Saturday, December 6, 2014


UPDATED on December 6, 2014. (Also see my original post of December 3, 2014).

Harold Konigsberg is dead.

Killer Harold  Konigsberg, has died, according to the Florida and New York State Departments of Corrections.
The sadistic monster he was, has died at the age of 89 on November 23, 2014 and is buried at the Star of David Memorial Gardens Cemetery, 7701 Bailey Road, North Lauderdale, FL 33068.

He now resides buried in the Garden of Netanya section at the above Cemetery, in Lot 402, Grave 12.

Well respected mob buster and retired NYPD Detective Joe Coffey once said to me about Konigsberg "I knew him well and he was the worst of the worst,' Coffey said. 'He enjoyed killing and enjoyed getting paid for it.  He was a nasty bastard and he should have gotten the (electric) chair.'" 

He was not alone in his sentiments about Konigsberg as reported by Denny Walsh in a June 25, 1971 article for Life magazine:
"To begin with, he is a terrifying human being.  Those who know him best, lawmen, underworld associates, even his own lawyer, fear him most.  “Animal” is the word they use repeatedly to describe him."

However, today we should only remember his many victims, their families, in particular my innocent father Samuel Wolkoff, 42 years old, horrifically tortured for five consecutive hours and murdered by Konigsberg (Click Here to Read More) and also in my other Blog post on his evil deeds (CLICK HERE) , my heart goes out to them.

Good riddance to the depraved and sadistic animal monster Harold Konigsberg who will no longer breathe the air of life.

He was a sub human who actually enjoyed murdering people, destroying families, and reveled in what he did, seeing himself as some kind of "hero".

Almost always attacking his victims with multiple accomplices to make certain that he would not be overpowered by being alone when killing people.

In reality he was a coward, a bully, who murdered at will for money and/or pleasure, sometimes by shooting, but in particular his favorite method was to brutally strangle victims with his bare hands. Often their bodies were never discovered.

Konigsberg was one of those types that you kind of hope every breath he took in his life and in death, there was much pain, suffering associated with it, because he caused such agony to his victims and their families.

His death brings no closure to myself and the others who suffer forever because of his evil acts. It does bring some relief that he is now in the ground, rotting away and dead forever.

Many survivors of Harold's victims will always live with the painful feelings of loss, anger, broken hearts for their loved one.The wounds of the cold blooded murders by Konigsberg of our fathers, grandfathers sons, uncles, cousins, family, friends, and the impact on the families of the survivors, will always remain fresh, there is no healing for us.

Grieving survivors of those victims who have been murdered, should never be made to feel guilty about endlessly feeling the loss of how horribly our loved ones lives were stolen from them. 

Although brutal murderers may enjoy long lives while the bodies of their younger victims decays in the ground, some victims families maintain their moral equilibrium through faith that justice will be done in the hereafter.

This belief consoles them. The need for justice may especially incline victims' survivors to those beliefs seeking as they do, solace in the face of suffering.

It would console me in a tiny way to believe that my father's brutal murderer will now face ultimate justice in the hereafter, should such a place actually exist.

Hopefully, this animal will burn up for eternity in the hottest part of hell, where he belongs.

At the very least, he will no longer take another breath of life, and the maggot he was, will be eaten by his very same body maggots that will feast on him.

He ruthlessly brought massive suffering to other human beings who deserved so much better in life.

Harold Konigsberg, an inhuman, depraved, violent, cold blooded mass murderer, had no soul, no conscience, never did a productive, positive thing in this world. 

He was a beast who will never rest in peace.