Star of David Memorial Gardens Cemetery, 7701 Bailey Road, North Lauderdale, FL 33068. Garden of Netanya section at the above Cemetery, in Lot 402, Grave 12. 

More information on his death can be found in my Blog post (CLICK HERE)and and also in my Blog post on his evil deeds (CLICK HERE).

MY Blog post of October 28, 2013 "I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON" begins directly below:
I knew that there was a reason I had stopped checking on a regular basis about his status. I had always monitored it every few months for many years, but have consciously avoided doing so for the past 2 years.

My intuition, the inner street learned honed radar that guides me instinctively had intervened to deliberately delay discovery of the unthinkable. Something I did not want to know was bouncing off my radar, keeping me away. That is, until the other day, when finally I gave in and checked his status.

It is about the status of Harold Konigsberg, the animal who had gruesomely tortured by prolonged strangulation my father Samuel Wolkoff for 5 continuous hours and then finally murdered him, (to read the facts about my father's murder click here).

The words screamed out to me in agonizing, shocking clarity, the grand injustice of reality that I had suspected, Harold "Kayo" Konigsberg is now free after spending more than 49 years in prison.

The now 88 year old Konigsberg was inexplicably released May 21, 2012 at the age of 86, from the Walsh Regional Medical Unit on the grounds of the Mohawk Maximum Security Correctional Facility in Rome, N.Y., according to information from the  New York State Department of Corrections. He is now on parole and living in Florida.

The two New York State Parole Commissioners Sally Thompson and Michael Hagler stated nothing on the record about their granting his release.

With good reason. Whatever they might have said would have been an insult to justice.

Michael Hagler and Sally Thompson of the New York State Parole Board could not have said Konigsberg had repented for the murders he committed, he was not contrite in the least.

And they could not have said he was a cooperative parole applicant, he held them in contempt.

And they could not have said relatives of the victims he has murdered were okay with the release, they never consulted any of the victims family's, including the family of the man he was convicted of murdering.

And they could not have said they believe Konigsberg’s half century behind bars is sufficient, his victims are dead forever.

And they could not have said that, at the age of 86 and suffering from unspecified health issues, he was becoming a financial burden on the prison system, penny pinching is not cause for opening the prison cell door for a killer. 

Although I do suspect his cost to New York State in a prison hospital had been bean counted by the bureaucrats as being too expensive, even for an animal such as him.

All the more astonishing, Hagler and Thompson have lengthy backgrounds as cops and criminal investigators. They should have known better than to end Konigsberg’s punishment.

I was just 10 wears old when my father was murdered by Konigsberg. He horrifically, casually, stole my father's life at the age of 42, destroying a part of my family and myself in the never ending suffering that he wrought on us.

My father cannot be paroled from his fate, my family nor I can be paroled from our suffering. Konigsberg should have served his life sentence without parole, no exception made.

I am well aware, more than others, that life is unfair. That evil goes unpunished and victims have no voice, no right, and their lives have no value to the dysfunctional judicial system. 

Somehow, I still had hoped that Konigsberg would die in prison, and come out in a body bag.

Konigsberg was a Mafia hit man serving a sentence of 20 years to life in state prison on felony charges of first degree murder, conspiracy and grand larceny stemming from the 1961 strangulation death of Anthony "Three Fingers" Castellito Sr., whose body was never found.

Most human beings lack the capacity to kill.

Some can push themselves to take a life if it means protecting themselves or loved-ones from bodily harm. Or they might kill in the heat of passion, out of some uncontrollable rage or the lust of revenge.

But very, very few people have the stomach to kill in cold blood. It takes a rare and special animal, not of the human species, to kill in cold blood, again and again.

Harold Konigsberg has that ability to kill in cold blood, with absolutely no conscience, and no feelings about his evil deeds, least of all toward his victims.

In fact he enjoyed his work immensely, often preferring to personally using a rope rather than a gun to kill his victims. Of course he made certain to always have a number of his henchmen present so that he vastly out numbered his victims,  He showed no mercy for anyone and was beyond ruthless in being monstrous, a prolific, pathological, sociopathic, predator killer. 

In 2008, Konigsberg complained that he has spent an excessive amount of time in prison because he rebuffed then U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy’s effort to make him rat out the mob.

During his too many years still alive on this Earth, according to official internal F.B.I. documents, and other sources who were not authorized to comment on the record, he has personally murdered over at least 24 people. He is suspected to have committed countless other additional contract hit man killings, some of Mafia related individuals and other totally innocent victims such as my father, who had no connection to the Mafia.

No one knows the actual number of people murdered by Konigsberg, and in all likelihood, he himself probably lost count a long time ago.
Victims families, including myself, and certain law enforcement are fuming that an animal killer has been sprung from jail after a surprise parole decision that will allow him to live out his final days with his daughter Edie, in a posh house, which is valued at $750,000, located in a gated community in fancy Weston, Florida. (See Below Photo)

(Later in 2013, Harold Konigsberg has moved to an ungated, no security, Assisted Living Facility located at:  Westchester of Sunrise, 9701 W. Oakland Park Blvd, Sunrise, Fl. 33351. Residents who live there describe him as a "big ass hole").

