Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have written much about the injustices occurring every day in this world. Today my Blog post once again sadly shows that nothing is sacred any longer. Alas, 12 inches, a foot, is no more, it now equals 11 inches and the downward out of control spiral of the destruction of civilization as we know it, continues on its journey of destruction.

I for one, demand that it is time for our esteemed Congress to be called into emergency session to investigate the emerging scandal concerning the shocking discovery of 1 inch missing from every Subway Foot Long sandwich scandal.

Forget the deficit crisis for now, Congress must immediately get to the bottom of this Corporate ripoff of Americans who have had an inch stolen from them each time they bought a trusted Subway foot long sandwich, which was actually only 11 inches.

I mean, if I bought 12, foot long Subway sandwiches in the past year, I have been ripped off a full 12 inches, that equals an entire sandwich.

If you give them an inch now, they will soon take a foot or two later on. Stop this from happening now!

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary- A foot according to any of various units of length based on the length of the human foot; especially : a unit equal to 13 yard and comprising 12 inches. 

So how did one foot become 11 inches? Why did it take so long to discover this missing inch. Where was our Government with their tape measures doing quality control of the length? 

The questions are endless and Congress must  ask the questions necessary to discover the reasons for this unconscionable fraud of the Public. 

Subway Inc. must have their feet held to the fire, and its top executives, cooks, measurers, vigorously questioned by numerous Federal subcommittees to insure that they are properly punished and that this never happens again.


Maybe this is how Jared Fogle lost 200 lbs. on the Subway diet?

After Matt Corby of Perth, Australia discovered his foot long sandwich missed the mark by a full inch, he shared a photo of it on Facebook (above). The photo of his 11" sub and consumer anger soon went viral across social networks worldwide.

Subway of Australia originally issued a response alleging that "Footlong" is merely creative license and does not designate measurement.
"With regards to the size of the bread and calling it a footlong, 'SUBWAY FOOTLONG' is a registered trademark as a descriptive name for the sub sold in Subway® Restaurants and not intended to be a measurement of length. The length of the bread baked in the restaurant cannot be assured each time as the proofing process may vary slightly each time in the restaurant.
The above Subway Australia Facebook reply has since been deleted.

This is not limited to Australia and includes the Subway sandwich sold world wide, and here in the United States as well.

It might seem nit picky to complain about getting cheated out of 1 inch, or possibly less than an inch, of Italian Herbs and Cheese bread. But an inch can mean everything.

Take golf: In the 2004 HP Classic, Joe Ogilvie missed sinking his blast out of the sand trap by an inch, handing the victory and $918,000 of the $5.1 million purse to Vijay Singh.

And to companies that deal in hundreds of thousands of transactions a day, that small measurement adds up fast:

• When Southwest Airlines (LUV) reduced passenger legroom by an inch (to 31 inches) to add six seats to each plane last year, it estimated the $60 million redesign would add $10 million per year in ticket sales.

Radio City Entertainment (CVC) raised the maximum height to be a Rockette in 2000 by 1 inch, to 5 feet 6 1/2 inches. That extra bit of leg might just help draw more viewers to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, which brought in $72 million in ticket sales during nine weeks in 2004.

• In 1997, the Washington Post decided to shrink the width of the paper by an inch (to 12 1/2 inches) and the length by 1 9/16 inch (to 22 inches) to save “millions of dollars,” according to Michael Clurman, the Post‘s production vice president.

Don't believe it? Take your own tape measures out and watch the whole 11 inches the next time you buy a Subway sandwich.

Here's the new updated statement Subway gave  to The Chicago Tribune:
"We have redoubled our efforts to ensure consistency and correct length in every sandwich we serve.
Our commitment remains steadfast to ensure that every Subway Foot long sandwich is 12 inches at each location worldwide."

According to the Chicago Tribune, Nguyen Buren just filed a lawsuit against the company for a full $5 million, stating the company showed a "pattern of fraudulent, deceptive and otherwise improper advertising, sales and marketing practices." Buren purchased a "foot long" and said he also received an 11 inch sandwich for his cash.

Buren is not alone, joining two men from New Jersey, who sued Subway earlier this week in response to the discovery that they, too had been "shorted" for years.

Only in the fattest nation on earth would Subway, a company whose image is based on healthy eating, be sued over an inch of a sandwich.

Subway deserves a legal face-slap over their lame replies. Even popular food opinion site Zagat poked fun at the response, calling it also "an inch too short".

Seriously, if you offer a product with a clearly definable measurement built into the name: Make sure you have a quality control person to track it. And don't ever, ever skimp without changing the name. Just call it a large or something.

Size does matter to the consumer. We Americans have a governmental agency that ensures gas pumps actually offer up a full gallon as displayed. Would you buy a shoe from a company that offers size 9's that are actually 8's? How about a box of .21 bullets for the .22 firearm you expect to protect your home? Eleven eggs in a "dozen"? Five cans in a "six pack" of beer?  A foot equals 12 inches, not 11 inches.

Some wonder if this was long-term, unnoticed shrinkage, or a dedicated plan by Subway executives to earn a few more pennies on each "Five Dollar Footlong" their incessant TV jingle causes us to stop by and purchase. Those more concerned with healthy eating options have actually tweeted their support of the smaller sandwich size, despite Subway's advertising.

But it appears that it's not just the bread that's shrinking.

Kaylee Osowski and Natalie O'Neill at The New York Post spoke with a Manhattan Subway franchise owner who told them that bread's not the only Subway item that comes up short.

The owner told the Post that Subway shops have reduced their cold-cut sizes by 25 percent in the past few months.
“The distributor has increased the food cost on the individual owners by 4 to 5 percent every year and provided the owners with less food,” the owner said.

The real take-away here is that this is the type of behavior by these Corporate weasels are robbing the consumer of our money. We are getting less for more money. That is disgusting and UN American. It is apparent that shrinkage is taking place at a rampant pace throughout our food chain and hot air, optical illusion packaging, are victimizing all of us by giving us less for more, without telling the truth.

A bit of advice to Subway, to help us overcome the anger over our lost inch: Take a very public tact that you owe us.

Don't make every effort to get the sandwiches back to a full foot long. For at least a year or two, give your customers, the men and women who've talked their coworkers into giving up burgers and fries for more veggies, something more.

How about, for the next year or two, giving your customers 13 (or even 14) inch sandwiches for the foot long price?

Maybe it won't help us get slimmer like Jared did, but at least we'd have an easier job getting our co-workers to make the extra effort.

Consumers will now remember Subway in a negative manner.

Call your trusted, caring Congressperson and have them immediately get Subway to give you back your inch(es) owed.

Write Subway at:
Subway Corporate Office & Headquarters
325 Bic Drive Milford CT 06460

EMail-Send Subway your thoughts at:

Subway corporate phone number:
(203) 877-4281

Go overboard on your response Subway, stop the bull shit excuses, or expect future profit margins to be an inch or more short.