Friday, January 21, 2011

The Wall and Why?

Isaiah 13:11- god said-I will punish the world for its evil, the wicked for their sins.
Yom Kippur-The Day of Atonement-The Book of Life is sealed by god determining who shall live and who shall die in the coming year based on their good deeds and their bad deeds.

There is NO such thing as Justice - In or Out of Court- Clarence Darrow.
On June 21, 2008, my wonderful, full of life 30 year old son, Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff was horrifically killed at the age of 30 by incompetent para medics, a California State System of dysfunctional Agencies, a corrupt legal system that provides no rights for victims to obtain justice, a DUI driver, who had no drivers license and did not care about another persons life, a defective medical device, and the actions, inaction's of numerous uncaring others. 

Steven is dead forever, yet as we seek to obtain Justice For Steven, those that killed him are not content with their evil deeds, they will not rest, nor will they stop at any point of this process, until they are successfully able to escape any responsibility on their part for causing his painful, horrific death, even trying to erase that Steven ever lived, that he was a human being. They use their money, and power to insure that there will be no justice for Steven, no accountability for their stealing his life from him, and no real story to be told about who Steven was in life, and in death .

Something is terribly wrong with this life and death thing, it seems to be backwards, evil gets rewarded with life, and being good gets you killed. 

Something is horribly wrong with a legal system that is easily manipulated to the highest bidder, for decisions that are based on distortions, lies, and personal greed, with justice for innocent victims no where to be found, and Laws disregarded at the whim of those in charge. The system of laws is all about being a business where money spent  and made is the guiding rule, justice is largely ignored.

Yet, this is not so confusing, look around us at the news every day, this is reality, something is horribly wrong

We all have the capacity to make personal and professional choices in the manner that we treat others and interact with each other. Anyone who says that they don't, is not being honest. Human beings should be able to understand the true results of their choices, that we can choose to love, have compassion, be responsible for our behavior, and value human life. In our world, life is unfortunately not like that and many horribly cruel and unfair events take place, which make absolutely no rational sense. Hate, suffering, and indifference have become the norm, while good people are being literally crushed out of existence. We have become a world in denial, a place where evil people choose to place the blame on innocent others, and decent human beings passively hide, hoping that evil will not strike them or their loved ones. They say the right words but always selfishly feel, good, it is not me, not my loved one. Then they return to their silent, hidden existence of denial.

I have a wall in the living room of my house that I call the "Wall Of Injustice". It is filled with items that I have placed there in remembrance of the worst injustices that I consider to be of importance to me. Reminders of injustice live there, as varied from Tianemmen Square protests in China, Nazis killing Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, photos of my family who died as holocaust victims, photos and objects of personal, unfair, often violent tragedies, Steven's swimming goggles, and a eternal memorial light that burns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It isn't easy to get on my wall of Justice. I am the sole decision maker who makes certain that the criteria for this wall has to be worthy of its place. There is a deliberate position for each item on the Wall, with a tiny limited empty space left, that I hope never to fill. 

I’m sitting here thinking about Steven lying in his grave and wondering to myself why god, or the fates, or whatever higher power, is given the ability to make such fickle, suffering, and often horrifying, deadly decisions. 

I mean, where’s the justice or the fair play we’re brought up to believe in? We’re always taught to believe in the greater good and how all things work out for the best. So where is the good in these endless situations of decent people who didn’t deserve the hand that was dealt to them? There are no do overs, no second chances, suffering, death by injustice is for keeps. The dead know that, so do the families of the victims.

And in the end, I’m still sitting here asking the question, Why?