There will be no release from death of my father Samuel Wolkoff, no pity, no pardon, no mercy, no chance to be with his loved ones, no more time to spend alive enjoying the rest of his life. Harold Konigsberg made certain of that when he sentenced my father to eternal death, where my father now resides permanently at a non posh location, (See below photo).

The NY Daily News-Click Here For the Story- reports that even though Harold Konigsberg was released in June 2012, news of his freedom surfaced publicly only many weeks later in August.

Retired NYPD detective and veteran mob buster Joseph Coffey told the  Daily News it’s a “disgrace” that Konigsberg is free. “I knew him well and he was the worst of the worst,” Coffey said. “He enjoyed killing and enjoyed getting paid for it. He was a nasty bastard and he should have gotten the (electric) chair. I also know Joe Coffey and his words are some of the most respected, honest in law enforcement.

Konigsberg insisted to the parole board that he was not insane, but Coffey recalled that the hoodlum represented himself at an extortion trial in Manhattan Supreme Court and claimed he was crazy.

“He sat in a wheelchair and (defecated) in his pants right in front of the judge,” Coffey said. “I was there and he grossed out everyone and cleared the courtroom, but he was convicted anyway. I remember it like it was yesterday.”

During the recent Parole Board hearing, Konigsberg proclaimed his innocence and raised objections to the proceeding, which was conducted via teleconference, as well as to a risk assessment survey he was required to answer, but had refused to do so.

There was not a whiff of regret or sorrow from him about the victims and their families that he is responsible for destroying. He played his usual script of feigning deafness, self pity, and controlling what was taking place by mocking the law with his distorted demands about the way he was being treated.

At times during the hearing, the commissioners conducting the interview asked Konigsberg to be quiet and listen.
At the hearing, Konigsberg indicated he had been in the  prison hospital since Oct. 4, 2010 and had health issues.  

He had previously been denied parole seven times since 1998, but has been housed in the prison hospital for nearly two years with unspecified maladies that appear to have contributed to his release, parole records show. Board spokeswoman Carole Weaver said she couldn’t discuss his medical issues, which were discussed at the April hearing but are redacted from the transcript of the hearing.

Click here to read the full transcript of this parole hearing.

When specifically asked about his criminal history, he again showed no remorse, instead Konigsberg whined, "Whatever you got there, just keep this in mind, sir, with all due respect, that all this is over 50 years old. When does it end? I mean, you can't keep holding it against somebody for 50 years, 60 years, and say the crime was this or that." 

Such is the bizarre thinking process of this POS,  that somehow he should be shown compassion, for murdering scores of people, most of which he never got indicted for because of his ability to manipulate the legal and law enforcement systems weakness in protecting criminals, plus various "tasks" that he performed for certain Federal Agencies and politicians over the years.

Konigsberg said, if he was released, he "would live in a gated community but it didn't matter if he was paroled".

He rambled on in the transcript, "It doesn't make no sense, to be honest with you, doesn't make no sense to me whether I am paroled or not," he said. "All I have to do is be in a bedroom and watch TV. What can I do at my age now? If you want to hear, if they let me out in 2006, I would be now doing two hundred to three hundred million dollars worth of business." He said he could have made that money in the real estate business, using his skills as an "expert in escalating negotiations".

"As long as I am getting kicked in the ass, let me tell you right now, I want you to consider my age, my health and the fact that we have 49 years off the time," Konigsberg concluded at the end of the hearing. 

Konigsberg’s  life was chronicled by his nephew Eric Konigsberg in an article in The New Yorker and the excellent Book, "Blood Relation"-Click here.

Certain facts in this blog post and also in the book "Blood Relation" have been deliberately edited to protect myself and others. To the cowardly, but powerfully dangerous scum bags who murdered my father, as well as those of you in arrogant, incompetent, corrupt law enforcement, whose agencies knowingly covered their asses, and in doing so, betrayed your sworn oaths to defend justice, by participating in covering up the truth, obstructing justice in this capital offense, which has no statute of limitations: Samuel Wolkoff was my father, a human being, he lived and will be remembered forever.

All of us above know each other, or about each other.

You know I have hidden away safely the written confidential secret official documents with my honest law enforcement and political friends, the written proof of all the significant, detailed, real, truthful, embarrassing facts that you never want revealed.

Not to be concerned about, it will remain buried, as long as nothing else happens to my family, myself, and other loved ones. We know the deal that protects all of us, that nothing else will be done by any of us about my father's murder, the reasons these documents will remain hidden, is the unspoken but very clear mutual understanding we all have forever, of don't ever again fuck with any of us in my family, and in return, we won't fuck with any of you by making the real truth public.

Justice not served, justice not given, nothing complicated, nothing new, an innocent, good person, a human life, that of Samuel Wolkoff taken away cheaply, disposed of easily by lies. As part of that process, I did the best I could to obtain  justice for my father.

My father's error that cost him his life? He  believed in trust, in the sense of obligation to very close members of his family, by giving them a chance to change their ways.

The good deed he did, paid back by these very same, who had him murdered. Horrifically, ugly, but brutally true, and they all got away with it, didn't bother any of them, never mattered to them, never concerned those involved to do anything in confessing about taking his life from us.

I will never understand the unfairness.