Tuesday, May 24, 2016


According to the dictionary, the meaning of the phrase "so much for" is "an expression of disregard, or resignation; something said upon giving up, quitting, or disposing of something.

It is a little known fact that my hearing at times is so acute, I can sometimes hear the dogs barking in the pet adoption Center that is about a half a mile away from my house.

At times this ability to hear sounds, especially words from so far away allows me to know what is going on around me and serves me well as a basic part of my survival "radar" instinct skills.

Other times not so much, it becomes a curse when I can't block hearing the words from strangers conversations that are not meant for me. 

It becomes an inadvertent form of eavesdropping on the lives of other people.

I truly don't want to hear about what they are planning to have for dinner, who is angry at who in their lives, how much they hate their jobs, and the endless gossip.

So I am relaxing at the beach yesterday, it was finally one of those warmer days , the sun was shining, I'm minding my own business, looking for some quiet, a  few relaxing moments. 

I place my sand chair a "safe" distance from the nearest people and start soaking up the sun, listening to the beautiful sounds of the waves.

Then it happens, maybe it was the light breeze carrying the words more of a distance than I thought would be beyond my range, but somehow I can hear a couple (a man and woman) sitting on the beach, talking, obviously not far enough away to be safe from my ears.

The man is talking about himself and saying that he "is 50 years old and never thought that he would be suffering from Pancreatic Cancer" at this point of his life". 

He goes on to describe the various treatment options that he is considering, the uncertainty of his life, and how his daughter cries every time she sees him because of her fear of his dying.

He says, " I guess it really doesn't matter what treatment option is chosen, whatever is meant to happen with me, will happen no matter what I do".

The woman sitting next to him hasn't said a word during the whole time that he is talking.

She then says to him, "You know, all I hear this entire time is how completely absorbed you are with your own needs and how very self centered you are". 

I know I heard her say that to him, it wasn't pretty. Actually it was cruel, selfish, and lacked any sense of the tiniest amount of compassion from her to this man calmly, bravely sharing his emotional pain with her. Yet not a shred of  human support from her to him. I wanted to yell at her for the stupid words coming out of her mouth.

And she didn't stop with her behavior. 

Suddenly, she stood up, lit herself a cigarette,  and said curtly, "let's get out of here, I have had enough" 

Kinda disgusted me. Actually it truly pissed me off that this woman was so nasty. 

It also upset me that I had to hear all of this, I mean I am grateful for my hearing, but shit like this I don't want to know.

Since it was really none of my business, I felt relieved that they had left me alone.

So much for compassion.