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I have written much about the injustices occurring every day in this world. Today my Blog post once again sadly shows that nothing is sacred any longer. Alas, 12 inches, a foot, is no more, it now equals 11 inches and the downward out of control spiral of the destruction of civilization as we know it, continues on its journey of destruction.

I for one, demand that it is time for our esteemed Congress to be called into emergency session to investigate the emerging scandal concerning the shocking discovery of 1 inch missing from every Subway Foot Long sandwich scandal.

Forget the deficit crisis for now, Congress must immediately get to the bottom of this Corporate ripoff of Americans who have had an inch stolen from them each time they bought a trusted Subway foot long sandwich, which was actually only 11 inches.

I mean, if I bought 12, foot long Subway sandwiches in the past year, I have been ripped off a full 12 inches, that equals an entire sandwich.

If you give them an inch now, they will soon take a foot or two later on. Stop this from happening now!

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary- A foot according to any of various units of length based on the length of the human foot; especially : a unit equal to 13 yard and comprising 12 inches. 

So how did one foot become 11 inches? Why did it take so long to discover this missing inch. Where was our Government with their tape measures doing quality control of the length? 

The questions are endless and Congress must  ask the questions necessary to discover the reasons for this unconscionable fraud of the Public. 

Subway Inc. must have their feet held to the fire, and its top executives, cooks, measurers, vigorously questioned by numerous Federal subcommittees to insure that they are properly punished and that this never happens again.


Maybe this is how Jared Fogle lost 200 lbs. on the Subway diet?

After Matt Corby of Perth, Australia discovered his foot long sandwich missed the mark by a full inch, he shared a photo of it on Facebook (above). The photo of his 11" sub and consumer anger soon went viral across social networks worldwide.

Subway of Australia originally issued a response alleging that "Footlong" is merely creative license and does not designate measurement.
"With regards to the size of the bread and calling it a footlong, 'SUBWAY FOOTLONG' is a registered trademark as a descriptive name for the sub sold in Subway® Restaurants and not intended to be a measurement of length. The length of the bread baked in the restaurant cannot be assured each time as the proofing process may vary slightly each time in the restaurant.
The above Subway Australia Facebook reply has since been deleted.

This is not limited to Australia and includes the Subway sandwich sold world wide, and here in the United States as well.

It might seem nit picky to complain about getting cheated out of 1 inch, or possibly less than an inch, of Italian Herbs and Cheese bread. But an inch can mean everything.

Take golf: In the 2004 HP Classic, Joe Ogilvie missed sinking his blast out of the sand trap by an inch, handing the victory and $918,000 of the $5.1 million purse to Vijay Singh.

And to companies that deal in hundreds of thousands of transactions a day, that small measurement adds up fast:

• When Southwest Airlines (LUV) reduced passenger legroom by an inch (to 31 inches) to add six seats to each plane last year, it estimated the $60 million redesign would add $10 million per year in ticket sales.

Radio City Entertainment (CVC) raised the maximum height to be a Rockette in 2000 by 1 inch, to 5 feet 6 1/2 inches. That extra bit of leg might just help draw more viewers to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, which brought in $72 million in ticket sales during nine weeks in 2004.

• In 1997, the Washington Post decided to shrink the width of the paper by an inch (to 12 1/2 inches) and the length by 1 9/16 inch (to 22 inches) to save “millions of dollars,” according to Michael Clurman, the Post‘s production vice president.

Don't believe it? Take your own tape measures out and watch the whole 11 inches the next time you buy a Subway sandwich.

Here's the new updated statement Subway gave  to The Chicago Tribune:
"We have redoubled our efforts to ensure consistency and correct length in every sandwich we serve.
Our commitment remains steadfast to ensure that every Subway Foot long sandwich is 12 inches at each location worldwide."

According to the Chicago Tribune, Nguyen Buren just filed a lawsuit against the company for a full $5 million, stating the company showed a "pattern of fraudulent, deceptive and otherwise improper advertising, sales and marketing practices." Buren purchased a "foot long" and said he also received an 11 inch sandwich for his cash.

