Friday, July 12, 2013


                           In Memoriam:
September 23,1977 – June 21, 2008

                                   REST IN PEACE

Steven, I would like to believe that today you are finally free after over five long agonizing years to make your soul whole again. 

It is far from what you truly deserve but perhaps enough  that you can understand that I did my best, and it was all I could get of you.

There is no end to the pain, the horrific loss, and the everlasting love I will feel forever about you. 

Know that I will always continue doing my very best to regain some tiny semblance of justice and dignity to you for your life being stolen.

Being there today gently and lovingly caressing what is left of you brought many different intense feelings inside of me, but the emotions would not come out. 

I am forever numb, you are still not here and never will be again. That reality of this never seems real, but it is horrifically true. Your life is over and we will never be together again.

I hope that you felt our presence today and that of the rest of your family who love you.

Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff- Go now to soar through the journey, you are DUST IN THE WIND

Steven, Forever Loved and Remembered.

I love and miss you very much-Love-Dad