Saturday, July 30, 2011


Why are so many people pissed off with politicians today? A circus of hypocrisy, staged acting scripts concerning an impasse over the national debt, right now is a big part of our anger. 

Regular folks feel that politicians continue to ignore the needs of the American people, while each politician professing in self proclaimed media sound bites, ad nauseum, that they are acting on behalf of what the "American people want" 

When politicians are so obsessed with their own personal political future, focused on scoring points about who will be blamed or liked by their actions, that makes it impossible for anything remotely resulting in being in the best interest of what the American people want and need.

While the circus of dysfunctional absurd is taking place in Washington about the debt crisis and potential default of the United States Treasury unfolds, we witness the true cruelty and disregard of all politicians to the American people. Politicians show their true colors, their real self serving agendas and their puppet status of being full of shit, partisan, and playing chicken with our lives and our future.

We all need the economy to recover from its continued recession if we are to economically survive. Business people to do what they need to do - for their businesses, their customers, their employees and the economy based on the risk factor of not losing money, and making profits.

Because of the economic uncertainties created by Washington, the economic situation has become worse. 

Instead of the politicians mantra that "we are doing this to cut spending and help Americans have a better life", the effect is that more and more businesses are not spending money on buying supplies, hiring employees, or even succeeding in getting much needed loans from the Banks. 

Businesses are more and more afraid to take risks in this crazy economic situation caused by Washington and in fact when they hire at all, they don't hire permanent workers, instead they hire temps.

The truth, ugly that it is, shows that the game of politics in Washington once again puts the American public at risk because they're fighting with one another about partisan "points" of protecting their public perceived images.
Who cares about politicians images, well the corrupt, hypocritical politicians all do, while we all see them for the greedy, selfish neanderthals they really are. Yet they continue to act like we the people are not aware of how moronic and destructive they are acting. 

Uncertainty about the direction of the economy has put Business expansion plans on hold, and will continue to do so after this political fiasco is "over".
It doesn't end with an agreement on the debt crisis, no matter what is the final outcome. Bankers already afraid to make loans have no idea what's going to happen in the future of these hateful politics, so they will loan less money to people and businesses. 

Businesses are and will continue to follow defensive strategies such as hiring freezes, delays in buying new equipment or building up their cash reserves. They will do what is best for them to make money, not what is best for us.

The American people see what is happening to them and their neighbors as we experience how hard it is for most of us to pay the bills.  The real question to me is what if anything are the American people going to do about it?

The same American people who have failed up until now to grasp the permanent damage being done to them, and have done very little to stop it. Many have succumbed to becoming sheep of the propaganda fed to them, others are now totally apathetic by giving up.

We as Americans, find it increasingly difficult to survive  financially, and yet Washington sees part of the debt solution in cutting our benefits, destroying our system of entitlement programs, removing our mortgage tax reductions, while not raising the taxes of the very rich. 

Politicians couch this in lies of " we will not raise taxes on the American people because the American people don't want higher taxes", when what they really mean is they will not tax the affluent, Corporations, close tax law business loopholes, and instead serve those who are their masters, but they will screw us, the people at a time that we need and deserve to be protected from any further erosion of our financial base.

At a time in our history when the economy is functioning so poorly, with a real actual unemployment rate of almost 20 per cent, 28.3 million people (using official U.S. Dept. of Labor statistics), not the "official" reported distorted 9.2 per cent, 14.2 million figures used by the government  (See my prior Blog Post, "THE OLD SHELL GAME-MODERN STYLE)

No matter what the end result is in Washington, we the American people are guaranteed to be the ones who will have more pain and suffering placed on our backs, not the rich, and not the Corporations, hedge funds, and others that use their continued tax loop holes to pay zero or tiny taxes, let alone pay their fair share. 

There will be no pain or suffering by Corporate America, Financial Institutions, and not a tiny bit of any pain, self sacrifice from the phony politicians, who all live together in a different privileged world, than the real harsh world inhabited by the rest of us.

"They" will do anything necessary for it to stay that way and will continue to ignore us. That is their idea of the "American Way" of equality for all.