Saturday, May 28, 2011


The dreaded march of grief begins as it does each year at this time. More difficult than ever, filled with the aching of a lifetime beaten down into ever present, increasingly toxic, non stop demons, as each year passes. 

We planted these Iris flowers in the garden out front of my house when my sister Iris died. I liked the idea that they are perennials, each year flowering in all their beauty, now looking so alive on the yearly anniversary today of the day she died, after a courageous and anguished battle.

My sister Iris was full of life, insightful, sagely wise, and then she was gone, tragically, painfully, and irrevocably. She deserved so much better but it was not to be. Why her? Why??

My sister Iris was more beautiful in a million ways than these plants. I will miss you forever my dear sister Iris, but most of all I miss your caring love. I love you. Jerry