Buren is not alone, joining two men from New Jersey, who sued Subway earlier this week in response to the discovery that they, too had been "shorted" for years.

Only in the fattest nation on earth would Subway, a company whose image is based on healthy eating, be sued over an inch of a sandwich.

Subway deserves a legal face-slap over their lame replies. Even popular food opinion site Zagat poked fun at the response, calling it also "an inch too short".

Seriously, if you offer a product with a clearly definable measurement built into the name: Make sure you have a quality control person to track it. And don't ever, ever skimp without changing the name. Just call it a large or something.

Size does matter to the consumer. We Americans have a governmental agency that ensures gas pumps actually offer up a full gallon as displayed. Would you buy a shoe from a company that offers size 9's that are actually 8's? How about a box of .21 bullets for the .22 firearm you expect to protect your home? Eleven eggs in a "dozen"? Five cans in a "six pack" of beer?  A foot equals 12 inches, not 11 inches.

Some wonder if this was long-term, unnoticed shrinkage, or a dedicated plan by Subway executives to earn a few more pennies on each "Five Dollar Footlong" their incessant TV jingle causes us to stop by and purchase. Those more concerned with healthy eating options have actually tweeted their support of the smaller sandwich size, despite Subway's advertising.

But it appears that it's not just the bread that's shrinking.

Kaylee Osowski and Natalie O'Neill at The New York Post spoke with a Manhattan Subway franchise owner who told them that bread's not the only Subway item that comes up short.

The owner told the Post that Subway shops have reduced their cold-cut sizes by 25 percent in the past few months.
“The distributor has increased the food cost on the individual owners by 4 to 5 percent every year and provided the owners with less food,” the owner said.

The real take-away here is that this is the type of behavior by these Corporate weasels are robbing the consumer of our money. We are getting less for more money. That is disgusting and UN American. It is apparent that shrinkage is taking place at a rampant pace throughout our food chain and hot air, optical illusion packaging, are victimizing all of us by giving us less for more, without telling the truth.

A bit of advice to Subway, to help us overcome the anger over our lost inch: Take a very public tact that you owe us.

Don't make every effort to get the sandwiches back to a full foot long. For at least a year or two, give your customers, the men and women who've talked their coworkers into giving up burgers and fries for more veggies, something more.

How about, for the next year or two, giving your customers 13 (or even 14) inch sandwiches for the foot long price?

Maybe it won't help us get slimmer like Jared did, but at least we'd have an easier job getting our co-workers to make the extra effort.

Consumers will now remember Subway in a negative manner.

Call your trusted, caring Congressperson and have them immediately get Subway to give you back your inch(es) owed.

Write Subway at:
Subway Corporate Office & Headquarters
325 Bic Drive Milford CT 06460

EMail-Send Subway your thoughts at:

Subway corporate phone number:
(203) 877-4281

Go overboard on your response Subway, stop the bull shit excuses, or expect future profit margins to be an inch or more short.

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 Donte Smith Newsome-Rest In Peace

First Marblehead Corporation: Forgive the Student Loan of their Murdered son, Donte Smith Newsome

C'mon people. Take 5 seconds out of your FB time and sign this petition for this family and OTHER FAMILIES that have suffered enough. Compassion, caring about others is so important in this cruel world. Regardless of your views, political differences, victimized people who have lost their child to death do not need to be further traumatized. They do not deserve to be hounded literally to death. Please sign your name on their petition as a simple gesture of being a human being helping another human being. It just might make a difference.

