Friday, July 22, 2016


It has been said that history may not repeat itself, but that it does rhyme.

With all the massive killing world wide of innocent victims, the polarization of so many people who love to hate, to blame everything on anyone but themselves, culminating in the disappearance of Basic humanity.
After what happens world wide, almost on a daily basis, the slaughter of human beings, terror attacks, oppression, corruption, cruelty, vile, vindictive rhetoric from our "leaders", there is a complete absence of meaningful responses to the human suffering everywhere that surrounds us. 
There is zero value given to human lives, a norm of complacency among the populations of the world, disinterest in what is now accepted by many as "normal", resulting in a certain feeling, a stink of rotting smells in the air all around us.
This rotting smell is the death of Basic humanity. 
Basic humanity is an innate capacity for interest in the well being of others. In its more developed expressions, it motivates respectful, helpful, valuing, nurturing, protective, and altruistic behaviors. In extreme adversity, it motivates sacrifice and rescue.
Basic humanity allows us to grow beyond the confines of personal experience and prejudice to recognize the inherent value of other people. The more in touch with basic humanity, the more humane we feel. When out of touch with it, we feel less humane.
In this Age of Entitlement with its emphasis on "getting your needs met," basic humanity is fast disappearing. 
The alarming prevalence of resentment and anger/hate in today's world parallels the retreat of basic humanity from the popular consciousness. 
People largely have chosen to believe and see the world through the way they want it to be, without any regard for the ugly reality of the world we all live in. 
Lies, distortions, blame, false entitlement, lack of accountability of our own actions, inactions, all comprise the way many blindly, arrogantly view the world around us.
Within this vacuum of humanity, a bubble of make believe, souless humans exist in a world that is truly out of control. In other words, people don't give a shit about anyone or anything but themselves.
These feelings for many began with a sense of helplessness and loss of confidence in our institutions. 

They seem impotent in the face of terrible problems and a growing divide between intensely polarized sides that people have embraced. 

A growing swathe of American society is both angry and untrusting, fearful and seeking simple one syllable solutions to complex challenges. Where once people wanted leaders who were refined, well educated and capable of delivering a message of hope, today many seek leaders who are common, coarse and corrupt.

Angry fearful Americans seek to be told precisely who's responsible for today being so unlike yesterday, and don't particularly care what the answer is, as long as it's not the truth and doesn't actually involve them.
As the current political Presidential conventions in the U.S. unfold, there will be a lot of talk, but no real solutions will be found here. The problems we have as a Country and Society have been a long time building, they won’t be solved by empty words, slogans, demagogues and corrupt politicians.
America is in a deep abyss of trouble.  

With the wide division of so many of our citizens, a lot of people out there will continue believing with every fiber of their being that the nation is under attack both from within and without; that its leaders are traitorous conspirators who hate America. They will continue to do whatever is necessary in attempting to further their objectives.

At the same time there is a diametrically opposite part of the population spectrum that is alienated complacent, detached, and have given up on the system. They no longer care to be involved with what happens to our Country, don't vote, don't get involved, and believe that magically they can somehow exist untouched in this cesspool of a mess that our Country has become.

All of this will continue wrecking havoc on a Country desperately in need of hope, unity and a sense of common purpose. And perhaps worst of all, this monster of havoc will no doubt contend with the fiery breath that the election of 2016 was stolen by an entrenched left-wing conspiracy or a right wing fascist coup, which depending on who wins, swears eternal fealty to God, or to Allah, to Madison or to Marx, to heaven or to hedonism.  
As citizens of the United States we have the critically important responsibilities of working together for the common good, survival of our Country, and what we will leave for our children, grandchildren to inherit.
Sadly there is more interest in Pokemon, Facebook, and the Kardashian's than there is in saving ourselves.
We are not going to get very far in surviving as a civilization if Basic humanity takes its last breath.
What you allow is what will continue.