Monday, August 1, 2011


Congress lurches backwards as a gang of corrupt politicians, towards a potential deal to raise the Debt Ceiling, and avoid a default by the U.S. Treasury, but there are so many lies, distortions that are being fed to the American public, that I decided to pick one that is disgustingly offensive.

The big lie being fed to us by the government, and politicians of all parties, states that a large part of the current overall financial crisis where government spends more than it takes in as revenue, is supposedly mostly caused by our Entitlement Programs. 

You know, the ones like Social Security and Medicare that have been taken out of ever pay check we have ever earned, to fund the benefits for the costs of these programs.The story being told to us goes like this, Blame it on the "Baby Boomers".

"The government says that the Social Security Crisis is now worse than previously thought.  Each year, the Social Security Trustee’s Report updates us on the status of the Social Security Crisis.  The most recent trustee’s report indicated that it would be 2016 before Social Security began paying out more in benefits than it collects in payroll taxes. However, the most recent White House budget figures show that Social Security actually paid more in benefits than it collected in payroll taxes. 

This worsening of the Social Security Crisis, they say, is due to the current economic downturn. With unemployment so high, fewer people are working and paying into the Social Security System via payroll taxes.  At the same time, thousands of seniors who had previously been working lost their jobs and were forced to start collecting Social Security benefits.  

This resulted, they say, in a double hit for the Social Security System, because it meant fewer dollars coming into the system than expected, and more dollars going out than expected.

They say, these same White House budget projections foretell even more gloom and doom for the Social Security System. The projections show that in each of the next 10 years, Social Security will pay out more in benefits than it collects in payroll taxes. And unless something is done, they say, to address the Social Security Crisis, the situation will only get worse, because of the looming retirements by baby boomers." That's what the politicians say, want you to believe, and when they lie over and over, it becomes the big lie that everyone believes is true. 

Sorry but it is not true and is a set of devious distortions, outright lies, and diversions away from the real causes of the financial hole our country is in.

The truth is that the U.S. government has "borrowed " over 2.5 plus trillion dollars from our Social Security funds to use in totally unrelated ways such as for use by the Defense Dept., Pork Barrel bridges to nowhere for politicians, special interests, vast layers of bloated bureaucratic fiefdoms, foreign aid that lines the pockets of dictators, corporate America bail outs, subsidies, cheese museums, the Lawrence Welk museum, corrupt subcontractors, and many other wasteful pet projects.

During this process the government left "IOU"S" to guarantee they would pay back these "loans" of our social security monies, that were deducted from every paycheck we ever earned. 

Suddenly brain dead amnesia has struck the politicians and they proclaim that Social Security, Medicare, are going to be bankrupt because they say, "the government is spending beyond its revenue". 

Total, total, bull shit, and the American brainwashed even believe this crap. Social Security and Medicare systems have huge surpluses in reality, it is only because the government has defaulted on their IOU's to pay back these entitlement programs, that has now created this false crisis of the entitlement programs not being supposedly financially sustainable . 

It is bad enough that these crooks in Washington tax us twice on our Social Security, once as FICA when we have a paycheck, and then AGAIN when we collect Social Security benefits, it is taxed a second time, as taxable income.

The entire BIG LIE about these entitlement systems spending funds beyond its revenues, well that just is because the government for decades have created the situation by stealing our money. 

I doubt most of the American public even understands this, as they rail against the Obama health care reforms as Socialism, but in the same breath warned "don't touch my Medicare benefits because it is a great system", many not even aware that it is administered solely by their own government.

These distortions about our Entitlement  Programs being the big problem as the major cause of the national debt ignores the country’s outlandish military budget and a decade of unfunded wars, which have been piling up debt at a rate of about $150 billion a year.

The country has been piling up this debt for several decades, and especially over the last decade, but during all this time, Social Security and Medicare have been paying out their benefits from current dedicated payroll taxes and by drawing on the trust funds that had been built up because of the years that more was being collected than paid out in benefits.