Jerry -

When my son Donte Newsome was murdered on July 5, 2008, it felt like everything I had was taken away from me. Then a company called First Marblehead Corporation showed me how wrong I was.
Every time the bank calls me about my son's student loans, I relive the day I found out he was murdered. Donte was on a trip to visit his college town when a police officer called to tell us that he had been shot by the side of the road.
Then the calls started -- not condolence calls, but from debt collectors demanding we pay back Donte's student loans. All of a sudden my family not only had to deal with the police investigating Donte's murder, but with collectors constantly calling and reminding us of his death.
Before my husband Bruce cosigned Donte's loans, we asked the lender to explain the terms. They never told us that we would be forced to take on our son's debt even if he died, which federal loan agencies don't force families to do. 
Every month for the past four years American Education Services calls our home and sends us letters demanding loan payments. My family can't afford to pay them, so all these calls do is remind me of the short life my son lived and the future he will never have. Of his love for football, the high school team he coached. The son he will never meet because his fiancee was pregnant when he was killed. 
These loans have become a huge financial hardship for my family -- the debt now shows up on my husband's credit report, and can seriously affect his job and career. We have pleaded with First Marblehead to forgive the loans, but so far they have refused. 
This issue doesn't just impact me -- it affects countless families who lose a son or a daughter too soon. That's why I'm calling on First Marblehead to forgive my son's debt, and to adopt a policy of debt forgiveness when a loan's primary borrower dies. 
Thank you for your support.
- Angela Smith

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"As a parent and a sister, I can only imagine the pain felt by the family and friends of Aaron Swartz, and I want to extend my heartfelt sympathy to everyone who knew and loved this young man. I know that there is little I can say to abate the anger felt by those who believe that this offices prosecution of Mr. Swartz was unwarranted and somehow led to the tragic result of him taking his own life. I must, however, make clear that this offices conduct was appropriate in bringing and handling this case. The career prosecutors handling this matter took on the difficult task of enforcing a law they had taken an oath to uphold, and did so reasonably." 

Yes, Ms. Ortiz, you obviously can “only imagine the pain.” Because if you truly felt what you said about your being a mother and a sister, it would move you first to listen, and then to think. Death is permanent, his parents have lost their son, his sister lost her brother, you lost nothing but the nano shreds left of a human being that you once were.

In his death, you cannot even be humble enough to keep your mouth shut. Although you are part of crushing this man, you refuse to acknowledge that something terrible was done by you and your staff. You’re still so concerned in covering your own ass, saving your job, rationalizing the inexcusable abuse of your power as a government official, you try to prove that you understand this case better than your press releases about Aaron’s “crime” (those issued when Aaron still drew breath) made it seem (“the prosecutors recognized that there was no evidence against Mr. Swartz indicating that he committed his acts for personal financial gain”). 

But if your prosecutors recognized this, then this is the question to answer:Why was he being charged with 13 felonies?

His motive was political,obviously. His harm was exactly none. But he deserved, your “career prosecutors” believed, to be deprived of his rights as a citizen (aka, a “felon,” no longer entitled to the political rights he fought to perfect) because of what he did. 

Shit always rises to the top. Ortiz' shameless statements is yet another proof of this observation. Her practice of the cruel arrogance of the law in the politically correct words,the phony use of her having any personal feelings about destroying Aaron's life, seemingly erases him as an innocent human being who was in fact harassed, persecuted, and hounded to death by her office, all in the name of "enforcing a law they had taken an oath to uphold, and did so reasonably"

The same government that lies to start illegal wars, decides selectively not to prosecute those in power who commit major acts of fraud, corruption. malfeasance by violating laws, and bails out banks that started a global financial crisis, at the same time wants to censor the Internet and drives to suicide someone who is important enough and rises against it, on made up charges that can essentially be used to charge anyone. 

Once again this is about seeing past the facade that is our America, the "democracy' big lie, hiding behind the asinine mockery of self righteous rhetoric, when the truth is that they are the cancer of corruption, the puppets that enforce punishment against anyone who dares to challenge the injustices of our broken legal system and completely dysfunctional government .

Our government, our "justice" legal system are corrupt to the core. The Internet which allows for true free speech goes directly against every control method the governments of the world and their business partners have.The fight for the Internet is literally the fight for freedom, Aaron Swartz understood this and died for his beliefs.
This is a measure of who we have become. And we don’t even notice it. We can’t even see the extremism, corruption, injustices that we have allowed to creep into our laws. 

