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In dysfunctional Court Systems across the country, complaints are heard about judges, prosecutors who are incompetent, law enforcement agencies that abuse their power, and government that rules by selective intimidation under the guise of the "laws". 
These bad judges terrorize courtrooms, the bad Prosecutors abuse their Office by Prosecutorial Abuse, and the bad Law Enforcement Agencies that are intoxicated with their powers. All  impair the functioning of the legal system and undermine public confidence in the law.
The disease of our legal system  is defined by me as the Arrogance of the Law and it's completely out of control.
We hear about it every day, some of us have/are experiencing it, and most of all, victims or their families seeking justice are often re-victimized by the denial within the legal system of their rights to due process under the law.
There was an article that I saw today which illustrates very clearly how broken the justice system in America is today.
As it turns out this was an old story first reported in late October, 2013 and I just got wind of it this morning. 
Below I have created a timeline summarizing the main points of this story as it continue to the present:
October 21, 2013:
Texas district Judge Elizabeth E. Coker (photo above) 
is stepping down from the bench after being caught 
engaging in a massive perversion of justice. 

A whistle blower revealed that Corker was sending 
text messages to prosecutors with suggestions 
on questions to ask in court in order to secure a conviction. 

State District Judge Elizabeth E. Coker who sits on the 
bench over Trinity, Polk and San Jacinto counties 
has resigned under fire in a texting controversy, 
according to a voluntary agreement with the 
It stems from complaints and media stories alleging 
that Coker "had engaged in improper ex parte text 
communications with Polk County Assistant District 
Attorney Kaycee Jones while Judge Coker presided" 
over a criminal trial in August of 2012.
With those complaints, "the commission commenced 
an investigation into allegations that Judge Coker 
used Assistant District Attorney Jones to privately 
communicate information" about the case
 "to suggest questions for the prosecutor to ask
 during the trial" among other issues.
The commission noted that she “allegedly exhibited a bias 
in favor of certain attorneys and a prejudice against others 
in both her judicial rulings and her court appointments.” 

Investigators also expressed concerns that Coker 
“discussed the Commission’s investigation and [her] 
written responses to the investigation with a material witness 
prior to that witness’ testimony before the Commission 
in an apparent attempt to influence that witness, 
that the judge may not have been candid and truthful in her 
testimony before the Commission when questioned 
about her contact with the witness.”

The agreement also said the commission looked into 
other complaints that Coker allegedy engaged in other 
improper communications and meetings with Jones, 
other members of the Polk County prosecutor's office, 
the San Jacinto County District Attorney and certain 
defense attorneys.
The agreement goes on to say "the parties agree that 
the allegations of judicial misconduct, if found to be true, 
could result in disciplinary action against Judge Coker." 

As a result, the parties sought to resolve the matter
"without the time and expense of further disciplinary
Coker did not admit any guilt or fault.
Her resignation will take effect Dec. 6 but she will take 
a voluntary leave of absence until that time and not perform 
any official duties. Under the agreement, she will be 
disqualified from sitting or serving as a judge in Texas.
Coker, 46, has been a Judge for 14 years and is the third 
generation in her family to serve on an East Texas bench. 
Her father and grandfather also served
December 8, 2013:
Elizabeth Coker's resignation became effective Dec. 6. 

Amazingly clueless, without any sense of shame, completely
unfazed by her previous unfit behavior, she publicly, 
vomitatiously announced two days later on December 8, a campaign to become the district attorney of Polk County. 

She Wrote in A Face Book Post:

“I am running for Polk County Criminal District Attorney!!!” 

“The support and encouragement I am receiving has been 
overwhelming and humbling. 

I want to thank all my family, friends and supporters
who still want me as a public servant.”

Coker’s announcement on said 
that she had “seen first hand the need for improvement 
in the District Attorney’s office: 

A better working relationship with all the law enforcement
agencies in our great county; better communication with 
witnesses and victims; utilizing assistant prosecutors 
and staff to their fullest extent; training the newest prosecutors 
and taking a proactive approach to managing the office while
being mindful of taxpayers’ money.”

March 5, 2014:
Former Polk County Judge Elizabeth Coker, who resigned 
last year after admitting she texted prosecutors during a trial,
lost her bid Tuesday to unseat incumbent District Attorney Lee Hon.

"I can't say to what extent that controversy contributed 
to that outcome," said Hon, who got almost 4,000 votes 
and Coker got about 2,000.

In a recently obtained letter by television station KPRC 
it was discovered that Former Polk County Prosecutor,
Kaycee L. Jones, now a Polk County District Court Judge, 
has admitted in writing to the Texas State Bar that she
acted improperly while serving as an Assistant District Attorney.

A copy of the April 29, 2013 letter was signed by the same 
Kaycee L. Jones, 411th Judicial District Judge.
The admission specifically details a series of text messages 
Jones received from Elizabeth Coker, Judicial District Judge, 
while Coker was on the bench during a trial.

Judges are not supposed to transmit secret information to
either the prosecution or the defense during a trial.

Part of the letter signed by Jones reads:
"On August 8, 2012, I did receive a text message 
from Judge Coker that suggested a line of questioning 
in an Injury to a Child trial over which she was presiding 
and telling me to tell the trial prosecutor. 

I was not the trial prosecutor and had nothing  
to do with the investigation or prosecution of the case, 
but I was present in the courtroom for portions of the trial 
as an observer. 

When I received the text, I hand wrote the text verbatim 
and asked our investigator to deliver it to the prosecutor 
who was trying the case...

I deeply regret that I acted in this manner.
March 28, 2015

Practicing Law today as a licensed Lawyer-Former Judge Elizabeth E. Coker:


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Ms. Elizabeth Evelyn Coker

  • Bar Card Number:00783853
  • Work Address:P.O. Box 300

    Livingston, TX 77351
  • Work Phone Number:936-327-5890
  • Primary Practice Location:Livingston , Texas
Current Member Status
Eligible To Practice In Texas



  • Bar Card Number:00783853
  • Texas License Date:11/06/1992


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Baylor University
Doctor of Jurisprudence/Juris Doctor (J.D.)


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No Public Disciplinary History - Texas


Law School
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Baylor University
Doctor of Jurisprudence/Juris Doctor (J.D.)


State of Texas*

No Public Disciplinary History - Texas


The reality is:They diminish your rights, then they diminish your existence, then they lie about it and say that you never existed 

The Laws of our country never apply to them as it does for the rest of us. When it comes to the toxic Legal System we have in this Country, "they" almost always are above the law.

NO jail term for Ms. Coker, No revocation of her license to practice law, no probation, no punishment at all for acts that would have sent a "regular" citizen  to jail, or at least resulted in some form of punishment. No admission of guilt, although the evidence against her is overwhelming. 

Jones,now promoted to a Judge, later admits in a signed letter that she not only participated with former Judge Coker in numerous acts of unethical, potentially illegal behavior.

Admission of guilt by the esteemed now Judge Jones, no removal of her as a Judge,no revocation of her license to practice law, no probation, no punishment at all for acts that would have sent a "regular" citizen  to jail or at least resulted in dome form of punishment. 

They all are rewarded with "free, get out of jail cards".

Because they can!