Friday, September 9, 2011


It is impossible for me as much as I avoid the media to not immediately be drawn to stories of tragedies in some way similar to the horrific death of my son Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff.

I very much identify with parents that lose a child of any age, in particular when it is caused by the irresponsible acts of others who are operating automobiles under the influence of alcohol, drugs, cell phones, or other reasons of stupidity . 

I feel much of what these parents feel, in a way that no-one who hasn't experienced this unimaginable pain can ever understand. It is indescribable, the deepest darkest, non stop emptiness that lasts inside of us forever.

While this post is about three families, and 3 young innocent children, it is also about YOU. It not only concerns your loved ones, but how, and what we as a society, and yourself believe in trying to stop the killing of innocent victims. These three young people did not have to die.

Today's blog post is not pretty, but it is definitely worth it for everyone who has arrived at this page, to force yourself to read it all. You can try to hide from these issues but they may someday touch the life of someone you know, and are eating away at the fabric of our world as we know it.

In many cases there is in my personal opinion a rightful, indignant, deeply felt blame that many of us place on these deadly situations where Americans are killed by undocumented illegal aliens who are driving intoxicated and/or under the influence of other drugs, as well as on the dysfunctional legal system, all who almost always never reveal a shred of accountability, justice, honest remorse to the victims of these acts of horror. 

I recently became aware of the Denice family, where the young life of Matthew Denice has been snuffed out and his loving parents, family, friends, have suddenly, without any warning, lost a beloved child to the heinous acts of someone who was driving drunk, and is also an undocumented illegal alien.

                             REST IN PEACE MATTHEW DENICE
Matthew Denice, 23 years old lived and died in Milford, Massachusetts.The words, feelings below are directly taken from the "Justice for Matthew Denice" page written by the Denice family.


"Matthew was a wonderful person with his whole life in front of him and in 1 sec, it was taken by a drunk driver, I want people to know what he took, Matthew just graduated from Framingham State University, just started a new job, he leaves behind his loving parents an older brother, many Aunts,Uncles, cousins and many friends, Matt had the most beautiful smile, he loved the Red Sox, snowboarding, skateboarding and working on his car, Matthew we will never forget you , you will always be loved and missed. He was only 23 years old and he did not have to die. He lived life to the fullest and was a role model in the community who aspired to be a local police officer.  Please join his family and community in seeking justice for this massive loss".

According to the Milford Daily News:
"A 23-year-old Milford man was killed Saturday evening after police say an intoxicated driver hit his motorcycle and dragged his body a quarter mile.
Matthew J. Denice, of 22 Debbie Lane, was pronounced dead at Milford Regional Medical Center after the crash at 7:50 p.m.

Police arrested Nicolas Dutan Guaman, 34, of 10 Cherry St., Apt. 1, Milford, and charged him with vehicular homicide, driving under the influence of liquor, negligence, leaving the scene of an accident involving personal injury and death, possession of an open container in the motor vehicle, failing to stop for police, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, failure to yield at a stop sign, wanton or reckless conduct creating risk to a child, and resisting arrest. He is being held at the Milford Police station, said Sgt. John Sanchioni. Immigration and Customs Enforcement "does have an interest in him because of a question of his citizenship," said the sergeant.
According to police documents, officers contacted the Ecuadorian Consulate following the crash.

Guaman, driving his 2004 black Ford pick-up truck, failed to yield at a stop sign at Congress and Fayette streets, striking Denice on his 2003 Buell motorcycle and dragging his body about a quarter mile, police said.
Denice's body was dislodged from under Guaman's truck when he ran off the road at the corner of West Bancroft Street, said Milford Police Sgt. Mike Pighetti.

"According to accounts, families grilling outside and sitting on their porches heard the crash and about a half dozen people chased the pick-up truck on foot and banged on the door trying to get the driver to stop," said Milford Police Sgt. Mike Pighetti yesterday.
After Guaman ran off the road, he ran away, police said. Police chased him and arrested him.

About an hour before the crash, Guaman's family told police Guaman was drunk when he left a party with his 6-year-old son and another man in the truck, said Pighetti. "We had been looking for the truck when the accident occurred," he said.

"It was horrible, horrible," said Pighetti. "This whole thing was horrible and unnecessary."The crash remains under investigation by state, regional and local police".
I have spoken many times before about the death of my son Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff

The sub human animal who started the deadly chain of events died immediately, while my son suffered fighting for his life for well over an hour, lying on a hot, asphalt highway in the middle the the Pacific Coast U.S. Highway 1 in California. There were numerous additional major factors that also involved negligent First Responders, Government Entities, and others that ultimately killed Steven. 

Steven's Memorial Page is briefly listed below. His full story can be found at the link:

                                              In Memoriam:
                September 23,1977 – June 21, 2008
"Tragedy knows no bounds. On Saturday, June 21st, our dear friend and colleague Steve Wolkoff was killed in a five-car collision on Highway 1. A drunk driver, under the influence of drugs, ended Steve’s young life and there are no words to describe how devastated we all are.
Our deepest sympathies, thoughts and prayers are with the Wolkoff family. FreeWheel prides itself on hiring the very best and brightest and Steve was no exception.
As one of our colleagues said, “we wish him God’s peace.”
FreeWheel | 2008.06.28

                             YOUR FAMILY."
Then there is the horrible tragedy of 4 year old American Juan Mendoza who was killed in San Francisco, California while crossing the street, holding the hand of his father, with the light green in his direction, when a woman driver, an American, busy texting on a cell cell phone, failed to stop at the red light in front of her, because her eyes were focused instead on the phone, and killed the beloved son of another family. She crushed this child, his mother saw it happen from her home and came running to her sons side, but there was nothing she could do to save her son.

I have had the unique pleasure of personally meeting Juan's mother several times and we have spoken, shared our broken hearts, the never ending pain, and loss of our sons. She is a hard working, wonderfully kind, loving human being, who it is an honor for me to know. The words, feelings below are directly taken from their memorial page.

"This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Juan Mendoza who was born in California on March 26, 2002 and passed away on July 27, 2006 at the age of 4. We will remember him forever.
He left behind a father, mommy pregnant with Diego and sister Yissel.
He just had a lot dreams- a dreamer, perfect and loving son, my little spider man, he want to be police man, funny, smart, sad memories left behind, you was kill on the street for a woman who say was an ACCIDENT, she was driving and looking on her cellphone, you was waiting for you green light while she was enjoying her time on her cellphone, she cross the red light and the rest I can barely believe it, my loved son I miss you, I need you, PLEASE IF YOU DRIVE, DON'T USE YOUR CELLPHONE, don't destroye more families, don't KILL MORE CHILDS.
En loving memory of my partner, mi friend, mi big love...................... son ANGELITO.
I love you some much, and I miss you my love, rest on peace."