A shameless Carmen Ortiz, just another government official who has the nerve to double talk away their accountability for using their power "because they can", invoking her family, while in the same breath defending her irresponsible behavior which in part at least drove this 26 year old young man to his death. Our government killing it's own citizens, never taking responsibility for what has become a way of life in the politics of the cesspool called the United States of America.

We are a Nation that is beyond the point of being repaired. Six year old children are innocently gunned down in cold blood, the response to this seemingly inconceivable tragedy is that we wring our hands, and debate intellectually what should we do. 

We hide anything that shows the weakness, failures, and
sickness of our society by ignoring it in the end, everything is for sale, a human life is disposable, ethics don't exist, and money is the real god in which our country trusts.  

If you think that anyone in government will listen, an online petition that asks the White House to remove the U.S. attorney in charge of the prosecution of Internet activist and hacker Aaron Swartz passed the 25,000 signature threshold Tuesday that should prompt an official response.

Swartz committed suicide in New York City on Friday. At the time of his death, Swartz was accused of computer fraud and awaiting a trial expected to begin in the spring. He faced a maximum of 35 years of prison and up to $1 million in fines.

The petition has now passed 45,000 signatures, which means the White House is supposed to answer it, although it's not legally bound to do so. A recent petition to build a Death Star was addressed, although others take more time and some go unanswered.

Parker Higgins, an activist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights advocacy group, lamented Monday that a petition to grant open access to scholarly articles has been unanswered for more than seven months."White House makes jokes about their beer recipe and building a death star, but they don't answer a real petition on open access," Higgins tweeted.

Swartz was accused of sneaking into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's library, plugging his laptop into a network closet and illegally downloading millions of scholarly articles from the online publisher JSTOR.

Swartz was reportedly depressed, but his family, supporters and legal experts such as Lawrence Lessig, have accused the prosecution led by assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Heymann, working under Ortiz, of overreach that may have played a role in his suicide. Swartz's lawyer had seen his plea agreement rejected as recently as last Wednesday.

According to Swartz's latest lawyer, Marty Weinberg, his last plea deal was accepted by JSTOR, but the deal fell through when the MIT refused to sign the deal. MIT's president already announced that the famed school will conduct an investigation to assess its eventual role in Swartz's death.

The success of the petition will certainly keep stirring the controversy surrounding his death. 

Andrew Good, Swartz's former lawyer, told the San Francisco Gate Monday that last year he told federal prosecutors that his client was a suicide risk.
"Put him in jail, he'll be safe there," they responded, according to Mr. Good. 

The arrogance of the law rearing its ugly head ABOVE by the scumbags who are sworn by oath to protect our rights, provide judicial justice, instead they are robots with egos and evil that knows no bounds, respect of no-one, nothing bothers them, they are our puppet masters, jerking us off, all in the name of "their justice".

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Look deep into the eyes of this amazing young man who believed in freedom of speech. He had the brain of a genius, money to sit on the beach doing nothing, yet he chose to fight for the rights of all to have free access to the Internet. His reward, was that the United States Government harassed him to the point that he killed himself at 26 young years of age.

Another victim, another disposable human life that our fraud of a democracy called the United States of Corruption has destroyed in the name of "justice". The cesspool of our disgusting legal system once again killing another innocent citizen and then hiding behind "the law". 

Open democracy advocate and Internet pioneer Aaron Swartz was found dead Friday in an apparent suicide, flooding the digital spectrum with an outpouring of grief. He was 26 years old.

Swartz spent the last two years fighting federal hacking charges. In July 2011, prosecutor Scott Garland working under U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, a politician with her eye on the governor's mansion, charged Swartz with four counts of felony misconduct, charges that were deemed outrageous by internet experts who understood the case, and wholly unnecessary by the parties Swartz was accused of wronging.