Get the point? Nobody, in the Social Security and Medicare, hating members of Congress like Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), will acknowledge the fact that not one dime of the huge US deficit has been caused by a benefit check paid by Social Security, and the only parts of Medicare that are funded by general tax revenues are doctors bills and the prescription drug benefit, Medicare Part D, a handout that was given to private health insurers established by former President George W. Bush and the Republicans in Congress, which bars the government from negotiating discounts from the pharmaceutical companies, a problem easily fixed by improved legislation. It’s the wars, stupid!

Add cuts in the out sized $40+ billion annual secret intelligence budget, in the nation’s obsolete and dangerous nuclear weapons program, and other military-related expenditures, and we’re talking about saving half a trillion dollars a year! Cutting this waste will still allow us to be strongest military power in the world.

Obama and the Democratic party should be ashamed at carrying water for the likes of Ryan, Boehner, and McConnell.

 As this deal of averting the debt crisis and instituting cost cutting measures of huge amounts to programs that are needed by the American people, at least Obama and his cohorts could make an attempt to restore their weasel cowardly reputations, by standing up for the principles they say they represent.

That word modest means higher Medicare premiums, higher deductibles, increases in the "doughnut hole amounts", no power given to Medicare for negotiating  discount drug prices, and the beginning of the end for Medicare. In other words higher taxes we will pay for additional costs placed on our backs and not on the rich of America.

For Social Security it will mean a higher age before one can collect benefits, higher Social Security FICA payroll taxes, no more real cost of living increases (COLA) which will be replaced with a phony new method of adjusting the COLA formula to reflect a chained consumer price index that will actually reduce, and eventually eliminate annual cost of living increases for the American people who receive Social Security,

No where is it mentioned in this deal that corporate tax loops holes will be eliminated, or taxes increased on the very rich, removal of wasteful subsidies to private industry, or in fact anything related to sharing the pain of the cuts on our must vulnerable citizens, with those of our richest elite. 

Sure, pick on the elderly, ill, disabled, poor, little children, American families that need help, not punishment,
and continue to ignore those entities that escape the same pain because they have the money, power, influence to buy off our government.

What a great deal, the demands of the right wing are granted , their agenda's goals will  be to ultimately, totally destroy Social Security and Medicare, and Obama gets us what in return? Nothing but bull shit, feel good, meaningless words from him about "its what the American people asked from us, a compromise, and not exactly what I wanted, but it will help create jobs."

Excuse me President Obama and friends. You just in fact raised the taxes on all Americans by this sneaky terminology, but the rich and Businesses, remain untouched to continue raping America. 

You just also threw away decades of hard, back breaking work to gain, protect these entitlement rights for every working American, and have further set the stage for the destruction for the average American's ability to financially survive. We still don't even know whether our mortgage tax deductions will be removed in the proposed "tax reform" deal and that would cripple even many more Americans to become financially unsustainable, unable to pay our bills, have a roof over our heads, and yes, even to obediently pay our taxes, so that the government can spend it on helping bail out Wall Street, Banks, Auto companies.

At what point do the American people become too important to fail financially to our government, surely we deserve the same compassionate aid as that which was used to keep financial institutions, who made their own mess of our economy. Don't we the people also have the same importance or is that  a naive question, because it is clear that we are not in the loop of the privileged.

Thank you Obama and friends, you have betrayed us because you do know the truth and won't do shit to stand up for your stated beliefs. Instead you intellectually rationalize the need to compromise, remain delusional and see bi-partisan images of fantasy cooperation, that smell of the stink of cowardice. 

You sold us out and are worse than your GOP pals. Yes worse, because you were elected on a platform of trust in you to change things to a better life for the American people as you promised, " yes we can". 

NO, you can, and YOU won't. 

You sold us out and that will be your legacy as the President who was too weak, self absorbed in his political self, and gave away America to the right wing puppets of their masters, whose goals are to widen the gap in our country of the Haves and Have-Nots, with nothing in between, but cruelty, hate, ruthlessness, disrespect, inhuman behavior, and their obsessive, unfeeling, unlimited greed of evil.