Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I don't generally read or listen to poetry. But then I discovered SHANE KOYCZAN, a Canadian born Spoken Word Poet.
It's more like poetry in emotion.
Shane's words hurt my head but they melt my eyes in a way I can't define, but if there was ever a precious gift it would be a poem crafted with his thoughts and shown with his voice. 
Never having seen before the term "spoken word poet", I decided to find out more about what it actually means.   
Spoken Word is poetry intended for onstage performance, rather than exclusively designed for the page. While often associated with hip-hop culture, it also has strong ties to storytelling, modern poetry, post-modern performance, and monologue theater, as well as jazz, blues, and folk music.

Due to its immediacy and direct rapport with its audience, this type of poetry often contains references to current events and issues relevant to a contemporary audience.

At its best, spoken word is a powerful, high-energy form of expression that attracts artists and audiences of all ages from a wide range of disciplines and socio-cultural backgrounds.
Shane's performances that I witnessed online were absolutely mind blowing, life changing, and inspiring.
He has a special rare ability to convey the feelings of humor, real life, happiness, pain, and captivate everyone who watches him perform. This ability comes from the facts that Shane himself is a victim and understands compassion, silence, loneliness, and the many inner demons that we experience.
Using the word "performance" for what he does is not accurate in describing what he does, because you can see, feel this mans heart and soul during everyone of his poems. He conveys this in a manner that defies those who are listening to what he says to not become truly emotionally affected by his words
 My favorite spoken word poems of Shane's are below: 
                                                        TO THIS DAY
                                  Magical words for the bullied and the beautiful.

This is about Shane's 9 year old hospital room mate when Shane was hospitalized. Shane writes the words of a poet and talks the emotions of a human being.

                                              THE STORY OF NOW 
                                                A Love Story.

You can watch all of Shane's  poems at this link-Click Here 
It is an honor to watch, hear someone so talented as Shane KOYCZAN, who can articulate to us who take much from his writing. 
Share his poems with your friends. 
This man is uniquely skilled and has much to teach us that we can learn and then teach others. Pass it onto your family, children and friends.