Swartz repeatedly sought to reduce the charges to a level below felony status, but prosecutors pressed on, adding additional charges so that by September 2012 Swartz faced 13 felony counts and up to half a century in prison.

Swartz had long lived with depression and a host of physical ailments, which made his accomplishments that much more astonishing. Barely a teenager, he co-developed the RSS feed, before becoming one of the earliest minds behind Reddit.

Every human being has a breaking point. This man was harassed endlessly by the arrogance of the law through a legal system that is dysfunctional, corrupt, and broken. He cracked under the pressure of a potential 30 plus years of a jail sentence that was insane on the part of the govt.

 Rapists, murderers, child killers, corrupt Bankers are sentenced to much less than what was in store for him. This is unimaginable but true. How can this be???

His mistake was in believing that we live in a Democracy and that fighting back to keep our freedom is important for all of us. His beliefs are what brought the end of his life. Was he a coward for taking his own life, I think not. He was a brave man who finally gave up. A waste of a human life that held so much promise. RIP Aaron.

Late on Saturday, Swartz's family issued a statement mourning the loss of their loved one's "curiosity, creativity" and "commitment to social justice." They also put some of the blame for Swartz's death on federal prosecutors.

"Aaron’s death is not simply a personal tragedy," the statement reads. "It is the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach. Decisions made by officials in the Massachusetts U.S. Attorney’s office and at MIT contributed to his death. The US Attorney's office pursued an exceptionally harsh array of charges, carrying potentially over 30 years in prison, to punish an alleged crime that had no victims."

That sentiment was echoed by Harvard University Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig, a friend of Swartz, wrote a withering blog post attacking the Department of Justice for its misplaced zeal:

"We need a better sense of justice, and shame. For the outrageousness in this story is not just Aaron. It is also the absurdity of the prosecutor’s behavior," Lessig wrote. "[Aaron] was brilliant, and funny. A kid genius. A soul, a conscience, the source of a question I have asked myself a million times: What would Aaron think? That person is gone today, driven to the edge by what a decent society would only call bullying."

Swartz's friend Henry Farrell, a political scientist at George Washington University, also pointed at the DOJ. "His last two years were hard, thanks to the U.S. Department of Justice, which engaged in gross prosecutorial overreach on the basis of stretched interpretations of the law.They sought felony convictions with decades of prison time for actions which, if they were illegal at all, were at most misdemeanors. Aaron struggled sometimes with depression, but it would have been hard not to be depressed in his circumstances. As Larry Lessig has rightly said, this should be a cause for great shame and anger."

In the fall of 2010, Swartz downloaded millions of academic journal articles from the nonprofit online database JSTOR, which provides such articles free of charge to students and researchers. As a faculty member at Harvard University, Swartz had a JSTOR account, and downloaded the documents over the course of a few weeks from a library at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

JSTOR typically limits users to a few downloads at a time. Swartz's activities ultimately shut down JSTOR's servers briefly, and eventually resulted in MIT's library being blocked by JSTOR for a few days.

This was inconvenient for JSTOR and MIT, and a violation of JSTOR's Terms of Service agreement. Had JSTOR wanted to pursue civil charges against Swartz for breach of contract, it could have. But JSTOR did not, and washed its hands of the whole affair. In 2013, JSTOR made several million academic journals available to anyone, free of charge. Academic research is designed to be publicly accessible and is distinct from the research of private corporations, which assert aggressive intellectual property rights over activities they fund. Last June, Swartz told HuffPost that both JSTOR and MIT had advised prosecutors they were not interested in pursuing criminal or civil charges.

But the government pressed on, interpreting Swartz's actions as a federal crime, alleging mass theft, damaged computers and wire fraud, and suggesting that Swartz stood to gain financially. Federal prosecutors describe Swartz's downloading too quickly from a database to which JSTOR granted him and millions of other scholars free access as:

"Aaron Swartz devised a scheme to defraud JSTOR of a substantial number of journal articles which they had invested in collecting, obtaining the rights to distribute and digitizing," the indictment reads. "He sought to defraud MIT and JSTOR of rights and property." The prosecutors seem unaware that if an article is downloaded, the original copy remains with the owner.

The indictment also says that, "Swartz intended to distribute these articles through one or more file-sharing sites." JSTOR has just released 4.5 million articles to public this week.

The indictment does briefly acknowledge that Swartz had legal access to JSTOR's database. "Although Harvard provided access to JSTOR's services and archive as needed for his research, Swartz used MIT's computer networks to steal millions of articles from JSTOR." But the indictment does not note that Harvard and MIT have an explicit library sharing arrangement, granting scholars at one school access to many of the works and titles at the other. JSTOR has no specific academic allegiance. Its titles are available to all students at all universities at all times.

All 13 counts against Swartz rest on the idea that he stole or damaged JSTOR and MIT property.

The final count alleges that Swartz caused "reckless damage" to computer systems owned by JSTOR and MIT. While both JSTOR and MIT suffered interrupted service to JSTOR's archive as a result of Swartz's downloads, there was no permanent technical dysfunction.

The prosecution's case ultimately depended on whether or not breaking a Terms of Service agreement can be deemed a violation of the 1984 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the principal federal anti-hacking statute. While the law was designed to ban hackers from spreading viruses and stealing property, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that such activity includes violating Terms of Service agreements.

The Seventh Circuit's decision was widely mocked by Internet experts, who noted that nearly anyone could become criminally liable for reading blogs if a blog owner simply set up an outrageous terms of service agreement.

In addition, a more recent decision by the Ninth Circuit rejected the Seventh Circuit's reasoning in 2010, and the Obama administration chose not to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

Although JSTOR opposed prosecuting Swartz, MIT did not speak out against the prosecution's case as aggressively as JSTOR did. Swartz's family criticized the school on Saturday for failing to intervene.

"Unlike JSTOR, MIT refused to stand up for Aaron and its own community’s most cherished principles," the statement reads.

The FBI had investigated Swartz prior to the JSTOR incident in 2009, when Swartz wrote a script mass-downloading many U.S. court documents held in the pricey PACER database. Although court documents are in the public domain, PACER charges a premium for collecting the documents and making them searchable. Swartz paid PACER for mass downloads, then sent the documents to another free database.

The FBI monitored Swartz and then concluded that because the documents were in the public domain, no charges could be filed. After receiving several phone calls from the FBI, Swartz submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for his own FBI file. The agency was legally compelled to comply with the request, and Swartz published the file on his own blog in 2009.

On Saturday, WikiLeaks tweeted about Swartz: "The brilliant Aaron Swartz (@aaronsw), long time WikiLeaks friend, age 26, is dead after two years of harrassment by US prosecutors."

Swartz was found dead in his New York apartment Friday after apparently hanging himself.

In addition to earning the ire of PACER, the FBI and the office of U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, Swartz wrote the programming for RSS 1.0, an extremely common and useful computer tool. He helped start Reddit and also helped launch Creative Commons, a special intellectual property license allowing anyone to use creative work, provided it is not sold for profit.

He was the founder of the progressive political advocacy group Demand Progress, which was extremely active during the legislative battle over the Stop Online Piracy Act. He co-founded the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, though he has not worked with the organization in some time. More recently, he was working with Matt Stoller, a writer and former aide to Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), on a longterm project aimed at ending the drug war.

"What people saw in public was a fearless advocate of open information, who was nonetheless realistic about the limits to what open information could do without radical political reform," Farrell said.

He added: "He shared the urgent concern of his friend, [MSNBC host] Chris Hayes, to address what economic inequality was doing to this country. What many, many people saw in private was his extraordinary generosity with both time and resources. He had made enough money from the sale of Reddit to Conde Nast to live without working for several years, as long as he was reasonably frugal. So what he did, was to spend his life trying to figure out ways in which he could be helpful to people and causes he liked. Since his death, I've heard an outpouring of stories from people whom he helped set up websites for, read and critiqued work and so on. He combined technological brilliance with enormous amounts of energy, and a real understanding of politics."

MIT is now Investigating School's Role In Aaron Swartz Suicide.The president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology released a statement on Sunday about the suicide of Internet activist Aaron Swartz, announcing that the university will conduct an internal investigation into the school's role in Swartz's death.

"I want to express very clearly that I and all of us at MIT are extremely saddened by the death of this promising young man who touched the lives of so many. It pains me to think that MIT played any role in a series of events that have ended in tragedy," MIT president L. Rafael Reif said in the statement. "Now is a time for everyone involved to reflect on their actions, and that includes all of us at MIT."

Wonderful, how responsible of MIT to wake up now when they did nothing at all to help stop the violence done to this man. Big deal, crocodile tears, hollow words, MIT is now investigating their own failure to do anything to help him. Too little, too late, all bull shit as they had ample time during the past few years to lend their prestige, power to support him.

This is another horrible tragedy about the corruption of our governments justice system in perpetrating the victimization by our so called "democracy" whose "puppets in power" do the dirty work of their masters such as Corporations, special interest groups, and those who have $ to corrupt the values of a Democracy. They murder us, hide their evil deeds and get away with doing it, because they can.

We DO KNOW that Aaron had a great deal of courage to go up against the Government, Organizations, Company's that have prostituted themselves in the name of 'justice', copyright "infringement" of public material, on the very Internet that was born using taxpayers dollars so that it was intended to give free public access to many things that have now become pay to use.

It is a mark of great courage for a young man like Aaron to do battle in the real world against evil people that want to to take away our freedom. He paid the ultimate price of doing that by being crushed into a deep dark hole of hopelessness, facing a 30 plus year prison sentence, with very little support from the virtual community that we are all part of.

Focus on the tragic loss and courage that it took for this man to fight the good fight for all of us and say RIP Aaron, you deserved better.That we are sorry that you saw no other way out, because you felt that you were alone.

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UPDATED AUGUST 1, 2013-Jennifer McNary Mother of Max and Austin-CLICK HERE.

JANUARY 5, 2013


I received an e-mail below from Jennifer McNary Mother of Max and Austin. Please take a minute of your time and sign her worthy petition to the FDA. These are the "small" things that each of us can do to make a difference in the lives of others who need our help, in this case a simple signature in their support to keep her kids alive.

SIGN Jennifer's Petition by clicking on this sentence.

Both of my sons have the same debilitating disease  -- Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy -- that's kept them dependent on wheelchairs to get around. But now only one of my sons has access to a "miracle drug" that is saving his life.
Max was fortunate enough to take part in a study of a breakthrough medication, and now he can walk on his own for longer than he ever could. But Austin wasn't as lucky. 
Without access to this miracle drug, I watch Austin suffer silently as his brother thrives. The FDA has the power to make this drug available to kids like Austin by putting it through the "accelerated approval" program. It could otherwise take years for this important drug to be available to kids like Austin, denying him the same chance as his brother at a better and longer life.
Duchenne's is a disease that causes loss of muscle, to the point where children stop walking and eventually cannot breathe on their own. It is a slow death sentence with no effective treatment available. Watching Max make progress with this medication has been nothing short of a miracle, but bittersweet -- Austin grows steadily weaker with each passing day. 
Eteplirsen has helped one of my sons accomplish what I never believed possible. And this year, a law was passed that allows the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to expedite the approval of experimental medications that have been proven to work.
The company that produces Eteplirsen is going to officially ask the FDA soon for accelerated approval because of its miraculous trial results. I am doing everything I can to make sure the FDA knows how crucial this drug is to the survival of my sons. But they need to know that the public supports an accelerated approval process too -- and since they have the power to act, your signature will add the pressure they need to move quickly.
Thank you for your help.
Jennifer McNary
Mother of Max and Austin
Saxtons River, Vermont